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RC Concepcion
1 hour into day 2 @JADEMOUNTAIN with @aboutrc and I have already learned how to make a video in photoshop. #awesome #love2learn #photography
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Told @jboncon the picture that I just posted on my blog that she took could be the one on the easel when I go. #ThatsNotMorbidAtAll right?
At @JADEMOUNTAIN - the 1st thing @jboncon and I wanted to do is touch the tip of the Piton for #StLuciaRocks !!
Speed. Quality. Performance. @ScottKelby & @MattKloskowski review the top 10 features of the new EOS 7D Mark II DSLR
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Canon Announces the EOS 7D Mark II — Sports and Wildlife Photographers Hold on to Your Hats (ya know, if we ac...
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The NEW @CanonUSAimaging #Canon 7D Mark II - the whole scoop over at @ScottKelby's blog: #Photography
This is our little slice of paradise for 8 days. JD1 at @JADEMOUNTAIN - heaven on earth. Thank you!!!!!
After a mad scramble in ATL - @jboncon & I are back on track. Mimosas in hand 1st class to @JADEMOUNTAIN St Lucia!
Going to be close to make our @DeltaAssist connection. Wonder if they will just let us run off the jetbridge across Tarmac 2 next plane
Argh!!!! I left my headphone on the other plane!!!!!! How many people have had that happen to them, raise your hands.. #StillNotMad
Didn't make the cut to 1st class when merged w/next flight, but we -do- have a bit of legroom. Thanks @DeltaAssist
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So we get to our new @DeltaAssist @Delta - man. Talk about cramped in. #positivity :)
Everyone has things come up. Companies big and small. It's what you do when it does that makes a diff. @DeltaAssist @Delta got this..
And the @DeltaAssist @Delta are bending backwards to rebook - make sure ppl get connections. Supervisors handling ppl. Good to see it
(That said The @Delta and @DeltaAssist team frigging rock at handling this kind of stuff. Gate agents have a mile of ppl .. Cont )
Hey. As we see it - we are blessed to even -be- doing a trip together anywhere. So any inconveniences are minor ... #refusetobegrumpy
Now - it could always be worse. We could miss connection altogether so grateful we -have- a flight. bright side. Bright side.
So. @DeltaAssist update. Due to paperwork snafu all ppl deboarded. we lose our 1st class seats. (Paid for)
The weather is getting photographer friendly so head over to @Dubai_Calendar for exciting events to shoot this Sep:…
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Woohoo! @jboncon and I on the flight to Atlanta. Next stop- St Lucia at @JADEMOUNTAIN (man I needed this!)
I'm reading up on @JADEMOUNTAIN and just saw they can helicopter you in. I swear - if I ever do that I am SOO wearing a white suit!
This is one pumped six year old. Her birthday today and she got her OWN @WildKrattsOffic creature power suit!!
Off to Sabines favorite sushi place for her bday. She's rocking 6 well :)
Happy Birthday to our sweet little girl Sabine. This is the thing that I am the most proudest of. Being her Daddy.
Looking for a place to rent an @edelkrone that will overnight. Ideas?
Never forget the brave men from that awful morning, like Capt. Paddy Brown:
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May We Never Forget 9/11 #911
#tampa #traffic Huge backup on Hills Ave heading E right before Double Branch Rd. Major accident, bayflight involved.
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Macworld shutters print publications, lays off more staff
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Coming off the high of the #Apple announcements - sad. Pretty much all the staff gets fired.…
In 3 more days Drink in one hand and a camera in another. Relaxing w @jboncon and @JoeMcNallyPhoto at @JADEMOUNTAIN
3 more days... 3 more days...
#Android's done NFC b4. Apple announces it yesterday- & websites all over advertise it. Thats Market moving..
Compelling story of connected wheelchairs using a Galileo Dev kit and Intel Gateway Solutions for #IoT. Watch> #IDF14
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I got a call from CFO and head of HR apologizing on behalf of @kelbyone for @aboutrc RC's tweets about apple users. Thanks Jeff G #apple
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