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Abigail Arrington
No surprise to us, right ladies? ---> Female senators running circles around the men.…
Words should be chosen with care. The wrongs ones are among the few things which cannot be returned or forgiven.
With all that money, couldn't afford a better attorney? - Trump's attorney: "You can't rape your spouse"…
And, in that regard, I already see the lawsuits coming. May take the law another three years to catch up with me, but they are coming.
Not sure why auto industry doesn't get it. They are misleading consumers by claiming wifi and net interface in cars is a good thing.
Have to admit, I'm surprised it's taken this long for the auto industry to figure out how easy it would be to hack cars. So 2012 to me.
Sounds like something from a book I wrote... After Jeep Hack, Chrysler Recalls 1.4M Vehicles for Bug Fix…
I do. Say goodbye to the pretense of choice. - Anthem Paid $54B To Buy Cigna - No One Knows What Will Happen Next
Not keen on Clinton's use of private server, but to say it's a bad idea b/c government servers are safer is absurd, Rubio. Read news lately?
One doesn't need the element of surprise, if they are composed by the substance of truth.
This one is for my Canadian!…
Today's song. Good one for anyone who needs to see a light in the tunnel...…
Dang! So distracted watching Jake Gyllenhaal workout shirtless in a promo for Southpaw that I forgot to butter my toast while it was hot.
Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou? Seriously, dude, I need the bottle opener...
This is as good a time as any to remind folks I was kicked out of a private, religious school for sarcasm, after winning the Bible award.
Now, if folks want to start the hashtag #IfGodAnsweredMeDirectlyInMySpokenTongue then that could prove interesting.
So, I dunno folks, if you need a word with God, maybe take a clue from Nike, and just do it...?
Wondering why #IfICouldTalkToGod is thing, since it seems well accepted that prayer, wherein one talks to God, is also a thing.
Let's give @realDonaldTrump the first candidate challenge - Since you care for vets, please use your money for affordable housing for them.
The best way we can test the candidates to is to require them to put their own money where their mouths are. If you cry it, you buy it.
What a shocker! Another older white dude has joined the national circus... :-/
Really, the present discord in the R'pub party demonstrates a prime grievance w/ them - Double speak. They r for same things they r against.
Two thoughts: 1) Less impressed with Graham for trying to copy Trump's style and 2) Even The Donald is entitled to free (misguided) speech.
Not defending Trump, but why do R'pubs think their own must all be revered but they can call the Pres whatever names come to mind?
There goes pot talking kettle again- Lindsey Graham: Obama is the "Neville Chamberlain of our time"…
Had to edit that last one... Typos, the accidents of tweeting under the influence of anger.
An author's therapy: Writing scene for next book where police find their least favorite person in an alley wearing only fuzzy slippers.
Which leads to my #MondayMotivation: What may seem as today's trouble, is often the harbinger of tomorrow's ideal. Challenge begets change.
Now, if Trump ends up opening a national platform for an "Independent" party, then he may also be remembered as the "tool" of change. ;)
Dear R'pubs: Congratulations! You've finally shown the world the culmination of your ideals w/Trump. Too bad you don't like what you see.
It's #NationalIceCreamDay? That's reason enough to get up. Make mine coffee flavored with caramel. :D
My new mantra: "If you pay full price for trouble, you will get what you pay for." ;)
Someone should probably warn the comb-over boys that this isn't their mother's playground. We might walk all over them w/ our stilettos.
I see what you're doing, R'pubs. You lost on marriage and the ACA, so you're going back to picking on girls. :-/
Couldn't pass up that word play... Lawyers and authors, we live by the word. ;)
So, I mis-read Butkus Award as ButtKiss Award, and instantly thought of Tom Cotton. I'm guessing that's why he's trending?
Sure, those pesky girls might throw a punch first (not cool of course) but I'm pretty sure you took harder hits than that in grade school.
Dear Florida State football team: Here's a novel formation. Stay the #$$% out of bars and don't strike women. Think 1st & #BeTheMan.
Aspect Jeb overlooks- Time is our most valuable asset. It's arrogant to expect folks to dedicate more time while arguing against fair wages.
I honestly don't know one working person, full or part time, who has time to spare. Life is challenging in the real world, Jeb.
With regard to part-time workers, Jeb fails to consider there may be reasons they are not able to work full time, i.e family, disability etc
Jeb does seem out of touch here: Hillary and Jeb jab each other on Twitter over the American workweek:
The clerks role eyes at me for reading everything, but I've caught clauses in admission docs that could allow almost anyone to get records.
Never thought I'd see HIPAA trending. In terms of the related story, as I've said before, gotta read the fine print at the hospital.
Re: the cancer doc story- I've had a strong feeling for a while that folks are being "over" or mis-diagnosed b/c cancer is lucrative.
A Han Solo based Star Wars spinoff movie in the works? Only question I have - What the #$@! took them so long to do this? It's a no brainer.
Tip of iceberg, I think. Many like him. Doc in cancer scam gave patients "stunning" doses of unnecessary drug…
The best way to stop that type of abuse is to make it unprofitable to those protecting the wrongdoer. There should be recourse against them.

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