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#Aquarians will take a while to make decisions but when they finally do, their minds are really made up.
#Aquarius can listen to two different conversations going on at different ends of the room and not miss a thing.
#Aquarius instincts about other people are almost never wrong.
#Aquarius know when a person is bullshitting them.
#Aquarius flashes their smile, but dies inside. Nobody knows, they’re a beautiful suicide.
When walking, an #Aquarius is always two steps ahead of everyone else.
An #Aquarius would never say what they don’t mean. They always mean what they say.
#Aquarians have a mind full of cruel words but only use them when they feel someone has neglected or betrayed them at the wrong time.
#Aquarians aren’t very good at explaining how they feel, you just have to figure it out on your own.
An #Aquarius is definitely a lot more friendly than they might seem at first.
#Aquarius have charming manners, usually reserved personality, until suddenly they pop up with a wild, sarcastic remark.
When an #Aquarius screws you, you may walk bowlegged for months
Detached #Aquarius drop people like flies if they realize a negative affect they’re having on their life.
#Aquarius are great listeners as they are compassionate about everyone’s life. They encourage you to spill your pain, they’ll never judge.
#Aquarius will let you go before making you see reasons to stay.
#Aquarius pay attention to your words, your attitude, your outlook on life, your energy & character, & most of all, the look in your eyes.
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#Aquarians are much more deep than you think. When you think you’ve seen it all, they have only shown you half of half
#Aquarians enjoy being with people, but are content to be alone. They like to travel, but love relaxing at home
#Aquarians are quiet around a crowd of people just so they can study people’s ways and actions