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A honey mask 1-2 times a week will soothe inflamed skin, kill acne, and leave your skin glowing. #tryit
Meditate for at least 15 minutes a day in total silence. Focus on your breathing and re-centering your mind/soul connection. #StressFree
Wash those hands before you make out with my face. #JustSayin
Bye Bye Blackheads...
No matter how tired you are, removing your makeup before bed is a must.
Bottom line: avoid popping pimples to avoid scars.
Clean your makeup brushes quickly by spraying your brushes w/rubbing alcohol and wiping them clean on Kleenex tissue.
#Always: Moisturize Immediately After Showering!!!! #VeryImportant
To cover up redness and inflammation caused by pimples, use one of these easy DIY methods...
Keep your pillow/bed sheets clean. Your pillow case absorbs the oils from your skin and reapplies the dirt and oil causing breakouts.
Smoking Cigarettes Will Get You... - Sagging Skin - Poor Skin Tone - Lines Around The Lips - Age Spots - Psoriasis - Eye Wrinkles - Cancer
Green Tea Scrub: 3 T Green Tea 2 T Brown Sugar 1 T Nourishing Cream of Your Choice Mix and apply to face for 15m Result? #GlowingSkin
ALWAYS cleanse & moisturize your face before bed and in the morning when you wake. #noexcuses
Eating Sweet Potatoes is a great way to keep skin soft. Not a potato person? Carrots will do the trick, too.
Sleep is free & awesome to keep your skin healthy & clear. Get at least 8 hours a night.
Simple Ways to Prevent Breakouts: Cleanse Moisturize Exfoliate Keep Your Hands off Your Face Don't Pick Pimples Take Time to De-stress
Pimple Killer = Apply honey to the pimple and put a Band-Aid over it before going to bed. Wait until the morning to wash your face.
Mix some warm honey with some sea salt to make a scrub to treat blackheads. #Tryit
!Important! Less moisture = more aging. Cleansing must be followed by moisturizing in your daily skin care routine.
Lush Moisturizer 3/4 cups EVOO 1 T Raw Honey 1 T Chamomile Flowers Mix in High Speed Blender Apply to Skin Accordingly
A weekly face mask will make your face so fresh ‘n so clean! How? By removing deeply embedded impurities from your pores!
Chia seeds will make your skin go from dull and lifeless to glowing and hydrated! #eatsome
Pure Virgin Coconut Oil is amazing for skin! Its antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, &antiviral. Kills acne/hydrates/wrinkle reducing!
The best life is a stress-less life. So stop stressing and RELAX! Your skin will look better too.
Acne comes and goes; all you need to do is, simply stay calm.
5 Tips For Healthy Skin...
Green Tea is Amazing...
Eye Infections, Aging Skin, Clogged Pores, and More Breakouts. REMOVE YOUR MAKEUP BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP!!!
Your acne does not define you. Find beauty in today and in yourself.
If someone doesn’t like you because of your acne, they’re not worth it. Seriously. You are beautiful!
Drink a glass of water before you go to bed. Helps reduce puffy eyes in the morning.
RT if you love fruit 😍😍😍�QbDD5S
If you tend to have oily skin, save the heavy moisturizer for nighttime and use a light or gel formula in the morning.
😍😍😍😍😍😍 Watermelon contains 92% water and thus, it helps to hydrate your body and impart a healthy 9X6lTm
Vitamin K heals bruising quickly & minimizes the appearance of dark circles-I get my Vitamin K from veggies like organic kale #skincare
To get your beauty sleep, crank your thermostat down to between 65 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. Cooler Body Temp = Easier to Fall Asleep.
Stress is temporary but your skin is forever. Take care of yourself, try not to stress out too much, and your skin will look great.
The best way to cleanse your skin is to remove your makeup, then wash. #Fact
Immediately after washing your face with your facial cleanser, replenish the moisture in your skin by using a moisturizer.
One of the secrets to glowing skin is exfoliation. 1-2 times weekly. Helps keep those wrinkles away.
Natural shaving cream? Coconut oil! Your skin will feel so smooth and soft after shaving! #promise
Water with lemon! Hydration nation!
Obsessing over your skin is just as bad as not taking care of it. Find a happy medium and your skin will look better!
Your face reflects your thoughts. By putting your inner self at peace meditation can make you glow.
Your skin is like a designer handbag, except the contents of your skin are far more valuable than your wallet or keys.
Chamomile tea bags can help reduce dark circles and puffiness around the eyes because of its anti-inflammatory properties. #Tryit
If you have many pimples on your face, drink fresh lemon water without sugar 2 to 3 times a day for 15 days. #Bonus "Aids in Weight-loss"
Internal Detox for Glowing Skin: 2 1/2 teaspoons good quality honey 1 slice lemon, 1 inch 1 cup hot hot water

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