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Adam Shankman
Here's me by the beach workin my talk show host vibe. Happy#LaborDay weekend y'all!!! Wahooooooooo!
Just enjoyed a #LagunaFrittata... what a wonderful word...
#tbt but not far back! I'm so ghetto, it's scary. Big #pimpin'
#AWalkToRemember is trending & it's making my night!! Now where are my tissues, I'm going to need them! @shanewest_1
Retweeted by Adam Shankman
"@catdeeley: Enjoying the show? #SYTYCD" will know in an hour.but u I are going to have "words" young lady! <3
"@CarmieMak: @catdeeley @DANCEonFOX It would be great to have both @jessetyler and @adammshankman! I think I'd die! #sytycd" hmmmm.
"@catdeeley: Such a fun show... @jessetyler BEST JUDGE EVER!!!! #SYTYCD HOW DARE YOU!!!!! :D
BEST. NEWS. EVER. "@HBO Valerie Cherish is back. Again.@TheComebackHBO,this November on #HBO.…"
IM BACK ON #sytycd NEXT WEEK!!! I swear! "@NotUTom: @adammshankman @DANCEonFOX That's great, but you need to be ON THE SHOW!"
Really looking forward to what @travlsova has in store tonight on @DANCEonFOX #sytycd for the #top4 bettin it will be a masterpiece. :)
Alright #sytycd fans, who's ready for the #top4 and my #armchaircritiques tonight! (i'll be tweetin' PST, so stay in the game!).@DANCEonFOX
Ladies and gentlemen please meet my favorite #icebucketchallenge viddy of all courtesy of @kelencoleman . #enjoy
To my #Modernfamily friends and a word...YAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!! xxox #emmys
Did that nice white lady of a certain age just say "mad skills. Yo."? #emmys
Cary Joji Fukunaga... u sure are good lookin, & don't look anything like the polite but powerful Asian woman I thought u were. #emmys
"@katiecouric: Did Gwen S just have a mini Jon Travolta moment? #adeledazeem" Katie, god love ya for that perfect circle. #emmys
"@katiecouric: AND I loooove Sarah Silverman who I can't find on twitter. She is the greatest." hey @SarahKSilverman Katie says hi!!
To those who were screaming screaming SHUT OUT about #thenormalheart, you can relax now. #YAY!!
Did the True Detectives just give the award to Sherlock Holmes?!? #rigged! #neposleuthism
Tonight: #EMMYS!!! I MAY be tweetin'... :D
Having a little brother and sister time with the best sister in the world. @jgibgot who has always been there for me, my greatest champion, and my bestest girl... Err... lady.
Today I took the time to stop and smell the roses...and they smelled beeeeautiful!
#jake made a friend the other day and I know it's a true friendship because they were so comfortable just sitting in calm blissful silence for so so long. That or they just had nothing to say to each other. Either way is a good picture.
And then this happened... #alsicebucketchallenge
To my loves @therealsarahhyland @darrencriss and @kikilina, ENJOY! U got 24 hours :) #alsicebucketchallenge
Now run and tell that.
Well, the votes are in, and you competitors should all be so proud. Incredible talent and fight in you all. Love u and see you next week. Xo
"@gatoralston: @catdeeley I'd pay $$ to see @adammshankman dance in shag neon green leg warmers! haha" BEEN THERE...
HISTORIC: @ValerieRockey and @zackeverhart47 in the top 6?!? 2 TAPPERS! There's hope for the earth after all...
I also misspelled @ValerieRockey! Angel, you and @RickyUbeda11 are always a major lift to the show. :)#gorgeous Xo
"@83Christopher: I'm pretty sure I'd watch a livefeed of @adammshankman doing #armchaircritiques ." that'd make a good viddy!
Aaaaand @catdeeley looks unfreakingbelievable. #sytycd @DANCEonFOX
"@NYPinTA: #SYTYCD. Why Wednesday was invented." I'm in full agreement. And i'll be back soon :)
"@GhostPanther: Hope everyone had a terrific day! #imNakedAndWearingWomen'sLipstickWhileTypingThis" #METOO
"@liljsmom02: Always love when @1capplegate judges @DANCEonFOX but I am missing @adammshankman ❤️" I'LL BE BACK FOR FINALE!
Ok @DANCEonFOX #sytycd fans. I'm still on the w. coast, but stay tuned 4 my #armchaircritiques as soon as it's on here! Dyin 2 hear frm u!
This is @tonyhale, @mattwalsh and @joelmchale pretending they like me right before they beat me up for no good reason. #toughlove.
"@Gabochong: @adammshankman Don't forget that @JennaUshkowitz nominated you for the #ALSIceBucketChallenge !" I did! See Facebook page!
"@SleepintheGardn: @adammshankman awesome to meet you. Great conversations and great laser shows." the Emmy party was a gay rave! Yay.
Ever wanted ur own twerking robot? Cuz my friend made one. This bot real! Seriously.…
Had a blast and a half with this crew. @sarahgrafferty, @halfadams, @lavernecox and @sleepinthegardn at #EMMYS . Karaoke night imminent. #orangeisthenewprettylittlesuit.
@lavernecox and @halfadam, I can't believe I'm standing on my toes and STILL have to reach to get in the friggin shot. jeez! #emmychallenged
Today was in every way #Sun-day.