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#Aquarius keep their emotions in check and has a clear perspective on things
#Aquarius have their own unique ways of dealing with sadness and negative feelings
#Aquarius are naturally very curious people.
#Aquarius prefer things to be simple and straightforward
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#Aquarius know the meaning of patience and are able to wait a long time for the things they really want
#Aquarius have direction in life and know where they are going
It is near impossible to beat #Aquarius in an argument.
#Aquarius prefer to depend solely on themselves and can be reluctant to ask for help
Anyone who challenges #Aquarius on a personal level will suffer the wrath of their anger
Although #Aquarius can sometimes appear cold and aloof they usually mean well
#Aquarius are often disappointed because their expectations of people are too high.
#Aquarius are immune to emotional manipulation
Because of their strange and unique way of thinking, #Aquarius often feel all alone in the world
#Aquarius has a strong willpower. They will not give up until they achieve their goals
#Aquarius are masters at ignoring people.
#Aquarius are experts at talking to people and can be very persuasive
#Aquarius make friends easily and often unintentionally make people fall in love with them
#Aquarius like people but they don't need anyone to be happy and are fine on their own.
#Aquarius are able to keep their cool even in times of trouble
No matter how hurt, #Aquarius will try their best not to show it
Sometimes #Aquarius will stop arguing with you simply because they can't be bothered with you anymore
It can take #Aquarians a long time to find the right partner, as they’re looking for someone equally captivating
#Aquarius can have very intense feelings but they will never let their feelings cloud their judgement and thoughts
#Aquarius have many thoughts that no one else can ever understand.
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#Aquarius will take their time to think before making a decision
#Aquarius are spontaneous and are able to adapt to any circumstances
#Aquarius are able to see through peoples’ external beauty and looks for who they really are
One way to really annoy #Aquarius is to act all preachy and self righteous
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#Aquarius can be playful and funny for one minute then suddenly serious and quiet the next
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#Aquarius can often figure out peoples’ true intentions just by observing them
#Aquarius always try their best to let go of negative feelings and thoughts, they hate feeling down.
You can never truly know an #Aquarius. There will always be something new to discover about them
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#Aquarius can be very hard to understand and even harder to figure out
#Aquarius have no time for people who judge them and question their beliefs.
Although #Aquarius are dreamers at heart, they are also very practical.
Meaningful conversations with loved ones is one of #Aquarius’s greatest pleasures
You may have been born an #Aquarius but does your personality match one??…