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China is racing to complete plans for a supergiant particle collider that will be the planet's largest accelerator
Residents in Pakistan's flood-hit areas have complained about the inadeuqate government response @AsadHashim
Sport: Middle East 'ready to host Olympics'
New Zealand PM wins third term in office
As warnings mount against foreign intervention, a document reveals #Egypt's military agreement with #Libya |
Plagued by pollution, over-fishing and rapid development, #Lebanon's fishermen struggle to make a living |
Slums are home to more than 800 million people worldwide | Watch #AJSlum now:
Joy and relief as 49 Turkish hostages that were freed from captivity in #Iraq return to Ankara. #Turkey #ISIL
Yemen's Houthi rebels advance into Sanaa
Sport: Kershaw bags record in Dodgers' win
Sport: China's golden start to the Asian Games
Thousands of Syrian Kurds flee ISIL advance
Opinion: Should #SouthKorea believe the doomsday hype in local media and start having more babies? Read more:
Sport: Wozniacki to meet Ivanovic in final
Opinion: Was the #Scottishreferendum really about rejecting a state generating inequality at home? Read more:
In Pictures: Is the burqa or hijab a symbol of women's oppression or assertion of religious or cultural identity?
Nusra Front 'kills' captive Lebanese soldier
Australia weighs tougher anti-terrorism laws
The reVIEW will bring you News Highlights, Programme Highlights & a plethora of Behind the Screens content. #AJreVIEW
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Opinion: Isn't it time for #climate activists to change tactics and focus energies on climate profiteers? Read more:
On @AJEnglish: One self-taught midwife is on the frontlines of a population explosion in the slums of Manila |#AJSlum
How are hundreds of #Khmer artefacts smuggled out of #Cambodia? Watch more on @AJ101East :
In the least developed part of #Manila, poor residents strive for success against the odds | Watch #AJSlum
Huge demand swells Alibaba's market value
Opinion: Are outside actors driving #Libya militias towards the point of no return? @JasonPackLibya - Read more:
In Pictures: Sierra Leone's #Ebola survivors | Take a look at our gallery:
Opinion: What does #Scotland NO vote mean for other aspiring nation-states? Read more:
Turkish hostages seized in Iraq 'freed'
Covert operation carried out by the UK's spy agency MI6 during Nepal's civil war detailed in new book @saatdobato
On @AJ101East: We explore how a famous Cambodian temple statue ended up in a New York auction house
On @AJEnglish: Meet those succeeding against the odds in some of the toughest living conditions in the world |#AJSlum
Deal reached on Ukraine ceasefire
New Zealand votes for new parliament
Kerry says #Iran can help tackle #ISIL threat
Should Cambodian artefacts be in museums and private art collections? Watch more on @AJ101East :
What determines where you live and how does your environment shape your health, hopes & prospects? | Watch #AJSlum
Kerry says Iran can help tackle ISIL threat
Analysis: Why are #Yemen talks between the government and the #Houthis stalling? | Read more:
Kenyan president ordered to attend ICC trial
Guilty plea in US embassy bombings
Opinion: Should #SouthKorea believe the doomsday hype in local media and start having more babies? Read more:
On @AJ101East : Can archaeologist restore the forgotten #Khmer empire?
In a special season of coverage @AJEnglish explores our relationships with the places we call home | Watch :
Opinion: What does #Scotland NO vote mean for other aspiring nation-states? Read more:
Video: Thousands struggle in flood-hit Pakistan
China's proposed supercollider plans to be twice the size of the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland
Syria's Nusra Front kills Lebanese soldier
Kenya says Iranians held over attack plot
Programmes: Scotland referendum: Is UK less united?