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Aelke Mariska
Unique pastel clock tower I found on Maria Theresien Street. Spitalskirche, the Roman Catholic Church of the Holy Spirit Hospital in Innsbruck City Center. #spitalskirche #romancatholicchurch #innsbruck
"One day, our hearts will stop beating. And none of our fears will matter."
With Mr.Masayuki Yao, the Director of Tarami Corporation Japan. Who has one of those rare smiles with an eternal reassurance in it. Otsukaresama deshita! 😊 #TARAMI dipotoin ka Binyo @binyo_nvw
Precious friends are priceless! Sambil nungguin ka @anspdrs yang masih sibuk bener.. Poto dulu! πŸ˜ƒ #nakama
"At that time, I didn't understand what strength was. Nor what it meant to be a warrior."-Saitou Hajime(Shinsengumi)
Breathe, trust, accept and let go. Today I vow, to live my life.
Thank you! RT @ii_zaly: Selamat ulang tahun hime @Aelke_mariska , tetap kawaii dan sehat. Amin!
Thank you God, for making me see another year. Another hope, another miracle. Thank you God, for my warm and caring precious inner circle, who stood by me through good and bad times. Thank you, God. for everything. #thankyou @rahel53 γ„γ€γ‚‚γ€εΏƒγ‹γ‚‰γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ­γ€‚
"Be a warrior and be happy in your fight!" #hypothyroidism #aelkehypothyroidjourney
Another books! Novel nya ka @nikotopia8 Dan ka @andhikarahmadian. Mereka itu penulis script nya @kelas_net πŸ˜„ Elke Baru baca yang Astrolovegi, Halaman yang pertama Elke buka jelas halaman cerita nya Scorpio! Tapi maaf, ternyata ga gitu ngena. Then, ada selipan kertas gambarnya ka Niko di halaman
Quinoa is great for lazy day cooking. Because it's packed with complete protein, but it cooks only 20 minutes. And we can flavor it any way we wish! Mine with Garlic, Rosemary, Coriander, Brazil nuts and cashews. Happy Sunday!!! #hypothyroidism #nutrition #aelkenutrition #aelkehypothyroidjourney
My favorite @bigtreefarmsbali Organic Wonder Chocolate. For the purists who like their chocolate pure and intensely dark, toss then! Here are 73% raw and organic dark chocolate. Because it's raw or unprocessed, so it's quite a bit richer than a conventionally processed cacao chocolate bar. In it's
Mealprep time! Raw Carrot + Bellpepper + Coriander + Thyme. A carrot a day detoxes estrogen. It's a real help for a patient with estrogen dominance like me. Happy Weekend everyone! #hypothyroidism #nutrition #aelkenutrition #aelkehypothyroidjourney #carrot #estrogendominance
Berkah itu ketika @alergon dari Tropicana Slim mengeluarkan pengganti gula Alergon Sweetener SteLeaf! Alergon SteLeaf merupakan pemanis bebas kalori yang sangat alami dari Daun Stevia. Zat alami yang dikandung Daun Stevia ini memiliki tingkat kemanisan 200 kali gula biasa, namun sangat aman untuk
There are people in this world who possess talent like breathing. And average people like me, should work harder ten times to merely have same result as them. Happy Friday! Have a great one! #aelkehypothyroidjourney
Udaaah.. Tapi december ini udahan sedih bangeeeeet 😭 RT@CupuMuluu:@Aelke_mariskaa sudah nyoba game ini kak :DV
I need more than coffee, but less than heroine.. It's supposed to be.. A good book from my sincere friend @stephaniecerlfano And A bunch of tasty nutrition! Raw Carrot, with unbelievably great flavour Pesto dressing from @se.rasa Then the best homemade veggie and fruit chips from my favorite @nama
'Ayam, lambang kemakmuran.' Katanya... πŸ˜€πŸ‘ŒπŸ» #throwback #kelasinternasional #nettv
One fun day! #throwback #kelasinternasional
πŸ˜„ RT@yati_nrhytt:@LeeJH_21077@Kelas_NETT Oppa ketahuan sama Kotaro@kangjuki55 Video Call dengan@Aelke_mariskaaP

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