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Adam Levine
Groovin' it with @hankdhaney. How far we've come!!!
I don't even have a witty comment for this. It's just awesome.
.@blakeshelton Go ahead cowboy, make my day
I can think of 62 other times you've been completely wrong @blakeshelton.
You have no idea how happy @Pharrell is right now…
Check out the trailer for my bud's new film!…
Batman sipping on a frapp...good to know...
.@Pharrell And I absolutely loved his work in "Walk the Line".
Twice in one night @gwenstefani?? You're cold!
I guess "Stefani" is not Italian for "Blessing". Sorry @gwenstefani, but thanks for keeping me on my toes.
Jet lag bath. Dig it. #sofuckingcold
And our fifth album shall be called "V"
Met this girl at coachella. I think she's into me.
I'm not sure if I'm gonna regret this. Only one way to find out.
Yes it does...yes it does...
I don't appreciate the added pressure there @blakeshelton. Plus, you didn't tell me your 57th birthday was today. Happy birthday, man!
How do I get rid of the commentator on the far end? He just doesn’t seem to serve a purpose on this show…
How have there been zero steals yet tonight? This season is just too good.
A few halloweens ago. Nailed it.
A brief summary of our first two singles...glad to know we are all on the Get it? Get it? #stupid
I don't know what this is but I like it.
My little gentleman. They grow up so fast. Next thing you know they're in college. Dog college.
Yep… he still has no idea what that word means…
Do we dare ask @blakeshelton if he still knows how to do that Algebra he claims to have learned?
Even I was getting scared watching that intense battle… @blakeshelton are you okay, buddy?
Man, did you see the determination in @Pharrell's eyes? That was scary for a second. #WatchingBlinds
.@blakeshelton you're giving me anxiety
There are certain things in life that I'm sure of, beating @blakeshelton is one of them… at anything, really.
I'm pretty sure we would have lost @Pharrell for the night if she didn't choose him. #BlindsContinue
Well that was a no brainer… @blakeshelton is also a no-brainer.
.@blakeshelton I've been trying to separate from you for years, buddy.
Sauce from scratch. No big deal...I've begun my Jedi cooking training program...
Don't feel bad @gwenstefani. I call that the "Blake Shelton Geographical Pull" effect. It seems to work 92% of the time.
I can't BELIEVE you @blakeshelton. Gloves are coming off, cowboy.
I'm glad my friends have their priorities in order.
Collusion! That is straight up collusion. @Pharell @gwenstefani
I'm sorry you have to deal with Blake @gwenstefani @Pharrell. Now you know my pain… #VoicePremiere
When choosing a team on #TheVoice, try and remember this photo.
Lets try this one last time. SO LONG JAPAN! Thanks for memories...and the sunglasses. #technology
The quiet little village of TOKYO...
This is my favorite...
Guys check out @THVMatelier new collab with @BeePrinsloo it's the best, she's the best. get it