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Aelke Mariska
Ada hari dimana kita harus berhenti sejenak, menemgok ke belakang lalu bersyukur
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Dear self.. "You must listen, it's all in the story." Remember that.
I'm happy when my friend's trying to make me smile with sweet stuffs. But so sad that I can't eat like I used to. My thyroid problem caused the insulin resistance that makes a complexity more than a weight gain. Muscle weak and hard fatigue. But still.. I can't stand not to bite them one or two.. Ha
If your best friend loves you, she gives you a book. Because in a time of trouble, book can take the reader personally into a place of hope :) Seni seviyorum @angellogis #gratitude #hope
Who your boy friend Kaaa :D — Harapan sama halusinasi beda tipis emang XD
How we gonna stop the time?
Ya.. We have to fight through some darkest days to earn the brightest days of our life. Love this charming bracelet from @accessoiree thank you :)
Dark Chocolate Nice Cream anyone? Breakfast before today's work! Ingredients : Raw dark chocolate powder, hazelnut paste, Stevia powder, chia gel, frozen banana :D #nicecream #nosugar
Have you ever tasted tree cinnamon cookie? 😅 made it from buckwheat, flaxseeds, cinnamon and sweetened with maple syrup. Buckwheat, contrary to its name, this fruit seed is not in any way related to wheat. Buckwheat is a gluten free power food! often mentioned as a “tasty alternative to wheat.” saf
Rasulullah SAW.bersabda, "Manusia yang paling berhak kamu layani adalah IBUMU. Surga itu dibawah telapak kaki Ibumu." (HR.BUKHARI & QUDHA'I)
My first time making these no bake raw energy balls for mom. Mom has sensitive teeth, whenever she eats hard foods, her teeth hurt. She couldn't eat nuts and seeds. So I try to turn those nuts and seeds to be these tooth friendly nutrient dense energy balls :D • made from : sunflower seeds, pumpkin
Chocolat avec macadamia by Wittamer. Melted perfectly in my mouth.. Thank you!!
Yuk bikin account di biar bisa banyak menangin hadiah sambil narsis seru dgn ikutan photo contest @Campaign_ID
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Fueled up my Monday With ancient harvest quinoa noodle! Quinoa has high-protein content, that's why it has been called a superfood. This noodle is gluten free, cholesterol-free, and USDA organic! A healthier take on the original noodle.. It's been a year I'm craving for noodle texture in my mouth 😅
Let's take a rest now and believe that better things are coming tomorrow! Good night, Chers Amis.
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Food is medicine. Gratefully I still could eat healthy in delicious way. Try some of their new products.. Quinoa noodle and spinach ramen! Missing 'mie' time! 😅
Nuts and seeds restocked 👌💛
Bakpia yang enak nya nyiksa banget! Abis 20 biji dalam 2 hari.. Then? My hypothyroid was getting worse for days 😖 tapi makasi ya kaaa udah bawain bakpia kesukaan Elke banyak bener @anspdrs #peluksampegepeng
Have a blessed weekend dear :) RT @yuni10034551: @Aelke_mariska ce aelke sapa aelkeholics pangkalanbun ...
Liat di clip next eps nya Aja udah Mau pingsan.. 😂 RT@_SINCKT__:@Aelke_mariskaa@GACKTt@Hayashi_Tadashii DL
Time spiral. Iyaa Dan harus nunggu senin doang.. 😑 RT@Hayashi_Tadashii:@Aelke_mariskaa@GACKTT time slip
Haha.. RT @CAN_I_ROCK: Kalo kamu kaka @Aelke_mariska datang ke Jak Japan Matsuri, Kita mau deh bela2in dateng, demi kamuuuu.. Ia kamuuuuu...
I really wish to recover sooner though :) RT @amanda_dewi_92: @Aelke_mariska ce gk ada niat maen film lagi apa.. kangen acting kamu..
"Lalu apa yang lebih berharga daripada harta dunia di hadapan Allah? Jawabnya adalah IMAN." (H.R.Tirmidzi)
"Even a heart of the most breakable kind, can learn to love, to lose and to love again." The most heartwarming story that remind me about hope. A rabbit who had learned to accept love, to give love, to be broken, mended, growing a little bigger each, and stronger each time. Edward had become the rab
"Hati yang paling rapuh sekali pun, dapat belajar menyayangi, kehilangan, Dan menyayangi Lagi." -the miraculous journey of Edward Tulane.
Acceptance is a small, quiet room. We have been through miserable things that most people will never know about. Just.. Let it go now :) #words #acceptance
I had a wonderful feeling, instead of my quesy condition. There's something really made me happy when some that I can call them friends tried to make me smile. らヘルのような友達がいて、良かった。有難う。
"There's always going to be people who are smiling in your face saying they support you and what you do, but when push comes to shove, you're eventually going to see who genuinely supports you. It's the people who don't even have to ask to support you, who do." :)
Many times, what people need is not a brilliant mind that speaks. But a special heart, that listens.
Hot stone marinated chicken. My happy ending :D
Waiting for this every Monday! Soooooo happy to see you @GACKT
Bidadari dari manaa coba RT @iindahnhidayati: Ce @Aelke_mariska masih ingat? kapan ya bisa foto brg bidadari ini lagi
Yang ada jadi laper berat ka! Haha RT @deozzol: @Aelke_mariska jangan lupa klo mau sehat selain makan nonton ...
Bulgogi! Healthy choice after another rounds of sugary and oily dishes. Ya, I was cheating on my health.. But when I'm with you, nothing else matters haha.. We just need place to have a long talk actually, so we moved to one and another places, ate whatever 😣
How I love these vegan version for the delicious sweets and a jar of high concentration vitamins. Went to euphoria just for this haha.. #elevatejuicery #vegan #sugarfree #dairyfree #glutenfree
Eating with hypothyroidism. Hypothyroidism is a life-long condition. Nutrition is one of the best way to take control of my thyroid health, or at least to manage the symptoms. I start to adjust my new eating habits, even it doesn't have an affect to my weight at all, but I feel more energized when I
Almond Oil - Mom's current addiction.. Loaded with many skin, hair and health benefits and it tastes so good surprisingly! :D #almondoil
Call me Cinnamon Girl. I love cinnamon and I put it in almost everything! It's fragrant, sweet, light, airy, savour! And if you think that cinnamon is simply something to sprinkle on cake or cappuccino.. It's wrong. Cinnamon is popular spice, it has a lot of health benefits and medicinal values s
Iya ka... RT @dimsdalle: @Aelke_mariska Semoga gak pernah kejadian pas kita naik. Tapi, secara keseluruhan, ...
Sambil Menangis, Pilot Umumkan Pesawat Akan Jatuh
Today's morning booster! mom's cooking and the miraculous journey of Edward Tulane from ka Anis!! @anspdrs thank you ka.. You're my caffeine! *azek hahaha.. #peluksampegepeng
People die all the time. Life is a lot more fragile than we think. So we should treat others in a way that leaves no regrets. Happy weekend!
For the purists who like their chocolate pure and intensely dark, toss then! Here are 73% raw and organic dark chocolate. Because it's raw or unprocessed, so it's quite a bit richer than a conventionally processed cacao chocolate bar. In it's raw state, dark chocolate has more than 300 nutritional