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Adam Shankman
Missing my little Lucy on National #catday.
Cinderella's used car lot. Compacts avail. #goodbusiness.
Working with @mcgregor on raising much needed support and awareness for at risk kids and communities all around the world. @gocampaign. #gocampaign
Hmm... I smell a rat...
#FIKA. Thanks FIKA, for making me have to work 10 times harder at the gym this week after the @gocampaign benefit you hosted. #truffleupagus.
Strolled in the park tonight. Ran into this proud lady. #NYC
Afternoon spent listening to new music by my buddy @thisisrobthomas, and it's #NuckingFuts. Truly some of the greatest work of your career...and I'm pretty sure it's all about me. #blissfullydelusional.
I don't really drank, but this sure was nice looking today. #gocampaign event. #vino.
About to light a fire and do some Sunday reading. Thx @erichughesdesign for making my home in NYC sooooo noice. Xo
The girls got to thin. #SpooksAndTheCity
Enjoying a quiet, peaceful Saturday afternoon with an old friend. #chuckie. @ Washington Square Park
Dear @GQMagazine , damn straight ( i'll be at the big event tonight since @noahdneiman the bestest traineur in NYC is hosting!
You know what they say about small feet.... @ Union Square Park North Pavilion
#tbt setting a shot while shooting Ladies Choice scene with that guy @zacefron @nikkiblonksy and I see @jamizzi lurking suspiciously in the background. #Hairspray not sure why I look so confused... But I guess that's the way I usually look.
Heading in to the American Ballet Theatre opening the rain... #thewetlook.
What I'm looking at right now.#NYC
As seen this morning on the subway! Name this photo contest begins...NOW!
@Sarah_Hyland @adammshankman putting all the ladies to bed! Good thing he's such a gentleman...for the most part.. #themouthonthatone
Retweeted by Adam Shankman
"@Sarah_Hyland: When ur supposed 2 go watch tv w/@adammshankman but fall asleep on the couch before you leave 😠 harumph" SIGH... xxoxo .
Today we mourn the loss of one of the great fashion geniuses of this time or any other. Heaven just got infinitely more glamorous. RIP #oscardelarenta.
I'm feeling strangely light today... Almost like I've just emerged from a mucousey straitjacket of my own creation... totally "Monday" of me. #typical
Sunrise this morning from my apt in #NYC . #unfreakingbelievable.
Couldn't wait for a NYC hotdog, so I grabbed one on my wait to the airport.
Blue Steel...kind of. But it was mostly because of how freaking cold it was last night.
You'll always be my #boo. @ Lakeshore Drive
Classic #tbt of me with the lovely Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter and her totally appropriate open blouse.
We be making this movie! #AFTER. Get the book NOW and get ahead o' the currrve :)…
Nothin' beats a sweet duet.
Going to a really big shooooooo.
I like this, mostly because I too spring eternal. #hope.
This guy watches over some of my favorites. ... #boo.
I don't know these neighbors of mine, but I freakin' love them just for their front door.
#NYC man I missed this.
There's my girl! #home
#talent. Sara X Does Mozart’s “Eine kleine Nachtmusik”:
#NYC bound 😆 @ Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)
@jessicaesanchez, guess who's gonna do a little surprise duetting with you!!! #trevorlive
@sarahjessicaparker , @mileycyrus , @bethbehrsreal , what are you guys turning out for in Novembers election? @rockthevote! Go to to add your name to the list of people turning out in November. #turnoutforwhat. #rockthevote.