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Adrianne Curry
This is lovely too.always made me sad he was long dead at Bilbo's 111 bday party
Got this in a gift bag....... why does this even cost money? #rippedsock
That awkward moment while flipping through the tv channels and you land on yourself.
"Wear your hair down!" Everyone says....fine
My sensitive ass skin has reactions to everything. This is from my last photoshoot. Looks like white trash hickeys
If you have to brag about who you've banged...your accomplishments in life are seriously lacking.
Because what I just paid apparently isn't enough"@STLSlowMo: Don't forget to add in the fine from the government for not having insurance."
@AdrianneCurry how can a pap be that much? srsly. There are shenanigans afoot with those prices and med profession wants our silence.
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Lost my insurance. AfteR almost $200 for the doctor & $280 on medications...I've been slapped with a $450 Pap lab bill. Thievery
I was jarred from my slumber by a notification from @LuckyCharms following me. Somewhere...8 yr old me just died of unadulterated happiness
Dinner-Baked sweet potatoes, garlic green beans and crock pot 5hr pork loin in a balsamic/pear/rosemary glaze.
"Newspaper taxis appear on the shore waiting to take you away"....Me and my lil LSD luxuriating in the sun
Nerdist Presents: LADY KILLERS Gives Freddy vs. Jason a Murderous Makeover - via @NerdistDotCom @AdrianneCurry
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The @NerdistDotCom 's new short, "Lady Killers" is out! I styled @AdrianneCurry 's Freddy costume! Check it out:
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How do I ever choose a mate when this level of romance is thrown at me? #ILikeYourBoobs #DonnieDarko "@Doggunner1269: love your tits"
Greetings mortals! Me and the Asshole fuck face cat #AFFCA
@AdrianneCurry Not much of a horror fan myself but I loved your performance in this little #Halloween short film! 😘…6
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Watch the new #NerdistPresents short starring yours truly as Freddy Krueger!…
I have 2 start getting rid of old costumes in my closet to make room for new. Gonna slap my Christie (Tekken) on ebay
My friend @AliciaMarieBODY said The Swamps of Sadness from The Neverending story broke her heart. This was my reply
The sphinxes can see straight into your heart...the mirror reveals your TRUE self..and the Oracle? Well....
I used to sit in awe as my tarantula did this. Arachnids are fucking intriguing things if you get past the "NOPE"
At first, I was mad to be at the laundromat. ...and then...? #gamer
Want2help save kittens?Get this pic of me signed4 a small donation! Click&help! @KittCrusaders
Cereal is a stoners dream....not only do you get to cure also aids cotton mouth w/liquidy milk goodness
Did 1 hr&45 min of cardio & wanted a chicken ceaser salad!swapped dressing w/lite ceaser & a whole avocado......purr!
Half the celebs in this town crash diet and snort coke. Unless the celeb is clearly toned, I don't get this...
Want this pic signed 4 a small donation 2 help me save kitties? PLEASE HELP! @KittCrusaders
My calves are so big. Dudes are always jealous. So...I'm not fighting it anymore. #IfYouBuildItTheyWillCome
u got Shat on, son "@WilliamShatner: @Todd_Roy The 80's called. They want their Tron suit back. (Rolling my eyes)"