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Adam Shankman
dance director music producers 294,394 followers
@lavernecox and @halfadam, I can't believe I'm standing on my toes and STILL have to reach to get in the friggin shot. jeez! #emmychallenged
Today was in every way #Sun-day.
Last night. Woikin' it. #emmys
"@dizzyfeet: Guess who gave @NAPPYTABS their #Emmy the incorrigible @adammshankman" wish you'd been up there with me!
Before. On my way home to get ready 4 the Creative Arts #Emmys. LOTS of pics coming from the show on @instagram!
Can't wait 2 hand the #emmy 4 choreography 2day 2 one of my brilliant friends @derekhough @ChrisLXD @travISova @NAPPYTABS or @nopenother!
"@nopenother: @adammshankman @DANCEonFOX @jessicarichens thanks Adam!!!! I hope all is well!!!" it is! See ya later today ms. NOM! #emmys!
Just laying out some of later today's get up. Thanks @tomford for making me presentable to present!!! #emmys
Facebook Under Fire For Donating $10,000 To Politician Who Says Gay Marriage Causes Harm.…
#tbt I think this sets a nice new low bar for a throw back. Don't you? Apparently I'd been "bad" and was in need of a spanking. #discipline.
#tbt this sets a nice new low bar for a throwback...dontcha think?
I guess eating 8 @thinkthin bars per sitting sort of defeats the purpose... shoot. @thinkproducts... too good...dang.
anyone who says they ALWAYS LOVE!!!working out, is a LIAR. (I think.).
#tbt when I gave THIS guy his first job in the states. I hope he does okay! I think he might... oh, and that's my bathing suit he's wearing. I gotta get that back...
To my babies who are leaving @DANCEonFOX #sytycd tonight, get SOME REST! We have a finale to do, and u have a tour to go on!!! #winners
Casey, u just took on Comfort and u hung in Buddy! @dizzyfeet is absolutely right: ur growing so much! Don't b afraid 2 get dirty! Ur great!
Sorry. Guess you're @RickyUbeda11 . See my last tweet. Oh, & i cannot wait 2 hire you kiddo. You make every choreographer better,& I want in
Hey yo. I'm know @DANCEonFOX #sytycd is starting in a little on the right coast. When it hits the left one, get ready4#armchaircritiques!
Saturday I have the privilege of presenting some big awards at the #CreativeEmmys. Giving that statue to one of my friends this year for #choreography is gonna be a beautiful experience for me since i love all these people sooooo much. Who do you think it's gonna be?!? @derekhough, @travisova @nappy
RIP magnificent #LaurenBacall. U taught the world 2 put our lips together and blow...and we are forever grateful. #Legend
Man, oh man. This made me turns out, I'm an #optimist.
Sleep face and all... let's do this. :)