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Face Washing Mistakes...
Drink 2 Tablespoons of raw apple cider vinegar diluted with water to fight acne & heal damaged skin. #skincare #worthit
For pimple coverage my go to concealer is Neutrogena skin clearing concealer w/salicylic acid. Dries out and conceals in one. #skincare
For a complexion renewer, combine a 1/2 cup of warm coconut milk and 2 tablespoons of honey and massage into skin. Leave on for 10 minutes.
Never put on makeup, use skincare products, or even touch your face until you have thoroughly washed your hands.
Broccoli is very healthy for you and your skin.
Wild salmon one of the best foods to eat for great skin. Salmon is a wonderful food to combat anxiety, depression, and stress. #Yum
Popping pimples causes scarring. If you cannot resist picking dab some "Manuka Honey" onto the pimple, and place a band-aid on it.
Sugar Overload = Pimple Overload!
If you suffer from oily skin, oranges and lemons can be your new best friends. Eat or apply juice to pimples. "Sensitive Skin Beware"
Add 1 teaspoon of grape seed oil to your bottle of toner. Grape seed oil counteracts aging by helping your skin cells to repair themselves.
If you’re exhausted, your face shows it! #Relax #Bedtime
Eating an small piece of "Dark Chocolate" everyday will send all sorts of satisfied, happy feelings to your brain. #StressFree
Keep your life as stress-free as possible. Your skin, mind, body, & soul will thank you.
To help get rid of acne, mix 1tsp sea salt into 1/4 cup of warm. You can put it into a small bottle. Apply this toner using a cotton pad.
Yoga and meditation help keep stress in check, which in turn reduces the release of stress hormones that worsen conditions like acne.
Exfoliating once a week with a gentle scrub or a product containing alpha or beta hydroxy acids can help prevent blackheads from forming.
Thin apple slices rubbed onto oily skin will help in controlling oily shine. #skincare
Use coconut oil as a moisturizing cream on your face daily to help prevent aging. #Tryit
Mix brown sugar + warm water n massage into skin gently for 2m. Eliminates dry, flaky skin. Bonus: You'll smell delicious too!
Massage a few drops of coconut oil around the eyes to get rid off dark circles!
#Always: Use broad spectrum sunscreen with both UVA and UVB protection.
Make your face glow, place hot towels on face for 10m, then splash face with cold water 10 times. #works #tryit
A cup of natural green tea a day keeps the pimples, wrinkles & sun damage away. #drinksome #skincare #greentea
Once a week, raw natural honey can be used as a face mask for softer skin and cleaning pores because it's a natural anti-bacterial product!
8 Skin Care Ingredients to Look For Hyaluronic acid Hydroquinone Antioxidants Glycolic acid Beta glucan Lactic acid Peptides Retinol
Drinking plenty of water really does improve the look and texture of your skin. Try and replace at least one drink a day with water.
Looking great doesn't mean makeup and clothes, it means feeling good about yourself and staying healthy.
Who needs Botox when there's bananas? Mash 1banana into a paste, gently apply to face & neck. Let set for 15min, rinse with cold water.
Honey can be applied directly to the face on its own & is an excellent humectant (the cornerstone of keeping skin looking young).
Oatmeal is a great, B vitamin-rich breakfast, which is essential for healthy skin. #Skincare
If you have oily skin and your makeup slides off during the day, try an oil-free face primer to help make your face makeup last all day.
Keep your makeup simple and light each day. It is always best to show people your natural beauty.
For a natural glow, add a few grains of sugar to honey, massage the skin gently for 1-2m. Helps rid dead skin cells that cause dullness.
Why spend thousands trying to look "perfect" w/plastic surgery & pills? Eat clean, drink water, work out, & accept yourself! #loveyourself
Sleeping with a clean face is wonderful.
Skip the soda and sugary drinks. Choose water, lemon water, tea, and fresh-squeezed juice instead.
Use cool cucumbers under or over the eyelids to decrease puffiness and inflammation. Tea bags work well also!
Green Tea... Boosts your metabolism Seriously hydrating Clears up your skin Contains antioxidants ALL WITH ZERO CALORIES
DIY Skincare Solutions...
Acne Prevention Tips Cleanse Exfoliate Moisturize Good Diet Drink Lemon Water Change ur Pillow Case Avoid Touching ur Face
!Important! What may work for someone else may not work for you. Make sure you know which products are right for you.
Acne Cleanser = 1/4 cup Witch Hazel, 1Tbsp Aloe Vera Gel, 10 drops Tea Tree Oil. Mix all n Apply via cotton ball 2-3x daily.
Mix brown sugar + warm water n massage into skin gently for 2m. Eliminates dry, flaky skin. Bonus: You'll smell delicious too!
Scared of getting wrinkles? Simply eat more papaya! This fruit has TONS of antioxidants, which will help prevent wrinkles.
Stop being lazy and cleanse and moisturize your face morning and night. #NoExceptions
Eat salmon, spinach, blueberries, and walnuts for healthy skin, and shiny hair.
Remember, clean your makeup brushes to fight against potential bacteria and breakouts!

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