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Aelke Mariska
The Castle Hill. The main castle of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. The current castle is a rebuilt version of the castle that was destroyed in an 1118 fire. It might doesn't have a wonderful Architechture such us the Royal castle in Vienna, But for me, it's a very clean site with an impressive
"It's funny that I'm still alive and I'm in Bratislava." It's a line from my June.. πŸ˜„
"It's precisely because we're people that we have the power to change our own fate. So let's all change together." - Camui Gackt Suhoor time!! Have a blessed Monday everyone!!! β˜€οΈ
I met my precious oldfriend after 6 years the last time I saw him. Still the same Harley guy who is humble, kind, genius and polite. Just get smarter, busier, and more success. Really good to see you again in such good story. We have lost contact for a long time then about 3 months ago we met in a
When we have chronic illness, we find out two things : who really loves us and how strong we really are.. Have a lovely night everyone! 😊 #aelkehypothyroidjourney
Haha πŸ˜„ RT@L3_21Jktt: Dancing anytime anywhere di mejapun jadi wkwkwkw
Ngga.. Thank u for watching ya! RT @JIMswiftie: @Aelke_mariska ci Elke jago bahasa jepangnya, cantik lg!😍
Iya.. πŸ˜„ RT@FarahRTHH: Dulunya bapak anak sekarang saudaraanοΏ½
Let's watch Kelas Internasional today! 5.30 pm on NET TV @kelas_net Thank you for your time! 😣❀️ #KelasInternasional
Tiap liat Gackt nyanyiin lagu Fragrance.. Pengen banget jadi mic nya πŸ˜† #GACKT42ndbirthday
And that's how you change my life.. Gackt. #GACKT42ndbirthday
you’re still there shinning.. And smiling with that same sweet charming smile. When I close my eyes, a myriad of seasons Quietly envelop me This strength, this courage.. I’m facing the future, naked in shimmering light. Happy Birthday Dear My Light. #HappyBirthdayGackt #Mylight #GacktCamui #42 #2
Found this Carpe Diem Kombucha for €2 at mini market beside Mozart house in Salzburg. The brand is really captivating! "Carpe Diem" it's me and my brother's favorite motto. Means "Seize the Day!" ❀️ I tasted the classic one, Full of special herbs, mild and refreshing.. And for sure, tastes so much
New Cure for chronic disease has been discovered. It's Nutrition Beside my lifetime thyroid replacement pill, kindness, good hearted friends, loving inner circle and miracle from God πŸ˜„ #hypothyroidism #nutrition #homecooking #nooil #nomsg #bakedsalmon #asparagus
Meal prep time!!! It's been 16 days of fasting. And I've learned that the underlying message behind Ramadhan is 'self discipline' and 'self control' So it must be continued even after we've break the fast. I never love prepping my meal since I've done it almost 1 year. Because I will take almost
Since I'm incredibly lazy to ferment kefir milk by myself, Found this home made Russian Kefir at KemChicks Kefir is a drink with million healthy microorganism to kill pathogens and parasites in the gut. We can say that its the most powerful prebiotic in the planet πŸ‘πŸ» Beat the yoghurt, or acidop
Morning baking for today's breakfasting. Garlic baked salmon sprinkle with rosemary and oregano. Happy Fasting, may we can set all those endorphins hormone free so that we'll find peace and happiness. #hypothyroidism #nutrition #omega3 #antiviral #garlic

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