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Hormones can do a number on your skin. Avoid dairy - Opt for dairy-free instead like coconut, almond, or soy milk!
Moisturize your neck morning and night (as well as your face) to keep it looking young and wrinkle-free!
You can't expect to eat junk food and have your skin look healthy and clear! Eat clean and see clear results on your skin!
Opt for a light, oil-free tinted moisturizer as part of your cosmetic routine for the summer months instead of heavy, thick foundation.
When it comes to makeup, less is more. Let your skin breathe!!!
Use a clay mask on your face once a week after cleansing and before bed to remove impurities and excess oil from your pores.
Sleep is one of the most important beauty treatments to utilize! 8 hours a night will leave you refreshed from the inside out.
Don't share makeup with your friends or family! It's the perfect way to spread bacteria and acne! #NoGood
Exercise, meditate, get a good night's sleep, and eat a healthy diet. You've got nothing to lose.
Cold-Pressed Coconut Oil is: Antibacterial. Antimicrobial. Antiviral. Antifungal. Put it on your face for moisture & to fight acne.
Tea tree oil makes a great spot treatment. Try pure tea tree oil diluted with water, or look out for facial products made with it.
Dairy has been directly linked to acne and skin issues. Substitute with almond, soy, or coconut instead! Delicious and healthier!
Fresh squeezed lemon water first thing in the am is great for your digestion and for your overall health! Your skin will be so clear too!
Always Moisturize After Cleansing.. Even If You Have Oily Skin. #Important
Natural shaving cream? Coconut oil! Your skin will feel so smooth and soft after shaving! #promise
Avoid high sodium meals at dinner time (preferably all the time) to reduce puffy eyes the next day.
If you had a bad night's sleep, apply a skin brightening cream to make you look instantly refreshed.
Skipping sunscreen is the biggest mistake you'll ever make.
Add 3-4 drops of lavender oil to your bath. It not only smells great but help reduce stress. Stress Free = Acne Free!!!
Let food be your medicine for your body & skin. #health #skincare
Smoking sucks the life out of your skin. It makes your skin dull, dry, & grayish in color. Not cute. #stopsmoking
Stress triggers hormonal imbalances so find ways to de-stress daily. Yoga & meditation are great releases. #ommm
Your skin is made to protect you & your health. So take care of it.
5 Reasons Beauty Sleep is Important: Bright Eyes Glowing Complexion Better Memory Smoother Skin Less Stress #Getsome
If you take care of yourself by eating healthy, working out, & drinking lots of water, you will look & feel better & have more energy!
Cell phones attract germs like whoa. Sanitize it daily w/a Q-tip and rubbing alcohol so the germs don't get on your hands and face.
Extra virgin olive oil + light brown sugar = gentle exfoliating scrub that will leave your skin clean, renewed, & glowing!
Mix tea tree oil w/Vitamin E oil to heal pimples and lessen scar tissue. Apply via cotton swab or Q-tip to affected areas after cleansing.
Eating more carrots and tomatoes everyday will help to keep the wrinkles away.
Do Not Touch Your Face!! Your hands touch so many surfaces throughout the day, making them magnets for dirt and germs.
Stressed Out? Relax in a warm bubble bath. You'll feel relaxed and clear your pores at the same time.
Cotton pads soaked in witch hazel placed over your eyes, help make the dark circles go away. #awesome #fact
Lemon Water, Water, Green Tea, and Coconut Water > Alcohol or Soda.
For oily skin, rub a thin layer of milk of magnesia on the problem areas to keep your face looking matte all day.
To exfoliate dry feet add 2 tablespoons of brown sugar to 1/2 cup of coconut oil. Mix and then apply this to the feet in a circular motion.
Dab some "Manuka Honey" onto breakouts overnight. Do this for 3 days for best results and after 1week your acne will vanish without scars.
Roughly 70% of your body is made of water! Your skin needs it to look and feel its best. Drink More Water!
Blackhead Killer=Drink a hot cup of green tea then open/tear the tea bag & use the content as a facial scrub, massage into skin 2x weekly.
Chamomile tea, when brewed and wiped over the face, is a great home remedy for cystic acne.
Clear Skin Detox Water 1 lemon, sliced 1 lime, sliced 1 orange, sliced 1 cucumber, sliced 1/2 gallon of water Fridge for 2 hours and drink
Your face spends a third of its life resting on a pillow, so make sure it's a clean one!
Never put on makeup, use skincare products, or even touch your face until you have thoroughly washed your hands.
Skin Smoother: 2 large carrots l celery stalk 1 apple l cucumber Juice all and drink up
No matter how tired and sleepy you are at the end of the day NEVER forget to cleanse your face before going to bed.
Got Stress? Eat an Orange! Oranges contain vitamin B6, otherwise called the "mood vitamin"
To remove elbow discoloration, use lemon juice. Apply the juice to your elbows, rinse in 20m. Do this daily until discoloration disappears.
Brighten Worn-Out Skin! Exfoliate Ice, Ice Baby Drink Water Relax Keep Cool Use Under Eye Concealer Try a Face Mask

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