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Adam Shankman
The old guy, @dizzyfeet and I are helping decide on education grants from the #DizzyFeetFoundation...and dang proud of it!
Lucy is getting WAY better! Today she asked if we could stop and smell the roses. Who was I to say no? (Especially in light of the fact that she can talk)...
Monday morning Peanut butter fudge cupcake alert. Made these for my #DizzyFeetFoundation board meeting later. I've discovered baking... and these babies are freaking amazing. #monday.
knowing my godson as i do, im pretty sure I know where this is all headed.
And that's when I wondered what would happen if I baked chocolate chip cookie dough onto fudge brownies... ?
#jake guarding the stairs to Lucy 's room. #cujo-lite.
We found this baby in the yard yesterday, took her to the doctor, and apparently she has kidney problems. I'm going to nurse her to health. As much as I can, and let's see what happens. She's a total angel, and has been out on her own for quite some time, according to the vet. Let's see what a littl
Of course. Just makes sense. #tgis.
I like to throw a little almond extract in my chocolate chip pancake batter... whuuuuuuuut???
Looooove is a many splendored thiiiing.... #TGIF
Today for lunch I made quinoa noodles with a spicy peanut sauce, cucumber, shredded chicken, and sesame. #chefgayardee.
"@OffspringEnt: Haha. Best Emmy tweet goes to @adammshankman.…" I'm very humbled and honored...
I'm reasonably certain @RuPaul is responsible for the word #Phablet...
@mileycyrus @kathygriffin and I wanna make sure you remember to register and vote! This land is our land! #tbtuesday.
Emma Watson Fights For Gender Equality With UN Speech. BRAVO! Yes feminism is an inclusive and positive Movement!…
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Praying = talking to your God. Meditating = listening to your God. Tonight, I'm a listener...right after I pray, that is. :D
My take away from @Gotham, which I really liked... IS... It's a TERRIBLE city to live in! Seriously! Frankly i'd move, But it's good tv!
"@TiffanyOwenby: A Walk to Remember is on!!! My favorite @adammshankman movie EVER." gee! Thanks!!! :D
Tonight! I spread the network love...@Gotham, @ScorpionCBS , @TheBlacklistNBC ... #MagicMonday. ! Wahoooo!
"Welcome home Pops!" - #jake
"@CourteneyCox: Friends premiered 20 years ago today. How time does fly!" every night like clockwork. I love u guys & am eternally grateful
Happy last official day of summer!!! See ya next year!
How much is that doggie in the window?... Priceless. #muttday.
Not sure what's going on with me but I made these at 11 pm last night, and now I don't know know what to do with them. Any suggestions? #sunday.
Just now. Made me I'm Instagram ming it to share that. #sappytheclown.
And now begins Saturday sneaker purge 2014. There gonna be some well shod kids at the LA Centers LGBT Youth Center for homeless teens. #donate.
T shirt purge fall 2014!!! Let the games begin!
@barbrastreisand SING IT SISTAHS!!! #TGIF
Pls meet the worst pharmacist ever.
meet Manny. He's a praying mantis that's been living in my guest bathroom for a week. We did some praying, and then I released this beautiful beast into the southern California wild. Really good guy. #TGIF.
#tbt's only really throwing back to last night... but whatever. I like the jacket, so there!
#tbt shot courtesy of paparazzi, who apparently made me throw up in my mouth. That having been said,…
THIS is going down! (so to speak) all HAIL my friend @bridgeteverett!Brace Yourself, She’s Going to Share DO NOT MISS
"@bridgeteverett: @adammshankman i love this!! thanks for coming last night! xx" see ya tonight 4 opening, Lil genius! Xo
Quiet time with 2 great ladies of the theater: # pattilupone, and the brilliant @bridgeteverett at #joespub.
Wait, @adammshankman choreographed Once More, with Feeling #Buffy??? How did I not know this before??? I LOVED IT!!!
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"@SJP: @adammshankman it was a privilege. "I hope you realize what a great property you have." JWB" indeed...indeed. xo
Sure, I threw a filter on this view from my place. But I had no freaking idea how cool it would come out. #NYC
Thx @sarahjessicaparker coming over, giving some love and hugs, @instagram ing my view, and vanishing, all in under 5 mins. Extremely impressive. I now dub thee, the #madgrammer. Xo
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby @travisova who looks fantastic for turning 44 today! Yay! Love you sweetheart.
Even in the rain... so grateful for my 'neighborhood and it's beauty. #NYC
Really interesting potential on @theviewtv new panel... loving @Rosie and @rosieperezbklyn and the fresh 'tude... watchin frm Gym, & liking.
#nyc autumn. On my block in the rain just now.
Empire State Building peeking through the rain clouds. Pretty freaking magical. Now please excuse me while I go ba...zzźzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Goooooood mawnin' New Yahk! ( courtesy of my southern accent.)