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Queen of Dance
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My breakfast from Cosi this morning was absolutely disgusting. Not a good way to start off my weekend. #SayNoToSquagels
At the Ryan Adams show at #930club. This queen has us waiting like it's not a Monday night. #hurryup #mamastired. #ryanadams
I like the idea of yoga as moving prayer. Thanks @UncleRUSH #SuperSoulSunday
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It’s the fire in my eyes/And the flash of my teeth/The swing in my waist/And the joy in my feet/I’m a woman/Phenomenally...
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Couldn't possibly be more excited for the future!
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@AbbyLeeMiller is so classy and sassy in arguments on dance moms ! 😎
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Never perm your own hair RT @HernandezJustin: @RuPaul So in need of your words of wisdom right about now
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Ran into @shleeyyy at the salsa club tonight. She really is the next big thing. #GirlCanDance
Who else feels that Queen Yuna was robbed of the gold!?…
Also. I think the #Rio2016 Olympics should hire me to choreograph their entire opening ceremony. Where my brazilians at!? Make it happen.
Currently choreographing a tribute to Evgeni Plushenko
"every time you step on stage make it about somebody" -@AbbyLeeMiller
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Retweet if you were a victim of #BridgeGate. Thanks, @ChrisChristie, for forcing me to listen to three hours of public radio. #basic.
I live for Oscars season!!! I'm a bit upset that #Blackfish wasn't nominated. It's the new #BlackSwan.
Sochi Is Cashing In On Captured Orca Whales And It’s Made A Lot Of People Angry…
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Sadly, no Golden Globes for Abby Lee this year. *feeling cheated*
I'm trying paleo this week.
I'm hoping @MileyCyrus & Sinéad O'Connor will serve us some Britney and Madonna 2003 VMA realness and kiss soon. #LeThemHaveIt
Someone needs to make sure that foam finger gets disinfected
I don't think the lines are that blurred.
that is somebody's daughter. #MTVVMAs
I have a pant suit that looks just like that! @ladygaga #MTVVMAs
I will be at the VMAs on Sunday, living for the APPLAUSE
First night on my tempurpedic bed. I'm not a religious person, but the indent my body has left in this memory foam resembles Jesus.
Distance doesn't matter if two hearts are loyal to each other.
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If you're not willing to risk it all, you don't want it bad enough.
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I'm gracefully menopausal
It's Cinco de Mayo. If you're not spending at least 10 hours today eating chips, you've totally missed the point.
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Who's loving Season 3 of Dance Moms?! #SelfPromoting
This hang nail is dirt under my feet
Im at that point in my life where Im just gonna have to rip off the choir robe and do an impromptu hiphop version of "joyful joyful" instead
Damn... I guess we are at a crucial age in mental development.
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sashay away, Pope Benedict XVI
#Oscars2013 I think Anne Hathaway just sharted...
sociology: the study of shit I've known since day 1.
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