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Adrianne Curry
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It's a hard job, holding up the sky....
Tearing up an hour of cardio on the elliptical. One problem, I'm hungry& have to go to the grocery store when I'm done. I'll buy everything
@AdrianneCurry I like animals. But they shouldn't be allowed in stores or restaurants. Its unsanitary and people could be allergic to them.
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@AdrianneCurry I hate fake service dogs. Too many people using "therapy" animals as an excuse to keep their untrained mutts by their side.
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I recently watched a woman walking her dog in the grocery store stop and let her dog PISS in the aisle In front of the eggs. I left
@AdrianneCurry I feel you on that shit. Dogs and cats get the fuck outta my face when I am eating. I'll holla at you when I'm done.
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Growing up, we always taught our dogs2stay in the other room while we ate. Here in CA, I am forced to dine w/them constantly. It irks me.
Only 30 years was given for this guy ruining thousands of lives?…
All of the meows are belong to me. I hate this fucking cat! #AFFA
Guns are dangerous4even trained/skilled adults.This will haunt her forever, her parents made a horrific decision…
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Walking the Barnes and Noble and see my friend Shirley's book featuring yours truly
Laughing my ass off watching #DrunkHistory with Kahl Drogo playing Jim Thorpe.
Subway is outside my gym....I already got a 6in ham/turkey/wheat no cheese w/spinach/lettuce/cucumber/avocado yesterday. I want it again
Guess who didn't watch the emmys? Me. Guess who's life is better for it? Mine. @nineinchnails was far more enjoyable ;)
Couldn't be any less thrilled to drag my lazy ass2the gym for 40 min of cardio&40 min of HIIT training on upper body
We raise more money for illnesses that won't end up killing us than we do for those that will.…