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Against Suicide
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Bullying kills. Sure, you have "freedom of speech" but you should also have manners, too.
Being alone helps you see the loneliness in others.
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The one thing you shouldn't be left alone with at night is your own thoughts. They eat you alive until the next morning.
If you have attempted suicide, I am glad that you are still here. If you ever wanted to die, I am glad that you are still here.
"I don't know a perfect person. I only know flawed people who are still worth loving." - John Green
Overthinking will literally kill you.
Dogs understand the word “No,” so how are you going to tell me people don’t know the difference between rape and consent?
I think sometimes, you forget that you were born to be awesome. This is your reminder.
Placing someone with social anxiety in a public setting & saying “just relax” is like putting a fish on dry land & saying “just breathe”.
There's a big difference between telling someone they're worth it and actually making them feel like it.
I can't stand when people make fun of someone for self harming. They're obviously struggling. Don't make it worse.
Even if you have self harm scars, I will still love you.
"That's how depression hits. You wake up in the morning, scared to just live."
You're making jokes about self harm and how it's for attention, but there's a self harmer laughing with you just so you won't find out.
Society is going to judge you anyway, so do whatever makes you happy because living in fear isn't going to.
“The fact that I’m silent doesn’t mean I have nothing to say.”
Signal post! Suicide Hotlines for a bunch of countries. Everyone retweet this.
"If you expect the world to be fair because you're fair, stop. That's like expecting a lion not to eat you because you didn't eat him."
People who make you feel bad for liking what you like are the worst kinds of people.