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Aelke Mariska
How SAE really touched my heart. Lately lagi sangat sangat into Essential Oils. Pagi diffuse Thieves, kadang peace and calming. air mineral semua jadi rasa minyak angin ditetesin Peppermint, malem oles Frankincense di bawah mata, Endoflex di thyroid dan feet vitaflex point (telapak kaki plus diteke
I don't know why, I have a great detector of insincerity.. I'm a type of person, who will give you 20 if you give me 10 sincerely. Let's be sincere! That's the way of life 😊 Happy Weekend!!! #sincerity #besincere #appreciate
Super chewy Bella's Oatmeal Cookies from Icha! @ichabeld @bellashealthybakes These are homemade, egg free, high fibre and surely healthier way for snacking! They have 5 indulging flavors : - Almond - Raisins - Chocolate Dates ( THIS ONE's MY FAVO!) - Choco Chips - Matcha ( Mom's favorite ) Note :
Strawberry Nana Ice Cream topped with @suketresto Granola! Made from : banana + strawberry carnivor protein ❤️ Favorite oleh oleh dari Jogja setelah harus hidup sehat adalah GRANOLA~ nya Suket Thank you ya ka Esther!!!! @estherdewiyanti #granola #suketresto #oleholeh #aelkenutrition #aelkehypothy
Receiving these sweet and healthy products from Alergon. Tropicana Slim Alergon merupakan serangkaian produk nikmat bebas bahan pemicu alergi. Tropicana Slim Alergon menginspirasi mereka yang memiliki alergi terhadap bahan makanan tertentu untuk tetap hidup sehat berkualitas. Alergon cookies nya
So in love with @alasfotoku they've created what we exactly need 😄 Non Reflective, Easy to clean, Washable, Dream Comes True!!! Get 20% discount for the followers! ❤️ #alasfotoku #alasfoto Thank u~
Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful.. Here I'm still wearing the smile you gave me..
Reunion! My cutest @naomileesquirrel and her beautiful mom visited me a week ago, And we had a-very-super-long-chat!! From remembering the past, until what have we been doing for all this time.. (We haven't met for years), and for sure.. Love story! Hahaha.. It's nice to see you again sweety! Best
Cousins!!! ❤️ Gaya nempel tiang sebelum Gaya kita makin memalukan dan nge blurred smua fotonya. So happy to see you again my lovely cousins @anastalia dan Cherry @indofitgirl Yang setelah umur segini baru pernah ketemu lagi finally! #cousins
Can't sleep? Talk to Siri. Siri understands me better 😆 #Siri
Mom with the one, who always be in her prayer beside her children. Remembering one memorable day In 2001, 14 years ago, he visited me on Mother's Day before he went for work, Giving me a beautiful sunflower hand tied with yellow ribbon to be passed to mom. He whispered "there is no blessing quite s
Closing moment of nDaharan. Healthy Tour, A Farm to table experience. It was my first time coming to @komunitasorganikindonesia event.. We learn about how to be healthy and close to nature by dr. Prapti Utami, Self healing teraphy by Susan Hartono from SANS Grounding, meditate, how to
May I feel this a little bit longer? And i will be fine. It's not because I'm still in euphoric phase.. Nor because you have made this feeling very, emotionally, mixed up. But because you've made me incredibly happy.. And your kindness, has made me cry. Thank you.. :)
Sweet Mango for breakfast! Each cup of Mango provides 20% of the daily needs of Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Selenium 😄👍🏻 Have a great Friday, everyone! #mango
For Cat and Dog lovers!! 😸🐶❤️ Fonsvitae Petshop @fonsvitaepetshop is a great choice for finding top quality pet products and foods. Fonsvitae Petshop offers a wide variety of high quality food brands for your dogs and cats such as : Orijen, Acana, Taste of the Wild, Royal Canin, ProPlan, etc. A
I went to @javaraindonesia For the first time. Their products are made by local food artisans using the best ingredients directly sourced from smallholder farmers across Indonesia. They don't use any chemical additives (preservatives, bleaching, emulsifier etc) and most of them certified organic.
Such super yummy Oatmeal Raisin Cookies from @veroneshealthybakes Pantesan kemarin nanya elke boleh oat apa Ngga 😄 These cookies are completely #refinedsugarfree #vegan #eggfree #butterfree #dairyfree #glutenfree Made from rolled oats and almond flour. Thank you Vero! ❤️
@puravidajkt Chia Nilla and Purely delicious Macadamia Nut Milk of @drinkdama | Have a great evening, everyone 😊 #anotherblessedday
Nowdays, many processed foods rely on artificial ingredients for the sake of taste and preservability. Want a healthful way for snacking without worries? I cannot stop munching this Bionic Oyster Mushroom Crisps. Made from fresh organic oyster mushrooms, grown organically in the highland and are t
Today's healthy homemade Lunch for Momy. Cheesy Baked Salmon (baked in foil infused with parsley flakes + oregano + saltpepper + nutritional yeast) Dark Chocolate & green tea Cookies (using TruRa Cacao and gluten free flour, sweetened with Stevia Alergon) And Clipper Organic Detox Infusion (that
Sometimes, even sweet words cannot describe what heart wanna say. Happy birthday, Mom. I wish one day, i can make you smile for ever. #happybirthdayMom
Receiving this healthy package from lovely @bionicfarm thank you!!! Gonna try them now! ❤️ #bionicfarm #healthypackfood
Coconut!!! It's superfood, amazingly delicious and highly nutritious! I've found that coconut does a great job to manage evening cravings before dinner. Contains fibre, vitamin C, E, B1, B3, B5, B6 and mineral (including iron, selenium, sodium, magnesium, phosphorus) Low calorie, naturally really
Another Bless. My third older brother, My mom's favorite guy since i was still 13 years old The Sincerest, the most well mannered, the most kindhearted person I've ever met. The one who always manage to make the stubborn me, smile. 3 brothers means i have 3 bodyguards haha.. Family, really is a g
"Falling in love has similar neurogical effects as the high produced from taking cocaine." So, my full energy these days was about you.. Not about my thyroid pill that works that great 😄 Monday, please let me have a good cycle this week. Let's work our best!!! #monday #rebirth #oxytocin

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