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Aelke Mariska
"Setiap penyakit itu pasti ada obatnya. Karena itu jika kalian sakit maka berobatlah. Sakit, Musibah, Penderitaan...
😄 RT@aldywinata211:@Aelke_mariskaa jadi laper liat aelke makan :( .. Geulis ih
Ngga. Thank u for watching :) RT @harrymhrdk: ganti chef table tiba2 ada ka @Aelke_mariska Wah cantik bgt :3 kayaknya ini udh lama shoot nya
😊❤️ RT@ChefsTable_NETT: yang buat lebih seru di episode ini adalah@Aelke_mariskaa ikut nemenin
I actually love to explore a historical old city.. But NYC happens to be my favorite city in US. Some buildings are so iconic, great in modern architecture and stunning Art Deco. This is a view of lower Manhattan from battery park.. Quite a captivating residence building in Orange 😄❤️ #oceanresiden
The sclupture of Frédéric-Auguste Bartholdi. Who designed the Statue of Liberty and imbued her with symbols. #FrédéricAugusteBartholdi
The tallest skyscraper in the Western Hemisphere, One World Trade Center. It has reclaimed the sky. #oneworldtradecenter #NYC
In life, we will see more and learn more.. And the more we learn, the more we realize how little we know. Each new thing we learn, will lead to another new thing, and another and so on. And some.. Remain hidden. That's what makes life so fascinating.. Sometime, we just need to feel it :) #see #learn
I imagine putting a cotton candy in the blue sky :) #onefineday #throwback #newyorkport
Taken while waiting the long queue to board the Miss Liberty Ferry. This statue is dedicated to those lost at sea in World War II. #batterypark #NYC
"Here at our sea washed, sunset gates shall stand. A mighty woman with torch." -Emma Lazarus #newyorkharbor
La Liberté éclairant le monde. Libertas, the Roman Goddess of freedom. #statueofliberty
"To be free, to be independent, to be equal." #throwback #statueofliberty #manhattan #NYC
Another boring cinnamon banana mugcake 😅🍞🍌 • made with one egg, banana, vanilla protein shake, black strap molasses, buckwheat and cinnamon! ❤️ #glutenfree #dairyfree #sugarfee #flourless
It's been almost 1 year being hashis and living with hypothyroidism. I've realized that the most important thing that God has given to us is, health. Here are my new soldiers from Shaklee. It's a worldwide brand that combine the best pure and natural products with regimens that work for us.. So we c
Thank you God for a new day. At least I'm breathing. We are all fighting something.. There is not one person in this world that's not cripplingly sad about something. So let's remember that before we open our mouths. Have a blessed Monday!! 😊
My first time trying Kefir! One good friend of mine was sending me kefir grains, and said that hope it might be good for my thyroid health.. Since it's a combination of lactic acid bacteria and yeasts, it'll give superior health benefits if I consumed regularly. It's mild, and slightly tangy as wel
So true! #hypothyroidism #life #battle repost from @thyroiddisease
Bob's Red Mill Organic Coconut Flour! It's Gluten Free! High in fiber and low in digestible carbohydrates. Thank you for the Artisana raw cashew butter.. So tasty! 😊❤️ #bobsredmill #coconutflour #artisana #raw #cashewbutter
Organic Buckwheat Banana Bread! Made with : buckwheat, coconut flour, blackstrap molasses, banana, raw chocolate, whey protein 100 🍞🍌😀 Happy Sunday everyone!
Osaka Soul food Okonomiyaki! It's been quite hard to find the tasty one here until my good friend opens Kiwami! 😄👍 okonomi (literally “what you like”) and yaki (grilled). Not quite a pizza, not quite an omelette, let's say it's a Japanese savoury pancake made with all our favorite ingredients. Vi
Elona fusilli and penne • Auto curler and straightener ❤️ @elonaworld
Trying to fix up my messy hair with Elona Fusilli and Penne from @elonaworld thank you! Such a high quality two in one hair straightener and curler 😊👍
Somehow life is not what we see, it's not what we felt, it's not what we experience.. But what we believe. And nothing could be further from the truth.. Sometime we run.. Then trapped in another dimension. #memorable #episode #indonesianurbanlegend #series #tersesatdialamlain
The urban tales. How they start and why they persist? #memorable #throwback #rumahpondokindah #indonesianurbanlegend
We seek those myths and explore the thrill.. Come with us? #takutpulangaja #memorable #throwback
It's gone but cherished.. Yet good friends I'll never forget :) #memorable #throwback
Takut? Pulang aja :D #memorable #throwback
We didn't grow under this heart, but in it :) #throwback
Whaa Okeh ka!!! 😊 RT@youleeneithh:@Aelke_mariskaa Ahaha… crush-nya lanjut terus nih? Nonton "Into
Hahaha bisa gitu ka.. Thank's a lot for the wood! Bisa buat motong Babi men! 😄 RT@nisanisniss: Ngetik
😨🎥 #memorable #scene
Smile like you mean it 😊 #throwback #memorable
Some say if we have no tears, we're gonna suffer more :)
Another throwback.. So this is the first time we met! Sebelum bego begoan lainnya 😂 #memorable #throwback @agungsaga
"Kisah klasik untuk masa depan.." Have a good night :)
Sincerity is hard to find, hard to keep, and hard to forget :) #throwback #judulnyakangen #indonesianurbanlegend #lastepisode
"How do you know when it's over?" We knew it anyway.. 😄 #throwback #judulnyakangen #indonesianurbanlegend #series
Masih edisi broken heart 😅 #throwback #judulnyakangen #indonesianurbanlegend #series
Edisi Kevin broken heart 😅 #throwback #judulnyakangen #indonesianurbanlegend #series
Malala's courage and passions have taken her on a remarkable journey: #NobelPeacePrize
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Ikhlas itu akan tampak saat engkau tidak tergoyahkan oleh Pujian & Celaan, dan engkau pun tdk mengharapkan sesuatu dari mereka -AQ Jailani
Fueled up with iodine rich food, Bluefin Tuna! 🎣
"Life is about courage and going into the unknown." -The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.