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Adam Sessler
Rebel FM. Live. 9pm. Wombat theatre.
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Okay....I just put on X-Clan. NOW I feel youthful....
@AdamSessler don't mess that new age junk, make a mud ball and like it.
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Maybe I'll pull out my erector set....or tinker toys.....
Anyone suggesting "Hoop and Stick" should ask @acarboni about my review of the game....
I'm trying to think of something youthful to do today. Pick-up sticks maybe?
Lederman card had me up in the third, but the bag came roaring back in the 4th. It was like Rocky but more quiet...and sad....
Off to the gym to box. I fully expect the heavy bag to win. #oldman
What's up w/@Twitch being sold to @amazon for almost a billion $$! We'll speak w/ Birthday Boy @AdamSessler about it.
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So does Prune Juice come in other flavors or just "Despondency"?
Okay back to the old man stuff..... My back hurts and the world is scary
Best thing about my birthday....Still being married to my amazing wife....
I wasn't planning on listening to the radio this morning, but @AdamSessler is going to be on @kevinandbean show, so I guess I have to now.
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Okay, it's my birthday. As a crotchety old man I compel everyone to listen to me on @kevinandbean show at 8:00 am PT...
Great show for you today! Petros from @PetrosAndMoney, @AdamSessler & Dexter from @offspring all join us today!
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Proud to be a part of the @PixelPoetry film, which released yesterday. Just $6. Grab it here -…
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This SJW poster gives me an opportunity to point out I am not press anymore. If you want to "hit me where it hurts the most"...try my dick
Ever get the feeling reality is re-using character models too often?
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Reminder: if you know a great freelance web dev who isn't crazy expensive and knows his/her way around UX and Google scripts/plugins, holler
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Best thing on the radio this AM: "She was the youngest player to win at the Open since Ronald Reagan (pause) (pause)..........was president"
I think I have a pinched nerve in my face. I want to scrape my face off. What implement works best?
How soon until there's an Ice Bucket challenge to buy Twitch?
As I've hinted at before this game gives me all different types of happiness… (cc: @day4nightgames)
San Francisco! Come to the @Cyniccave for some Talk Show: The Game Show love at 10pm tonight!
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These Simpsons episodes make me think if Dana Gould which makes me think of the Gex games. And then nothing. It's the end of the line.
Hey SF folk: My fish pimp is abandoning me. Who are your favorite piscine purveyors?