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Adrianne Curry
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@AdrianneCurry Comet Jacques, with the Heart and Soul nebulae in the background.
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Imagine that! RT @AdrianneCurry: Getting laser hair removal @DrTattoff and ran into my ex! Hee hee!
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Getting laser hair removal @DrTattoff and ran into my ex! Hee hee!
Thank you, Russia...thank you for bringi bf this to light!!…
I think....I'll be recharging my @Warcraft account. I'll decide this weekend with @Sicari & @Todd_Roy as we play Diablo! #cantstayaway
I've been up since 4:45 a.m. Asshole Fuckface's meows were he is SO tired from keeping me up #AFFCA
"@GuitarAndBrew: How do I suggest 2 my girlfriend that she should eat less?" How long have you been contemplating suicide? Life is worth it
Had the whole grain linguine w/turkey meatballs AND the blueberry @KodiakCakes !! #shame
Ladies, think using heavy weights is going to bulk u up? Switch that to "give you an epic ass" & ya got it right!
I have room for a splurge. Should I have blueberry @KodiakCakes w/a dash of maple syrup or 2 turkey meatballs/wheat spaghetti w/tom sauce?
Just when I thought I was out...they pull me back in... @Warcraft Warlords of Draenor In Action:
I need to find someone in LA who has a walk in freezer I can film in for 15 minutes.... #strangerequests
I'll be eating this pork loin w/soy/balsamic/Worcestershire/pear reduction for a week! Only 236 cals per serving
Drought in California? Riiight, tell that to LA ;)
What is the termination fee to break a @VerizonWireless account? Anyone know? Also, what services would you recommend outside of verizon?
I wish i could get out of my @VerizonWireless contract. I'm paying almost 200 a month 4 single line use! Been w/em since 2003, but I'm done
Watching a very underrated @robinwilliams flick. This is one of my fav films
Me in 2004 & 2014....what's the difference? Almost 20lbs of muscle & I'm sans makeup at the pool
Give thanks to The Dark Lord this Thanksgiving
Laundry day, shall I bust out the washboard? #douchesayings
Adrianne Curry successfully showing off in her bikini in Vegas. I'm searching for an ounce of fat. Not seeing...
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