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Not drinking enough water during the day? Fill a gallon up with cold water and lemon slices and drink it throughout the day.
Witch Hazel Rocks: Rejuvenates the skin Seals in Moisture Reduces Pimples #GetSome
Acne is all about hormones, healthy food and cleanliness!
Aim for total wellness. Avoid stress, 6hours of peaceful sleep nightly, avoid polluted areas, exercise daily, and maintain a healthy diet.
What Cameron Diaz Does When She Gets a Pimple...
Scarlett Johansson Uses Apple Cider Vinegar for Clear Skin...
Smile! Your acne does not define you. Find beauty in today and in yourself.
If your face tends to get splotchy, drink a glass of ice water when an outbreak occurs.
BREAKING OUT? IT MAY BE YOUR DIRTY CELL PHONE!! Clean it at least once a week with antibacterial wipes.
Lauren Conrad Gives Herself Ice Cube Facials...
Uncontrolled stress can make your skin more sensitive and trigger acne breakouts and other skin problems.
Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Moisturize. Practice a regular facial cleansing routine to keep your skin balanced and healthy.
A little sun is healthy and mood elevating. However, protect your face by wearing a sunscreen.
Ice cubes will reduce the redness and inflammation of a pimple making it less noticeable.
The best way to remove ingrown hairs is to exfoliate. The goal is to rid skin of dead cells n allow the hair to break through the surface.
Eat a Low Glycemic diet, low sugar diet. Sugar, liquid calories, and flour products all drive up insulin and cause pimples.
A paste made of oatmeal powder and rose water is going to smell amazing when used on your skin and will leave it looking stunning.
Eating Sweet Potatoes is a great way to keep skin soft. Not a potato person? Carrots will do the trick, too.
Aloe Vera = soothes skin + fights acne. Honey = fights infections causing acne. Together = acne fighting facial.
Eating more carrots and tomatoes everyday will help to keep the wrinkles away.
A warm bath prepared with a cup of organic raw unfiltered apple cider vinegar, and a cup of Epsom salts = Amazing Skin Detox!!
Pour freshly squeezed pineapple juice into an ice tray and freeze overnight. Massage face gently for 3m. Result? Radiant, fresh skin!
Soak in an Epsom salt bath for 30 minutes 2-3 times per week to get rid of back acne.
Heavy makeup on your skin is a recipe for disaster. Keep it oil-free & light to avoid clogged pores & acne breakouts.
Apples contain pectin, the enemy of acne. Eat the skin, which is where the pectin is most concentrated.
Simply mix ½ raw oats w/ warm water. Apply to skin, leave on for 10 min then rinse off. #skincare #GlowingSkin
Mix 1/2 an avocado and a banana together. Apply on face until it dries. Rinse using a washcloth. This will leave your skin soft and glowing.
Dry, chapped lips? Mix brown sugar w/olive oil & massage on your lips.
Break bad habits by keeping hands off of your face. The bacteria on your fingers is only making your skin problems worse.
Only wash your face twice a day. Any more than that will irritate your skin.
You can't control acne breakouts completely but you can control keeping your hands off your face! Don't pick or pop! #ForReal
Dry skin sufferers, take note: A humidifier might just change your skin forever. Turn one on before you sleep and let it work its magic.
Get a good nights sleep. You'll thank your self in the morning.
#DidYouKnow pure tea tree oil combined w/coconut oil is more effective at killing pimples than benzoyl peroxide? Amazing!
Gently exfoliate your skin & lips 3 times a week to minimize dry skin. Combine natural cane sugar & warm water - So soft & smooth!
With makeup, less is more. Let your beauty shine naturally.
#DidYouKnow: Cellulite is just poor circulation at the skin and can be greatly reduced by dry brushing.
#DrinkGreenTea: It eliminates toxins from your body and is also great for reducing under-eye puffiness and dull skin.
Used coffee grinds can be saved and used to soften skin or even take bumps off of the face and arms.
Yoga is a beautiful way to de-stress and help your blood circulate better, in turn opening your pores.
A glass of warm water in the morning w/fresh squeezed lemon juice is great for your skin and body. #drinksome #daily
When you nourish your skin naturally beautiful things happen.
Oily Skin completely camouflages fine lines + wrinkles = less signs of aging! Some might say this an #awesome trade-off!
VERY effective Acne remedy: Mix Vinegar and Salt (50-50),use cotton balls to clean the affected area twice a day.
#Warning: Multivitamins with iodine are linked to breakouts.
How to Brighten Tired Skin: - Exfoliate - Green Tea Ice Massage - Eat healthy - Relax - Moisturize - Face Mask - Drink Lemon Water - Cleanse