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Aelke Mariska
Bulgogi! Healthy choice after another rounds of sugary and oily dishes. Ya, I was cheating on my health.. But when I'm with you, nothing else matters haha.. We just need place to have a long talk actually, so we moved to one and another places, ate whatever 😣
How I love these vegan version for the delicious sweets and a jar of high concentration vitamins. Went to euphoria just for this haha.. #elevatejuicery #vegan #sugarfree #dairyfree #glutenfree
Eating with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a life-long condition. Nutrition is one of the best way to take control of my thyroid health, or at least to manage the symptoms. I start to adjust my new eating habits, even it doesn't have an affect to my weight at all, but I feel more energized when I
Almond Oil - Mom's current addiction.. Loaded with many skin, hair and health benefits and it tastes so good surprisingly! :D #almondoil
Call me Cinnamon Girl. I love cinnamon and I put it in almost everything! It's fragrant, sweet, light, airy, savour! And if you think that cinnamon is simply something to sprinkle on cake or cappuccino.. It's wrong. Cinnamon is popular spice, it has a lot of health benefits and medicinal values s
Iya ka... RT @dimsdalle: @Aelke_mariska Semoga gak pernah kejadian pas kita naik. Tapi, secara keseluruhan, ...
Sambil Menangis, Pilot Umumkan Pesawat Akan Jatuh
Today's morning booster! mom's cooking and the miraculous journey of Edward Tulane from ka Anis!! @anspdrs thank you ka.. You're my caffeine! *azek hahaha.. #peluksampegepeng
People die all the time. Life is a lot more fragile than we think. So we should treat others in a way that leaves no regrets. Happy weekend!
For the purists who like their chocolate pure and intensely dark, toss then! Here are 73% raw and organic dark chocolate. Because it's raw or unprocessed, so it's quite a bit richer than a conventionally processed cacao chocolate bar. In it's raw state, dark chocolate has more than 300 nutritional
How to enjoy yourself on a long bus ride : take a selfie of your boring face and be surprise how ugly you are then you can change that frowning quickly haha πŸ˜„πŸ½
"Wake up, wake up, just tell me how I can never give up. Kanashimi to setsunasa."
Good food, good people, good times. Do you know for many years, I assumed that I'm anti social. The simple truth is, I'm just socially retarded. But some of the time, if there is one thing I really enjoy in life.. It is meeting people. People are fascinating for me. Every single one has their own st
Nom nom nom~ #chefstable #throwback
"You're nothing but number of days, whenever each day passes then a part of you has gone." -Al Hasan Al Basri
Iyaaa uda masuk belum si? RT @RikaWismaisma: kak @Aelke_mariska suami kakak main dorama nih... jadi profesor ganteng
Lagi galau ceritanya haha RT @BintangKirana4: Ka @Aelke_mariska di Vc kang Sule ini gemesin sedih bgt raut wajahnya
Haha.. Jangan atuh RT @SamuraiX_ID: @Aelke_mariska Aaargghh… nontonnya keduluanan Elke nih. Min merasa gagal. (T_T) #harakiri
Haha thank you :) RT @TiaraZyyBella94: never too late to watch this amazing story for the 1st time ☺ @Aelke_mariska
Aa.. Iyaa.. Will try ya.. RT @chewinDee: @Aelke_mariska kaaa aelke, update blog lg plis. Kangeeen bgt kaaa sm tulisan2 kakak :"(
Err.. RT @Dewi25_FEL: Cee @Aelke_mariska dapet tantangan Ice Bucket Challenge dari ce @RynChiBi ^^ Udah dilaksanain belum?? Ditunggu lohhhh
Iya haha.. πŸ˜… RT@ii_zalyy: Abis nnton Rurouni Kenshin Kyoto Inferno ya?@Aelke_mariskaa: Dan yang jadi aoshi
Dan yang jadi aoshi somehow mirip sama Gackt. It makes my day :D
Ending part #sunangunungjati #ongtien
When the heart speaks. #memorable #scene
The Adorable Sunan by ka Rio who never look right into woman's eyes haha.. πŸ˜„ #memorable #scene #sunangunungjati #ongtien
Conflict #memorable #scene
:D #memorable #scene
The story of Sunan Gunung Jati and Princess Ong Tien. It's an interesting story about the romance between Sunan Gunung Jati, the great moslem cleric of Javanese descent and princess Ong Tien from Ming Dynasty. Somehow Ong Tien's character is quite unique when I read the historical reference. She tra
A capture of My Fatigued face. It's been pretty awful to have a holiday with hypothyroidism. After walking around and bought stuffs for almost 2 hours, I felt like overtired even I was doing nothing. I had been feeling like a crap for a while. I miss being normal.. :) #hypothyroidism #hypothyroidfac
Let's shop! Woodbury is a great place to go shopping and pick up some designer clothing with discounts. From Gucci to gap. However it was quite a horrible summer day.. And really takes a while to find whatever we need. As it's a huge spacious outdoor place πŸ˜– #woodbury #premiumoutlet #NYC #throwback
Feel so pink inside haha.. #throwback
Walking around Quincy Market, and for a foodie.. This place is your paradise. The street artists are also entertaining. Wish to come back here again and have a longer time enjoying this place :D #quincymarket #boston #throwback
Itu nguap bukan nangis haha RT @BintangKirana4: Hayo ka @Aelke_mariska @newsuleprikitiw di apain sampe nangis gitu
Summer is a fleeting season and Lobster is one of the must-eat dishes list in Boston! :D #throwback #boston #lobster
Happy Birthday to my favorite lady, My sister Dioni Zhong I always be so proud to know such an independent girl...
Let's spend more time loving what we have. Great day! :)
Why is this so true.. RT @ScorpioMystique: #Scorpio doesn't have the energy to be fake. If they don't like you, it'll be obvious.
If you're two-faced or superficial, stay far way from #Scorpio or your feelings will get hurt.
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Haha.. Kan nilai max nya 10. 3 is almost half πŸ˜… RT@youleeneithh: Bah! Cuma 3 poin, Elke? Aku sih -10
Ryn.. Ga kuat.. πŸ˜… RT@RynChiBii: The link was error. try this for the#ALSicebucketchallengee video.
Haha.. RT @Vika_AnggraeniW:… sebenernya part ini bikin aku penasaran apakah ce ...
Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? β€” DARK CHOCOLATE!
Kak, kenapa gak suka pake highheels ?? β€” Pegel :D
elkeeeeeee apakabaaaaaaarrr masih di indo gak si? β€” Ka Aga? Udah Balik kaaaa... Ah you've got! Yeay! Haha...
Kak, can you define the meaning of "real beauty" based on your ... β€” Beauty is everywhere. Try to see this way.. :)
Ka aelke rasa kangen ku terobati ketika melihat kamu di "kisah 9 wali" :) {} β€” Thank you for your time :)