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Jeremy Keith
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My ears are ringing after an evening with The Sadies—the hardest working band in rock’n’roll.
As soon as I find time, I’m going to learn more about the Indie Web movement, starting with this post from @adactio:
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Hey @alistapart, how about getting @antonpeck to illustrate some articles? For he is a great illustrator and you publish great articles.
My brother @SeaJeb is running the NYC marathon in 2 weeks. Anyone want to help him reach his fundraising goal? :-)…
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Revived with green tea and karaage.
TwitPic is destroying seven years of digital history, and already shut off public access to photos. Historic example:
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@noaheverett please let Internet archive have our pictures.
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@noaheverett I work the the UK's national web archive, part of the British Library. Please let Archive Team archive TwitPic for posterity.
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@noaheverett @TwitPic Why not let archive team save the twitpic community's content?
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Can anyone put me in touch with the founder of Twitpic? (I'll pay to backup all of the photos, and even host them. Ridiculous situation.)
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Having fun with @aaronpk, helping @border_none attendees mark up their sites with rel="me" links, h-entry classes, and webmention endpoints.
Twitpic has now shut off all outside access to the images on their system. The archive team machines are blocked out.
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Getting schooled in DOM Clobbering by @0x6D6172696F.
Looking forward to a really good mix of talks at today’s @border_none event.…
On the anniversary of Jon Postel’s death, it’s worth re-reading @vgcerf’s RFC 2468.
Any SSL pros out there, I’m trying to move my cert from sha1 to sha2, but I keep failing. This is my process:… ideas?
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Nürnberger Rostbratwürste mit Sauerkraut. Lecker!
Come to tomorrow’s @border_none in Nürnberg on a pay-what-you-like ticket, thanks to @clearleft:…
Worth noting: Quora has no public API, no backup/export tools, blocks anonymous display of answers, and banned the Wayback Machine entirely.
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Going to Nürnberg. brb
Honestly, I wouldn’t mind this drab, overcast weather if it weren’t for the fact that it means I’m missing out on ISS flyovers.
Wearing the lovely jumper that @Wordridden made for me.
“Every line of CSS you write is a suggestion.” @adactio writes some very good word-things as CSS turns 20:
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There's no place like space! Join me on a voyage to infinity aboard the habitoid Siva: plenty of room for all.
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Adding to my collection of design principles:
Lakoffian self-correction: if I’m about to talk about doing something “in the browser”, I try to catch myself and say “in browsers” instead.
Oh and my next workshops will be at @68MiddleSt - @clearleft’s fancy new home. Limited tickets on sale tomorrow 11am
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The first @SheCodesBtn meet up for female developers is happening tonight: 19.30pm at @NorthLainePub! All languages & abilities welcomed!
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I've created my terrarium in Tavastia, there where a day lasts only 8 minutes. Fast times! by @adactio
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Back in Blighty, ahead of schedule.
Preparing for lift-off at one of New York’s nascent spaceports, looking forward to getting home.
Bidding farewell to Brooklyn, and indeed @brooklynbeta. Heartfelt thanks to @shiflett, @FictiveCameron and crew for many inspiring years.
Many thanks to @libbyn, @ddemaree, @benjaminwelch, @gregveen, and all the lovely @typekit people for an excellent Brooklyn Beta evening out.
Over a decade on from sliding doors and the box-model hack: @stop and @t in Brooklyn.
I was such a fanboy meeting David Lowery yesterday. “Key Lime Pie is the best album ever!” I may have blurted.
Wheels down at JFK.
At San Francisco’s nascent spaceport preparing for a coast-to-coast jump to New York. Spinning up the FTL drive.
In Toronado, eating a tamale from The Tamale Lady and discussing W3C specs over craft beers. Doing San Francisco right.
My friends in San Francisco: let’s meet up for a drink and a chat at Toronado from 8pm. Hope to see you there. Yes, you.
My phone has decided to stop working as a phone while I’m in the States—doesn’t connect to any network. It is effectively an iPod Touch now.
If you want to hollow out an asteroid for you and all your Twitter friends to colonize, you need this #sciencehackday
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Dancing with dinosaurs and lasers! Science!