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Jeremy Keith
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So I'm speaking at dConstruct in Brighton, UK, in September:
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Happy to announce that I'm talking at this year's @dconstruct! It's always a great show:
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Announcing dConstruct 2014: Living With The Network: Just look at that line-up! Squeeeee!
Booking my ticket for Saturday’s State Of The Browser event in London.
Unintentionally spamming your friends on Twitter? Have a read of this: …and then go here:…
Backing @briansuda’s fantastic LatLon Notebooks project on Kickstarter in an attempt to hit the final stretch goal.
Re-watching Primer (for the umpteenth time), this time with this commentary track:
Eating toast covered with slices of avocado and sprinkled with dukkah.…
Five days until Connections #2. Still places remaining.…. Come and join us for a pow-wow and a tipple.
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Yesterday evening, I divulged a pint of my blood for future use by other humans. This evening, I saw a space station fly overhead. Science!
Watching the ISS fly overhead—by far the brightest object in the sky tonight. Beautiful.
Scrollfalling. I’ve seen the best minds of my generation figuring out ways to hijack scrolling for parallax effects.
[disabled] { cursor: not-allowed; }… [rel="help"] { cursor: help; }…
Smart people of Brighton: you should come to @BRI_connections next Wednesday. Sign up here:… It doesn’t cost a thing.
Beautiful! The ISS slicing across the sky right past Ursa Major.
People of Brighton: it is a beautiful clear night—go outside at 9:49 (fifteen minutes from now) to watch the ISS fly overhead.
Addressing a logical fallacy with illustrations from @w3cmemes:
Thoroughly enjoyed @neonsaintsbrass at The World’s End tonight. That @andyhume excels at blowing his own trumpet.
Hey Chicago friends, you should come to Science Hack Day at @adlerskywatch with me this weekend!
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Myself and @vivdoc just had to convince a bunch of right-on squatters that the synagogue next door was not an empty building for their use.
Looping this moment at From Business To Buttons when @theavangelist tells everyone that @andybudd “is still in bed.”…
Our newest notebook design is Mars!… If we raise $9000 every notebook backer gets one for FREE! Tell your friends.
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“Something that uses HTTP” is a definition of The Web that ignores what’s actually revolutionary about it. Try: “uses the anchor tag”
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