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Aelke Mariska
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Dia.Lo.Gue. The conversation between.. :)
2014 Is the best and worst year of my life along with struggle, illness, mental breakdown, heart break and uncertainty.. In a word, I was lost. But I have to say, for the most part.. It was the best year of my life, going through the really hard times with courage, Be stronger.. Fearless.. I rec
Thank you! RT @finiyp: Happy birhday ci @Aelke_mariska semoga panjang umur, sehat selalu,sukses ya dan do the best!:)
Just seen this. A good documentary of my visual hypothyroid condition. I was still on levothyroxin euthyrox 50. Edema, Fat, bloating, dying. But now I feel a lot better with euthyrox 100, got more energy to do stuffs. But Still haven't find the doctor who could prescribe me T3. recently.. I can an
"Turn the page, Maybe we'll find a brand new ending Where we're dancing in our tears."
Chocoelf. No sugar award winning Chocolate.. I don't really like this chocolate because even the 85% one isn't tasted dark enough. But I'm in love with the story beyond this brand. The logo of Chocoelf is a baby elf. It comes from the true story of the owner (Dr. Joe Lee) while he was a pediatrics
This is my first time making Hazelnut milk. Thank's to Hurom. I'm in love with it 😄 #homemade #hazelnutmilk
Snacking time! #imtiredbeinginfrontofmylaptopfinishingthisbook 😪
Horenzo with roasted sesame for lunch! Do you know this Japanese spinach works well for anti aging? Horenzo is particularly rich in calcium, iron and vitamin K, which is more effective to make the skin glowing than vitamin E. Let's eat! #horenzo
Finally, I made one by myself, My Potion mana. "The curcumin brain body energizer" drink. Tumeric, Temulawak, Ginger. Turmeric and Temulawak may be the most effective nutritional supplement in existence. Curcumin is the main active ingredient in turmeric and temulawak, It has powerful anti-inflam
Annie's Raspsberry and Apple fruit bar! This 100% fruit bar contains no sugar, no gluten, no dairy, no yeast, no other indgredients. And make me want more~
Have a blessed day :) #hypothyroid #hypothyroidism #bestrong
I do love protein bar.. Strong food. High protein, high energy, keep me fueled and full quite long. When we have no time to prepare such a healthy meal for breakfast, this is the convenient one! #proteinbar #photopure #questbar
Garlic Seabass. I will go back for this 😊 #seabass #thaivillage
Thai Village Sharksfin House in 22 Scotts Road is a hidden gem that I would recommend you to visit. They have a really good Sharksfin soup.. This is a medium size, but the portion is relatively large. Definitely worthed! #Sharksfin #thaivillage #singapore
My favorite Quinoa, carrot, and beetroot. ENAK! 😄👍 #wholefood #nourish
Regram from @thyroidwarriors #hypothyroid #hypothyroidism
Hypothyroid Awareness. #hypothyroidism #symptoms
It's written that "Temulawak, another wonder healer." Temulawak, native to Indonesia. Let's say it's a tumeric's twin. Still member of ginger family. We also call it "Javanese Tumeric". Based on several scientific studies, temulawak has a higher percentage of curcumin, around 68 percent compare to 4
Something unique with Licorice and Carob. Found Nu-Vit Carob Licorice Sticks in a pack of 10 in healthy food isle at cold storage. Licorice is one of my favorite candy all the time. And do you know that it's actually a plant. The root of Glycyrrhiza glabra that's naturally sweet (Glycyrrhizin conten
Just got home and having this perfect Vegan Cinnamon Banana Cake from @earthsproutid incredibly moist and irresistible. Can't believe that this is a vegan cake.. Which is all natural, dairy free, sugar free and healthy! And my sweettooth is saved! Thank you!!!! 😄👍
Sometimes, people really do feel like they don't want to exist and go into the place that don't have to feel..
Colorful Panda! ❤️ #latepost
Always believe that something wonderful is going to happen even with all the ups and downs. Guten Morgen!