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Omar Abdullah
So Pervez Musharaf believes Kashmir needs to be incited at regular intervals. What happened to this being "an indigenous struggle for azadi"
So where heard that I'd seen the movie & proceeded to complain to Vishal about it I'll never know. I expect a retraction 3/3
Lets be very clear I haven't seen Haider, I don't know when & even if I'll get down to seeing it much less writing to Vishal about it 2/n
So this website has to be awarded for the most amazing work of fiction I've seen in a very long time.… 1/n
Maulvi Sb has cast a long shadow with his contribution as a religious leader & as a public representative which will be long remembered. 2/2
My heartfelt condolences to the family & followers of Maulvi Iftikhar Ansari. His untimely demise has left a void that will be long felt 1/2
I have no doubt that given @PMOIndia pointed reference to helping flood victims of Kashmir in @UN GA address we will get support 4/4
In 2005 Uri quake it was 1.3L & 2010 Leh cloudburst 2.5L so how can Srinagar get 75K in 2014? Memo to be sent to GoI is being readied 3/n
I've said this countless times since the floods - it's INTERIM relief based on the ceiling under SDRF norms pending final package 2/n
Can't understand this deliberate attempt to use twitter to spread lies - 75,000 is NOT the final figure for compensation for houses 1/n
While this provision may also be misused by some, in the larger good I felt it absolutely critical to remove this bottle neck ASAP 4/4
This order has been modified to allow for self-certification by groups/organisations/individuals bringing in relief material 3/n
Unfortunately some cases were brought to light prompting Finance Minister to issue this order. Noting problems faced with genuine relief 2/n
Order regarding relief NOC was intended to check unscrupulous traders bringing regular supplies in guise of relief for sale in markets 1/n
Appreciate all the support of GOI & look towards that continuing as we try to rebuild shattered lives & livelihoods @PMOIndia
Returning to Srinagar after meeting @PMOIndia . Briefed him about the situation & the efforts currently under way to return to normality.
3. Some people trying to pick up relief without supporting documents & that is causing the problem so please help by carrying as above 3/n
2. No NGO registration is required but without AWB No & ID airlines will not hand over material, in fact will repatriate back to sender. 2/n
1. Have received report from airport reg. relief stuck there. Pls take AIRWAY BILL NO. & valid photo ID to pick up your consignment 1/n
For those asking about some relief stuck at airport, hv sent Nazim Khan, special relief commissioner for Srinagar to sort out any issues.
Finally, an appeal to the media. criticism is welcome but pls try & get govt point of view too as it's only fair.
will try to tweet updates when possible, have been giving regular updates to AIR
gupkar@gmail transferred to office to handle volume of messages received but all will be read & actioned
Limited, very patchy internet access, not able to access anythg. Those who want to write can mail at Acct fwded to ofc
Around 25 boats flown in to Awantipura air base for South Kashmir rescue ops and are being sent to the affected areas
50 more boats are on the way and will be launched as soon as they arrive
The boats have begun rescuing people. And operations will continue as long as they are needed
The boats flown in from Delhi have been launched in Srinagar's worst affected areas of Indranagar, Shivpura, Rajbagh
Many of you have tweeted for help today. We are trying our best.
Grateful to @PMOIndia for additional assistance of Rs.1000 crore and continued support @narendramodi
Further boats will be deployed in Srinagar by this evening
20 boats arriving from Delhi will be deployed in worst affected areas of Srinagar shortly incl Rajbagh, Shivpura, etc
Update on situation: State Govt has asked Air Force to begin air rescue ops in Srinagar, also endorsed by the PM
This is an unprecedented situation & we are doing the best we can under the circumstances. Please don't panic, we will reach you, I promise.
Also asked Cab Sec to direct Air Force to use helicopters to evacuate people most in danger, 'copters are on stand by & will be used 3/n
I've spoken to Cab Sec heading crisis mngt team in Delhi to direct airlifting of boats to Srinagar urgently via NDMA & Army, being done 2/n
To all of you tweeting for help/rescue we are doing our best to reach all ASAP. Please stay in the upper floors & wait for help to come 1/n
Eid Mubarak to all of you. May Allah shower his choicest blessings on all of us.
Heartiest congratulations @Abhinav_Bindra, absolutely superlative effort. Will look forward to seeing the medal in person like last time.
My condolences to the families of the 2 brave JK police personnel who laid down their lives in separate militant attacks in the past 24 hrs.
On this the 15th anniversary my heartfelt tribute to those brave soldiers killed & injured on the battlefields of #Kargil
I'd like to see how the BJP/SS would have reacted if a Muslim MP had forced a non-Muslim Vegetarian to eat meat. Shame on them.
For it to be spun now as a Cong decision is wrong & a complete distortion of the facts, not surprising but incorrect none the less 3/3
I explained the reasons but also told her I wouldn't be making a public announcement because I didn't want it to look opportunistic 2/n
I met the Mrs Gandhi 10 days ago & thanked her for all her support. I conveyed NC's decision to fight the elections alone 1/n
On our part we will inquire in to the circumstances surrounding Suhail's death & any unnecessary use of force or violation of SOP's. 3/3
The people organising & orchestrating these protests need to ask themselves whether they feel any guilt over this youth's death today 2/n
Terrible tragedy, the death of Suhail in Quimoh today. Anger over the deaths in Gaza is understandable, exploiting that anger is not 1/n
The accident happened with an army truck but it was an accident, not a deliberate action. I hope better sense & cooler heads prevail.
Only in Kashmir can a tragic accident be exploited by ordering a 2 day shutdown & protests after Friday prayers. Height of exploiting pain.