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Happy I got a job yay
Today will be long :(
Wish people text first tbf :(
Double bed to my self 👌
I wish my phone would stop correcting "omg" to "OMG"... I'm not that shocked.
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There's no 'I' in team, But there is a 'U' in cunt
Feel sorry for you tbf :(
@Aideng4 followed you, love your dp you look so cute xx
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Aw yay got work tomorrow, fuck college x
I never let it out of my sight, that just proves something
Omg that girl tho 🙊💕👌😍
"@Aideng4: Tbf @shanreevesx is beautiful 🙊👌" omg omg so cute aww 
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Want chicken nuggets tbf
Feeling like complementing everyone today tbf
Tbf @shanreevesx is beautiful 🙊👌
Craving a costa again :(
Can't believe Kelso just was in a car crash tho 😂😂👌
I am in love with @MileyCyrus & @LanaDelRey 💕💕💕💕💕
I'm only a morning person on december 25th
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Can't wait for Halloween tbf SWEETS SWEETS AND BOOZE 🙊
That kid looks like Jesus
Who the fuck wears 'biker' sun glasses in doors
If you don't like Lana Del Rey or Miley Cyrus then I don't like you
Can't wait until I am 18!
Just wanna get drunk
Can't even stay awake ffs
Cba for college
Someone beautiful follows me or retweets/favourites my tweets I just am like OMG OMG OMG CALM DOWN 🙈😭
Well that has made me happy tbf, hope it gets better
That song that describes exactly how you're feeling
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Why can't you ever text me first😔
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why are nice clothes always expensive
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anyone else have them days where EVERY SINGLE THING pisses you the fuck off
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@shanreevesx: Idc boobs are out hehee” 👌💕
Still wishing i was back at reading fest 
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Been singing @MileyCyrus Wrecking ball all day ffs so catchy :(
No 'Justin' I don't want a convo with you 🙅😭
cba when aiden is being all sappy nd stuff
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i wish i could honestly get this theme song out my head omg im done! be 17 hours at least -.-
I want to go to someone's wedding tbf, simply because I can get this suit I've wanted to create for ages 🙊
Erm hi @harrietbrownxo glad I just randomly found all these