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Addy Osmani
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Standards for Web Applications On Mobile: Current State and Roadmap -…
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Reducing font downloads with unicode-range, & why more browsers need to take advantage of it:…
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ES6 computed property names are now in @FirefoxNightly - specify properties in object literals based on expressions:
Network throttling in DevTools saves *so much* time not switching tools to simulate slow connections & offline.
DevTools Tip: Pick colours from a page using the new eye dropper tool in the Elements Panel. (Currently in Canary).
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ES6 Method Definitions land in @FirefoxNightly, removing the need for `function` keyword when defining object methods
Chrome DevTools Console & Command-line API pro-tips:
Dear hotels, Technically all breakfasts are continental, unless you eat them in the ocean. PS: Stop hiding the electrical outlets <3
If you submit a pull request without a description, congratulations. You've just given someone the gift of anxiety forever.
Get CSS statistics for your site with StyleStats: - comes with Grunt & Gulp plugins too:…
Gallery of beautiful sites for Open Source projects: by @trek
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.@polymer is full of fun little surprises. Here's a few features you might have missed:…
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Chrome's intent to implement ES6 Classes in V8:…
This is the thing I've been working on for a while, and it has arrived at a Chrome Canary near you! 🎈…P
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DevTools Tip: Command click CSS rule to find its source. The cursor position is now maintained after a pretty print.
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The new @npmjs website sounds so awesome. Great solutions proposed for the discovery problem.…
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Picking a framework? For such a crucial piece of your app, try & evaluate the options *yourself* first-hand. Others opinions only go so far.
We just fired up a new Look and Feel section on Web Fundamentals. First up: 8 guides on animation! \o/…
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"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it" Farewell Robin Williams & thanks for the laughs.
Try @AtomEditor turbo-javascript snippets:… with flow control, functions, iterables, promises.
New favorite Atom theme: Seti UI & Seti syntax. Gorgeous colors & icons for popular files, configs (Grunt, Gulp etc)
An experimental @polymer element for Service Worker caching: (Thanks to @jaffathecake for the technical advice!)
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Polymer 0.3.5: "touch-action" attr no longer required, changes to "polymer-ready", core-icon, published properties.…
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ES6 iterables soon shipping in Chrome. "for..of" loops over iterable objects (Array, Map,arguments) & is also in FF:
AppCache is still a douche, but you can automatically generate manifest files you can tweak with these tools:…
<prism-js> for @polymer v0.1.0 is out with a fresh re-write, new features and demos. Notes:…
HTML Injection… it's *nearly* ready - but just in case you were curious why this will be cool..
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GitHub have open-sourced their Web Component extensions to the <time> element:… - used in production today.