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Aelke Mariska
Be happy because it's Monday! A new week begins. Have a blessed one! 😊 #happymonday
"Symtomps are the secret messengers who encourage us to take a better care of ourselves." I bought a bundle e-books of Hypothyroid Revolution, and amazingly surprised that what I've done for so long is kinda wrong. Even most of healthy foods are having a thyroid inhibitor that can suppress the thyr
I'm having a really low thyroid condition today. I'm learning about myself everyday, How well I deal with this sickness, What did I do wrong this time? Repost from @hashi_fighters @thyroidwarriors #hypothyroidism #thyroiddisorder #aelkehypothyroidjourney
My first time wearing a wig! What do you think? Received this super comfy wig from @pinokobeauty2 women use it to cover hairloss or simply to add a variety to their look.. Never thought it can be a lot of fun using this. Since I often got a bad hair day 😄 thank you!
Really love this pastel totebag from @micstore1 thank you! ❤️
Memorable snack of the day! Ke indoestri niatnya mau workshop, malah pulang bawa anchovy. Dan.. Enak banget!!!! 😆❤️ @siji.cuisine @anspdrs #IKANTERI #ENAK
Meal Prep time! Have a nice lunch everyone! ❤️ #hypothyroidism #nutrition #aelkenutrition
A Brother, someone who stands by my side when things don't go well :)
Well said. #hypothyroidism #nutrition #aelkenutrition
Naturally great tasting and nutritious Bionic Fruits Crisps. Made using only fresh and ripe organic fruits to retain their natural taste and goodness! ❤️ #NoPreservatives #NoColorants #NoTransFat #BionicFarm #nangka
Receiving this sweet surprise from my favorite @veroneshealthybakes It's their new Vegan, Gluten-free Carrot Cake! ❤️ In one bite, it has instantly became Mom's favorite cake. As usual, they are using all natural ingredients, dairy free (not using butter), and refined sugar free. They use fresh re
Gluten free package from Ladang Lima.. Their gluten free coo-kiss are outstanding! Especially the Barlic (Basil-Garlic) one ❤️ I've always been a fan of Ladang Lima. Ladang Lima is all purpose gluten-free flour made from fresh casava, unbleached, high in iron, calcium and fiber. Which means, we can
"It doesn't matter what broke us down, what matters is, what made us smile again.." I was in a battle with Hashimoto and my workload.. After some bed rest I'm feeling better... I've just tried these wonderful premium flower teas from @hanayotea that I received about 2 weeks ago. These flowers and t
It's September and I'm awake. On August, I was hardly in love with one guy that I'm not supposed to fall in love with. On September, I was painfully broken-hearted.. Followed with my low thyroid condition and super hectic design workloads. In that pathetic condition, good friend of mine @anspdrs
The Opening of Sixth Day & Seventh Night live tour. We know that Gackt is a classically trained musician. I love when he plays piano and violin, but after seeing him play the Shamisen this neat and bold... Such a lovely piece 😣❤️ #Gackt #GacktCamui #reminiscence
There are series of Gackt for Takano Yuri Beauty Clinic's Commercial. But this is the best one for me 😆 Can't listen to Doomsday without having this CM running in my head 😳🎶 #Gackt #TakanoYuri
I love when Gackt plays random melody that coming straight from his heart in the middle part of his concerts.. Gackt songs were really a soundtrack of my childhood and teenage time. #Gackt #CamuiGackt #lastsong
"Until the day the promise we exchanged is fulfilled I keep counting the stars in the rain Until the time when we can meet again I’ll hold you tight Like I’ll never let you go.” 暁月夜 - Gackt
The one who has told me that "Dream is something you can reach." The one who always remind me to try the hardest when I'm feeling like giving up. The one who make me realized that life is too precious to be wasted for merely mourn.. The one who teach me to believe in my self.. The one who completel
Illness Illusion #GacktCamui
"We fall, we rise, we make mistakes, we live, we learn, we are human, we aren't perfect. We've been hurt but we're alive." What a precious privilege it is to be alive? :)
Last Healthy Gluten Free Baking Class and reunion 😆 @vientjeade @adetyaa @ririnanom @hellosunshinebdg #kitalagikitalagi #superlatepost
Jaman Bahela sekali.. RT @putryam04261998: Makoto with lee @Aelke_mariska with @LeeJH_2107
Thank u for watching! RT @izzytha_: Kak @Aelke_mariska @netmediatama aaahh segaarnyaa plg kerja nonton kk cantik 😘4

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