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Adam Shankman
T shirt purge fall 2014!!! Let the games begin!
@barbrastreisand SING IT SISTAHS!!! #TGIF
Pls meet the worst pharmacist ever.
meet Manny. He's a praying mantis that's been living in my guest bathroom for a week. We did some praying, and then I released this beautiful beast into the southern California wild. Really good guy. #TGIF.
#tbt's only really throwing back to last night... but whatever. I like the jacket, so there!
#tbt shot courtesy of paparazzi, who apparently made me throw up in my mouth. That having been said,…
THIS is going down! (so to speak) all HAIL my friend @bridgeteverett!Brace Yourself, She’s Going to Share DO NOT MISS
"@bridgeteverett: @adammshankman i love this!! thanks for coming last night! xx" see ya tonight 4 opening, Lil genius! Xo
Quiet time with 2 great ladies of the theater: # pattilupone, and the brilliant @bridgeteverett at #joespub.
Wait, @adammshankman choreographed Once More, with Feeling #Buffy??? How did I not know this before??? I LOVED IT!!!
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"@SJP: @adammshankman it was a privilege. "I hope you realize what a great property you have." JWB" indeed...indeed. xo
Sure, I threw a filter on this view from my place. But I had no freaking idea how cool it would come out. #NYC
Thx @sarahjessicaparker coming over, giving some love and hugs, @instagram ing my view, and vanishing, all in under 5 mins. Extremely impressive. I now dub thee, the #madgrammer. Xo
A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my baby @travisova who looks fantastic for turning 44 today! Yay! Love you sweetheart.
Even in the rain... so grateful for my 'neighborhood and it's beauty. #NYC
Really interesting potential on @theviewtv new panel... loving @Rosie and @rosieperezbklyn and the fresh 'tude... watchin frm Gym, & liking.
#nyc autumn. On my block in the rain just now.
Empire State Building peeking through the rain clouds. Pretty freaking magical. Now please excuse me while I go ba...zzźzzzzźzzzzzzzzzzzzz...
Goooooood mawnin' New Yahk! ( courtesy of my southern accent.)
And that's when I came face to face with this gorgeous mellow bitch. #macncheesepizza.
My unfiltered morning view. Unbelievably beautiful day in the Empire state! #NYC
Pic looking out at the Empire State Building from my other home sweet home. #NYC so good to be here
Excited to be heading to NYC TO BE A MODEL. #ducklips
Hi! @leahremini @janemarielynch @fmeli21 #cheyenneandjasonwedding
Check out how beautiful the dinner was for @mrcheyennejackson and @jasonrlandau wedding. All music, great food and Hella #dancing!
Us with the gorgeous grooms @mrcheyennejackson and @jasonrlandau. With @leahremini and @fmeli21 #cheyenneandjasonwedding
Congratulations to the gorgeous grooms @mrcheyennejackson and @jasonrlandau ! With all out love @leahremini, @jessetyler @justinmikita and meeee! #cheyenneandjasonwedding
"@VINNYGUADAGNINO: I can't wait for Sunday breakfast it's the highlight of my week" see ya tomorrow buddy.
fabulous wedding cheer with leahremini @jessetyler @JustinMikita. Love to Mr and Mr mrcheyennejackson…
To those of you who have always thought that LA is hell... you were right. #hollywoodhades
Dear Dad, wtf is up with the heat today and would you please call one of your fancy pants studio head friends and do something about it because yhis LA as a freskin oven sh*t is a nightmare. Love, Jake.
Weirdest artsy gym selfie ever. I'm clearly avoiding getting to the lifting part...
When I wear my silk pajamas around the house, I always feel like my name should be Jew Hefner. Might change it legally.
So, it appears I got a book deal... whaat?!? :) It's the 4th one down. I'm a beginner... so far, SO great!…
"@Sarah_Hyland: “@kevinchamberlin: @Sarah_Hyland @adammshankman Happy Frank Mills Day! September 12th!” ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️" sweetest song ever.
Today, I spent a lot of time thinking about #freedom #9/11. #remember.
With da Boyz. @michaeldameski and @rickyubeda11 getting our dance on. They're so freaking talented.
I smell french fries. Everywhere. French fries everywhere. What does this mean?!? #frenchfrightened.
Any writer who tells you writing cannot be taught is huffing the fumes of their own self-importance.
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I'm watching football, & reading about #joanrivers funeral, bouncing from happy to sad... but at least my yin yang thing is working well.
Dude goes back in time to almost bang his mom who was in JAWS 3D #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
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Sadistic candy maker murders children one by one to teach them all a lesson #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
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Some cars from outerspace get mad, play music, rough house and make a mess. #explainafilmplotbadly
Cars from outerspace get in a fight, yell at each other about something shiny, play the radio, and make a mess. #explainafilmplotbadly
Rejected by a flaky ballerina, a hideous music teacher drops a chandelier on season subscribers of the opera. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
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