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Addy Osmani
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Standards for Web Applications On Mobile: Current State and Roadmap -…
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Reducing font downloads with unicode-range, & why more browsers need to take advantage of it:…
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ES6 computed property names are now in @FirefoxNightly - specify properties in object literals based on expressions:
Network throttling in DevTools saves *so much* time not switching tools to simulate slow connections & offline.
DevTools Tip: Pick colours from a page using the new eye dropper tool in the Elements Panel. (Currently in Canary).
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ES6 Method Definitions land in @FirefoxNightly, removing the need for `function` keyword when defining object methods
Chrome DevTools Console & Command-line API pro-tips:
Dear hotels, Technically all breakfasts are continental, unless you eat them in the ocean. PS: Stop hiding the electrical outlets <3
If you submit a pull request without a description, congratulations. You've just given someone the gift of anxiety forever.
Get CSS statistics for your site with StyleStats: - comes with Grunt & Gulp plugins too:…
Gallery of beautiful sites for Open Source projects: by @trek
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.@polymer is full of fun little surprises. Here's a few features you might have missed:…
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Chrome's intent to implement ES6 Classes in V8:…
This is the thing I've been working on for a while, and it has arrived at a Chrome Canary near you! 🎈…P
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DevTools Tip: Command click CSS rule to find its source. The cursor position is now maintained after a pretty print.
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The new @npmjs website sounds so awesome. Great solutions proposed for the discovery problem.…
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Picking a framework? For such a crucial piece of your app, try & evaluate the options *yourself* first-hand. Others opinions only go so far.
We just fired up a new Look and Feel section on Web Fundamentals. First up: 8 guides on animation! \o/…
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"You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lose it" Farewell Robin Williams & thanks for the laughs.
Try @AtomEditor turbo-javascript snippets:… with flow control, functions, iterables, promises.
New favorite Atom theme: Seti UI & Seti syntax. Gorgeous colors & icons for popular files, configs (Grunt, Gulp etc)
An experimental @polymer element for Service Worker caching: (Thanks to @jaffathecake for the technical advice!)
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Polymer 0.3.5: "touch-action" attr no longer required, changes to "polymer-ready", core-icon, published properties.…
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ES6 iterables soon shipping in Chrome. "for..of" loops over iterable objects (Array, Map,arguments) & is also in FF:
AppCache is still a douche, but you can automatically generate manifest files you can tweak with these tools:…
<prism-js> for @polymer v0.1.0 is out with a fresh re-write, new features and demos. Notes:…
HTML Injection… it's *nearly* ready - but just in case you were curious why this will be cool..
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GitHub have open-sourced their Web Component extensions to the <time> element:… - used in production today.
Why Web Components Are Ready For Production #TDN
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ES6 Maps are awesome for enabling non-string values as keys (e.g numbers, objects and arrays):
ES6 Maps are now on by default in Chrome 38. Goodbye hasOwnProperty() checks! Hello simple, iterable key/value maps:
DevTools Tip: Drag entire file contents from the Sources Pane to the editor, works with HTML, CSS & JavaScript.
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You can get Web Starter Kit and Cordova to play nicely together using Cordova-CLI Hooks
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@ErikArvidsson @addyosmani WeakMaps provide a better solution when you absolutely need privacy:
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ES6 Symbols now enabled by default in Chrome 38. A unique & immutable data type useful for private properties & more:
Join me at the Google WebPerf special for a DevTools Memory Management Masterclass:… ~ 26th August, London.
Gremlins: JS monkey testing library that tests webapp robustness through random user actions…
Facebook have released an in-depth guide for their Flux architecture for frontend applications, including a TodoMVC:…
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Trying ES6's Array.from() to create arrays from array-like or iterable objects… via @rwaldron
DevTools: Store as Global Variable is awesome for storing object previews printed to console as temp variables.
DevTools Tip: While in the Elements Panel, you can click and drag DOM nodes directly into your code editor.
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Computed properties & chained computed properties are supported in @polymer. Quick demos:
The mobile web should be fast. Don't bloat your CSS. DevTools Audits helps check for unused CSS you could remove.
When you forget you have the "Cloud To Butt" extension installed...
rebeccapurple has landed in Chrome:…, WebKit & Firefox. Available in Canary (& Opera next) soon
IE: to enable a better mobile web we’ll support popular webkit prefixes, a better UA string & fix interop issues…