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#Aquarius may not always show it but they can get pretty emotional sometimes.
#Aquarius are able to socialize with pretty much anyone. If they don’t get along with you, it’s probably because they don’t want to.
#Aquarius tend to wear their hearts on their sleeves and won’t bother acting faking anything for anyone.
#Aquarius really love laughing and have a great sense of humor.
#Aquarius think a lot about almost everything.
#Aquarius prefer to be honest because they just hate playing games.
#Aquarius would rather wait than settle.
#Aquarius are pretty open minded, few things are off limits for them.
#Aquarius may not say much but they notice EVERYTHING.
No matter how harsh their circumstances, #Aquarius will try their best to be positive.
It can be pretty hard to guess what an #Aquarius is feeling as they have a very subtle way of showing emotions.
#Aquarius are pretty confident and don’t feel the need to prove anything to anyone.
#Aquarius are trustworthy and very good at keeping secrets.
#Aquarius seldom openly express their feelings. If they choose to share their feelings with you, you probably mean a lot to them.
No matter how badly hurt, #Aquarius will try their best to hide their pain and carry on with a smile.
#Aquarius take friendships as seriously as they take romance.
#Aquarius are careful about who they pick as friends and even more careful about who they fall in love with.
#Aquarius tend to stick to their decisions and aren’t easily persuaded by other people.
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