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Andrew Bradley
Gym done for the day now back at work for 4 then off for 3 weeks! #badposer #glasgow #beard #beardlife
Tomorrow i will be down in penrith at the @mojoguitarken @mojoguirar festival at the @RhegedCentre with @NPlectrums there is also beer.
Vodka... Very much needed.
And has no one likes to work on a Saturday at @RoyalMail have to wait till Monday before it's looked for.
Got a sorry we missed you card from @RoyalMail go to pick it up today "we have miss placed your parcel" "we can't find it" cheers. Useless.
Using same pick for a week Everyday now with new ink mix. Lasting a lot better !
Someone is comfy. Trying to work here buddy.
Chilling like villains
Beard and hair sorted. Who's coming to the @therecoveryuk tonight at 13th note? #Glasgow #beard #mohair
Watching tv #getajobcat
Off to @_Mohair_ today to get ones head sorted. Bout time too.. beard and hair are sporting the crazy hobo look. #Glasgow #beard
If you could go ahead and get that working @WeAreSTV that would be great.
Tirredd but almost home time! Only 2 more hours of a 12 hour shift. The joy.
Sometimes I get silly when making plectrums...
The talented Ricky Ahir has joined us over at @novemberplectrums this is one talented mofo.
#can'ttakeanormalphoto bored can't decide on Netflix!
First record. Sounds awesome.
So not moving about, wanted to rejoin back to @TheGymGroup but an extra £20 though? again? mhmmm no sure
Amazon is so more expensive compared to eBay for The same products I don't I understand why people use it that much.
Juno cares not for Germany winning
Poor show last night @MoskitoGlasgow £5.10 for a pint of Peroni of all beers... Bad times.
Ice cream, gummy bears, fried eggs and desert ever.
Big squad of police standing outside buchanan underground station
Retweet this if you want us to stock UK-made guitar picks! @NPlectrums
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Pizza falling from the sky by parachute? Covent Garden in an hour guys, don't say we didn't warn you! #FeedTheFans
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Spain. Not even close.
Found out today I am newly employed by Historic Royal Palaces as an Historical Interpreter!
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Enjoying the sun but the beard is struggling
@HannahfmreidLG @NPlectrums I know! Don't worry, I'm getting some Hannah Reid ones made up.
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How is Jo Hart still on the England squad after shouting and swearing and ball boys? and kicking the side pannells of the pitch?
Bugs me all morning to get up.. as soon as I do he's passed out, lazy sneaky bastard
Argentina is going to be an amazing game. Get the beers in!
Waiting on dinner cooking
IT Crowd Season 1 done. Season 2 on the way.