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#Aquarians can work by themselves without ANY help. Independence comes naturally to them.
#Aquarians hardly fall in love, but when they do they give their all for that one person
#Aquarians are caring and they care about the littlest things other might not.
Is this the worst movie ending of all time?
#Aquarians are the most loving creatures on earth, somehow they don’t know how to express it the way the other person want
#Aquarians gets bored and restless easily
#Aquarians are honest, genuine people, who care so much for people in their lives
#Aquarians can feel emotions in the mind rather than the heart
#Aquarians very secretly they observe just like a vulture, watching everything quietly. And you wonder why they know everything!
#Aquarians are unforgettable because once they are in your life, they make sure they leave a mark behind
In their relationships, #Aquarians are teasing and provocative, rather than possessive and jealous
#Aquarians get extremely annoyed with any senseless or purposeless extravagance of any kind.
Eww, you will never drink Coca-Cola again after seeing this omg
#Aquarians just won’t do certain things because of how high their pride level is
No I'm not legally a midget thank you very much.
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The fact that I still get mistaken for a 12 year... w.e more discounts for me.
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#Aquarians always think of things that have happened in the past, and hardly regret anything.
A person with this zodiac sign will break your heart…
#Aquarians know just the way to make you smile, or giggle
#Aquarians tend to feel ‘love at first sight’ but rarely act upon it
#Aquarians can smile and laugh even when they are burning and exploding from the inside!
#Aquarians are good at giving advice because it is mostly based on their experiences and perspectives