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Sometimes #Aquarius will stop arguing with you simply because they can't be bothered with you anymore
It can take #Aquarians a long time to find the right partner, as they’re looking for someone equally captivating
#Aquarius can have very intense feelings but they will never let their feelings cloud their judgement and thoughts
#Aquarius have many thoughts that no one else can ever understand.
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#Aquarius will take their time to think before making a decision
#Aquarius are spontaneous and are able to adapt to any circumstances
#Aquarius are able to see through peoples’ external beauty and looks for who they really are
One way to really annoy #Aquarius is to act all preachy and self righteous
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#Aquarius can be playful and funny for one minute then suddenly serious and quiet the next
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#Aquarius can often figure out peoples’ true intentions just by observing them
#Aquarius always try their best to let go of negative feelings and thoughts, they hate feeling down.
You can never truly know an #Aquarius. There will always be something new to discover about them
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#Aquarius can be very hard to understand and even harder to figure out
#Aquarius have no time for people who judge them and question their beliefs.
Although #Aquarius are dreamers at heart, they are also very practical.
Meaningful conversations with loved ones is one of #Aquarius’s greatest pleasures
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#Aquarius are masters of their emotions and feelings, it takes a lot to hurt and affect them.
#Aquarius enjoys music and art like no other.
#Aquarius doesn’t like talking bad behind peoples’ backs. If they have a problem with you, they will just tell you.
#Aquarius always have the most unique and creative solutions to problems.
#Aquarius is never inconsiderate. They will think not only think of their own needs but that of others as well.
#Aquarius try their very best to never let anyone affect their emotions and state of mind.
#Aquarius often find fun in unusual and unexpected things
#Aquarius can be very giving and generous if they feel that you are deserving of it.
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Although an #Aquarius may appear cold and detached, they are actually caring people who are capable of great kindness.
#Aquarius’s feelings can change in a heartbeat.
#Aquarius can get very annoyed by people who complain and whine too much
#Aquarius often come up with strange and funny ideas.
#Aquarius have both an introverted and extroverted side. They are able think deeply and also party hard.
#Aquarius would never change anything about themselves just to impress someone else
#Aquarius are masters at hiding their emotions, whether its hurt or happiness
An #Aquarius’s presence can be felt even when they are silent
#Aquarius remember almost everything although they often wish they can forget.
#Aquarius will always speak from their hearts even if it may offend some people.
#Aquarius doesn’t fall in love easily but when they do, they fall HARD.
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#Aquarius may procastinate a lot but they still always manage to get shit done in the end
#Aquarius dress in a way that reflects their unique and unusual personalities
#Aquarius hate being asked too many questions about their personal lives
#Aquarius may feel insecure and scared but they’ll never show it. They always appear confident.