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Adam Shankman
To those of you who have always thought that LA is hell... you were right. #hollywoodhades
Dear Dad, wtf is up with the heat today and would you please call one of your fancy pants studio head friends and do something about it because yhis LA as a freskin oven sh*t is a nightmare. Love, Jake.
Weirdest artsy gym selfie ever. I'm clearly avoiding getting to the lifting part...
When I wear my silk pajamas around the house, I always feel like my name should be Jew Hefner. Might change it legally.
So, it appears I got a book deal... whaat?!? :) It's the 4th one down. I'm a beginner... so far, SO great!…
"@Sarah_Hyland: “@kevinchamberlin: @Sarah_Hyland @adammshankman Happy Frank Mills Day! September 12th!” ❤️️❤️️❤️️❤️️" sweetest song ever.
Today, I spent a lot of time thinking about #freedom #9/11. #remember.
With da Boyz. @michaeldameski and @rickyubeda11 getting our dance on. They're so freaking talented.
I smell french fries. Everywhere. French fries everywhere. What does this mean?!? #frenchfrightened.
Any writer who tells you writing cannot be taught is huffing the fumes of their own self-importance.
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I'm watching football, & reading about #joanrivers funeral, bouncing from happy to sad... but at least my yin yang thing is working well.
Dude goes back in time to almost bang his mom who was in JAWS 3D #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
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Sadistic candy maker murders children one by one to teach them all a lesson #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
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Some cars from outerspace get mad, play music, rough house and make a mess. #explainafilmplotbadly
Cars from outerspace get in a fight, yell at each other about something shiny, play the radio, and make a mess. #explainafilmplotbadly
Rejected by a flaky ballerina, a hideous music teacher drops a chandelier on season subscribers of the opera. #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly
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@adammshankman what run down, busted, cheesy strip mall wig shop did that atrocity come from? #KeepAwayFromOpenFlames
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I'm very sad that @Joan_Rivers wasn't with us to watch the #thebrittanymurphystory. She would have extraordinary things to say...
I don't remember this phase when Brittany went through her "asian" moment..but I'm forgeful. #thebrittanymurphystory
The wigs aren't pinned down or glued on...they are hair helmets... or something that resembles "hair" ish helmets...#thebrittanymurphystory
Ok people's. Tweet with me about #thebrittanymurphystory now!!! I don't understand ANYTHING about it!!!!
Wait...why is the guy playing @MPG so short... I'm really confused... #savedbythebell
Got home and I flipped on the TV to get ready for the #brittanymurphystory, &that saved by the bell thing is on. WTF with the wigs?!?
Life can be a real beach.
This is supposed to be Alicia Silverstone, for real, as portrayed in tonight's broadcast of The…
"@LynnAnnMcGee: @Justaces @adammshankman that does look yummy! My bday is coming up too - may need to get that recipe 🎂" check my fb page!
Holy Balls! Due 2public outcry 4 my recipe, I've posted 2 my FB page! Jeez! Y'all are hungry! #AdamsChocolateChocoChipVanillaCreamIceBoxCake
"@Justaces: @adammshankman That cake looks amazing. Gotta make me some of that. And my bday is coming! :)" RECIPE POSTING On my FB in a min!
"@attcharlieb: @adammshankman where is the recipe?? #chocoholic #deathbychocolate" made it up! Super easy! 10 mins max!
"@JennieSoma: @adammshankman Recipe? That looks amazing." made it up! SOOO easy!
Goooooooood morning! Just took out my 8 layer chocolate with choco-chip cream icing IceBox cake! Wahoooo! #saturday
And that's when I decided to make a chocolate cream ice box cake before I start working tonight!
Helloooooo Friday! #tgif
##tgifbf! From the #sytycdfinale when all thems pesky kerreeografers photo bombed us! #varmints!
#SYTYCD @adammshankman “That’s all I tell the dancers. Save ur money. Warm up & save ur money” RT!
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Thank you Joan for always telling us your truth. (And thx @brettrutt for showing this to me.) God, I hope she makes you cringe and think and laugh as much as she made us do the same. And god, pls stay away from print on print around her... she'll eat you alive. RIP #JoanRivers.
Thx @Joan_Rivers 4 a lifetime of showing us how ridiculous this crazy world is. Pls b gentle on God's outfits. RIP xo
I hereby declare this #tbt #threwoutmybackthursday. Ah, youth...
Dear sweet @dizzyfeet, thank you eternally for this beautiful family. We love you. #sytycdfinale
Spoiler alert! Winner winner chicken dinner! Congrats @RickyUbeda11. @jessetyler and I lurv ya kiddo!
#jidgin with @taralipinski @jennaldewan @msdebbieallen @dizzyfeet and @hottamaletrain #sytycdfinale
Here we goooooo! #sytycdfinale
Feeling ready and secure. #sytycdfinale
Working through some fresh hair looks for the show in 30 mins! #dreamweaver #sytycdfinale @danceonfox
It takes a lot to get me camera ready. I mean, A LOT!!! #sytycdfinale @DANCEonFOX