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Stop drinking soda & artificially flavored drinks! Your skin & overall health will drastically improve.
Aim for total wellness. Avoid stress, 6hours of peaceful sleep nightly, avoid polluted areas, exercise daily, and maintain a healthy diet.
Avocado Face Mask: ½ Avocado & ¼ cup of raw honey Mix together & apply to clean face Leave on for 15m then rinse w/warm water
Drink more WATER. Drink less SODA.
#DidYouKnow: You may have oily skin b/c you don’t moisturize so your skin pulls bad oils to the surface to hydrate your skin.
Mix raw rolled oats w/honey & a little extra virgin olive oil and massage onto your clean face for 3 min. Rinse off with warm water.
Acne scars will diminish over time if you exfoliate your skin regularly.
Soak in an Epsom salt bath for 30 minutes 2-3 times per week to get rid of back acne. #ThisWorks
The first beauty product you should apply every day is sunscreen, even if it's cloudy or rainy outside.
Lemon water helps clean the toxins out of our bodies. When you get rid of toxic waste in your system, your skin will show it first.
To help skin glow, place hot towels on skin for 10 minutes, then splash face with cold water 10 times.
Don’t let acne take away from your true beauty. #youarebeautiful
You can irritate the rest of your (healthy) skin by exposing it to harsh treatments that it doesn't need! DON'T OVER TREAT EVERYTHING!!
Protect your skin by applying sunscreen daily before leaving your house.
Mangoes contain a high level of Vitamin A which is good for the skin and eyes.
#DidYouKnow Honey - Hydrates and calms skin + helps minimize breakouts. Rub a small amount over moist skin and let sit for 20m. Rinse.
Got Oily Skin? Mix honey with some lemon juice. Apply the paste evenly on face and neck. Leave it on for at least 5-10 minutes.
Get a good nights sleep. You'll thank your self in the morning.
If you tend to have oily skin, save the heavy moisturizer for nighttime and use a light or gel formula in the morning.
Cleanse, Moisturize. Every day, twice a day. Exfoliate every other day. #rememberthis #doit
Natural Facial Moisturizer! A mix of oatmeal, almonds and honey, all ground together makes a good face scrub, restoring natural oils.
Apply lotion or coconut oil right after showering to seal in moisture from your shower. #Worthit
Cell phones attract germs like whoa. Sanitize it daily w/a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol so the germs don't get on your hands and face.
Eating sugar causes breakouts but using sugar topically on your skin as a sugar scrub stops breakouts! #truth
Simply washing your face 2x daily isn't enough. You should also be exfoliating ur skin twice a week, or doing very gentle exfoliation daily
Drinking a warm glass of lemon water, first thing in the morning helps boost your metabolism + keeps skin looking fresh.
Every time you drink an ice-cold glass of water your skin thanks you by glowing brighter.
Apples contain pectin, the enemy of acne. Eat the skin, which is where the pectin is most concentrated.
Honey is so money…on your skin! Kills acne, unclogs pores, & leaves it feeling soft & smooth. #getsome
Sulfates can strip away moisture from your skin. Look for sulfate-free body wash and face wash to help keep the moisture in.
Lavender Essential Oil works great for acne scars! Massage into face gently before bedtime. It has a great scent + helps you sleep.
Always remove eye makeup before washing your face so the residue from the makeup doesn't get clogged in your pores!
If you want to avoid waking up to pimples, you NEED to remove your makeup each night before bed.
Avoid these three skin destroyers: Smoking, tanning salons, and sunbathing. All three will age your skin prematurely, many doctors agree.
One easy way to de-stress your skin? Pare down your makeup routine so your pores can be exposed to actual oxygen.
Cleansing is vital to maintaining a healthy skin balance n should always be the cornerstone of the start/end of a proper skincare regimen
It's a pain, I know. But washing your makeup off every night is SO important.
#Important: When you wash your face in the morning, make sure that it is after you wash your hair.
Need a little detox? Lemons support your liver and kidneys, and there’s a clear connection between healthy organs and healthy skin.
Always apply a moisturizer after cleansing to prevent dryness and water loss from the skin.
Change ur pillowcase EVERY night. Hair products, oil, leftover makeup n more soil your pillow, why would you want to lay ur face on that?
Before going to sleep, make sure to wash your face with a gentle cleanser that will clean deep down into pores leaving no residue.
Natural exfoliation treatment: 1/2 lemon/lime. Dip flesh side into light brown sugar n gently massage on face for 2 min-Rinse off.
Vitamin A strengthens the protective tissue of the skin and actually prevents acne. It helps reduce sebum production, too. #EatCarrots
Keep your hands off your face! Because your hands touch so many surfaces, they are a magnet for dirt and germs.
LESS soda & sugary drinks. MORE water, green tea & lemon water! #HelloBeautifulSkin
#AcneFree Juice Recipe: 2 apples 1/4 pineapple Handful of Spinach 1/3 peeled lime 1 stick of celery 2 inch chunk of cucumber Blend + Drink
What’s good for your mind is good for your body too. #StressFree
For a relaxing end to a long day, add ½ cup baking soda to ur bath to neutralize acids on the skin n help wash away oil/perspiration.
Mix some olive oil with a bit of sea salt and gently exfoliate your skin. #Fresh