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Abigail Arrington
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Irony: Despite the creepy, pervasive invasion of online targeted advertising, I still get emails from hot Russian women wanting to chat. :-/
And, in other news... So over Jameis Winston. What a waste of talent. Does he realize his team needs to respect him to win?
Or, is it just that men who use force for a living, don't know the difference between the game and real life? :-/
I wonder: Does the fact many incidents of domestic violence are surfacing in NFL correlate with being an unchecked male dominated biz?
Gotta send out props to @Macys for that one, though. They are my go-to source for creating fabulosity when short on time and on a budget. :)
In other news, seems I am a Wedding Whisperer! Saved sister's big day by pointing & clicking to find perfect dress after seamstress fiasco.
So, I can say with certainty that what Adrian Peterson allegedly did to his little boy was abusive, and really sad. :(
I'm from the South and gotta say that my granny pulled a few switches on me (once) and my bro (a bunch), and our butts didn't have welts...
But that just proves my point. The example's an anniversary card. So, apparently, it's not cool to laugh about marriage until it's too late.
Someone just sent me this as an example of my kinda greeting. Ha! Okay, it is funny...…
Argh! Why are all the "wedding" themed greeting cards sappy? I want one that says: "All the cool kids elope" or "It's not too late. Run!"
That being said, the interview where Norah O'Donnell skewers the #NFL Commissioner is worth watching. ;)
In sum, while what happened between #RayRice and his wife was horrible, nothing discussed in the media so far is directed to a genuine cure.
And, ask why the laws don't give law enforcement more of an upperhand when confronted with domestic violence in their communities.
Ask why federal and state governments don't provide more funding and resources for women and children displaced by domestic violence.
So, while everyone is so outraged about the matter, ask Congress why they haven't passed more laws protecting abused women in the workplace.
However, knee jerk reactions to media hype will not bring the cure. Women must feel free to stand up to it, and the law must support them.
Domestic violence is a grave concern that continues to plague our society. It impacts families, employers, and all types of organizations.
A better remedy? A contract addendum that requires half his pay to go to his wife and requiring him to do public service announcements.
I also don't think that by canning #RayRice you help his wife or realistically address domestic violence. Rather, it's insult to injury.
Perhaps they have forgotten that the male lead in that mutated fan fiction strikes the female lead repeatedly, but it is considered "sexy."
Last but not least the media outrage over this annoys me the most. Many of the same reporters were swooning over Fifty Shades of Grey. :-/
I for one, cannot imagine any woman thinking striking a man, especially a professional football player, is a good idea. It goes both ways.
She did play a role in the matter. The second tape clearly shows her charging at him. Not grounds to strike her but she could've avoided it.
Also while what happened is deplorable, it's up to his wife to stand up and seek her remedy. She married him after the incident, and....
Also, how is anyone surprised that the players and entire #NFL organization is somewhat misogynist? Have you only been watching the games?
First of all, the #NFL looks ridiculous coming back now to address the #RayRice issue. The first tape told enough of the story.
I have a few thoughts on this #RayRice #NFL debacle. As many of you know, my first book touched on domestic violence issues. So, here goes:
Well, the fashion retailers might've messed up this time. Everything that they are showing for fall is already in my closet. Yay me!! :)
First Robin, and now Joan? Pretty sure there will be no more tears in Heaven, lest they follow a solid fit of laughter. #RIPJoanRivers
You know, being a lawyer was a lot easier when you only had to get your client's naked Polaroid pics back from their ex-boyfriend.
It is human nature to learn only that which is required. Having women as peers is new to some men, and they have little point of reference.
And, I don't think women should hate men for being wired to think of everything in sexual terms. That is the nature of the beast. But...
You should see the old dogs' faces drop and tails tuck when they get judged by their own standards. Voila. New tricks sure to follow.
If that doesn't work, I then turn the table. I say: "Men are useless w/o six pack abs & long legs. So, I have no idea why they hired you."
Once you get folks thinking about the words & context and how the recipient might take them, you can usually improve the dialogue.
Mind you, these examples set aside the fact that how women look shouldn't matter in a job setting, and assume no evil intent by the speaker.
So, to do that, I might inquire: Tell me the difference between "I like my women with meat on them" and "You look lovely today, as always."
I've done many corporate trainings on sexual harassment and in most cases to get the point across you have to teach old dogs new tricks.
I'm glad Sen. Gillibrand is speaking openly on the issue, but not sure the dialogue is instructive or encouraging women to join politics.
Been in similar places, had the palm print on my butt... Senate Pigs Called Kirsten Gillibrand 'Porky'
Final thought of the day - How do my dogs know when I'm simply "thinking" about giving them a treat. #dogmindtricks
And, in light of the foregoing, I am left to wonder- How do those countries do more than we can with less revenue? What are we doing wrong?
So, Burger King, I know your slogan used to be "Have it your way," but I don't think "We now want it both ways" is gonna fly.
So, to this casual observer, seems the fuss by US companies about the cost of government mandated health care is disingenuous.
So Burger King is moving HQ to Canada b/c corp. taxes lower. Corp taxes also lower in UK. And both countries have national heath care, so...
Then again, if you are a planted operative trying to effect some other purpose in a volatile region, well...guess you might need a mask.
Seems to me if someone is willing to kill for an alleged cause, their faith would also dictate they not appear ashamed of their actions.
Turning to current events... If those ISIS dudes think they are so badass, what's with the masks? Why not show their faces?
On the bright side, righting this type of wrong is why I went to law school. No better feeling than helping someone when all seems lost. :)