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Abigail Arrington
Ever notice that when you tell people fairy tales can be true, they automatically assume you mean the good part of the story?
All my kindle ebooks are free rihht now. Get them and tell others to do the same!…
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That band, The Script, is amazing live. Y'all should check them out when/if you get the chance.
Today's song makes me feel like writing again...…
As might a bird before the first sign of snow...…
And, just had a dude offer to let me use the app on his phone. Guess I walked right into that one. ;)
I'm sure folks might wonder what brought me to this finding. All I can say is the convo started with a new pen that does almost everything.
I'm saving the "Now I've seen everything" claim for the day I find out there are also attachments for the phone which accompany the app.
Well, now I've seen just about everything...There are actually "adult" vibrator apps for cell phones. Note, I said, "just about" everything.
Spoiler Alert...He picked Sugar which may be great for the contest, but really wanted to see just how much more he could do with Elyjuh. :-/
Wow, America really stuck it to Pharrel, b/c now he has to pick between two of his best. Really enjoyed both Elyjuh and Sugar.
Dear Pres and Congress: Please stop the juvenile trash talk. This is not your playground or ball field. It's our nation.
And, the worst part about the display of apathy on the part of those groups is that they will be the most effected by what's to come. :-/
Many young voters, women, minorities notably absent: Where Were All the Dems? Here's Who Turned Up to Vote
So, folks, you've got two years to find, prepare and promote independent candidates. Better get started!
The answer doesn't lie with any one party, but rather independent thinkers who are not tied to the existing system. We need real change.
Well, America if you really have the concerns expressed in the polls and want real change, you went about it the wrong way. #Election2014
Seriously, Broward County? It's not rocket science. Get it together. #Election2014
Found a good one. I love the ironic folks who come up with such things. Irreverence is kinda sexy. ;)
'Cause, you know, there are times when just a regular old eye roll or smirk won't do.
Hey everyone, it's an emergency! I need your help... Where can I find the best "barfing" emoticon?
@AbbyArrington If plaintiff side lawyers stopped working, people would realize very quickly what we make.
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So, on behalf of my counterparts, greedy and otherwise, and for anyone else in a service industry, take that ill-advised commentator.
And, if gifted with the foresight to know how such things can be said and when, the art of law is something we create, often from nothing.
Not everyone has what it takes to stand up, literally before a crowd, and say what needs to be said on behalf of someone else.
And, last but never least, I can tell you first hand as someone who's heard the relief in a client's voice, we also create peace of mind.
In our day jobs, we help businesses function & grow. When taking a creative bent, lawyers write in all genres to both educate and entertain.
We also create & defend people's jobs, as well as make the workplace safer for everyone. We create and enforce laws, policies, regulations.
First, there's that little thing called "justice," which doesn't happen in a vacuum. Many of my kind fight the good fight every day.
Heard someone spout the age-old misconception today that lawyers don't "make" anything. Nothing is further from the truth...
Since the law wouldn't allow him that dignity, all I could do was keep his favorite music playing to ease his suffering those last days.
Ironic, Brittany Maynard and Acker Bilk are in the news for passing this weekend. She represents what was my last wish for my father. (cont)
Note to self: Consider dressing as an Internet troll for Halloween next year. This allows limitless costume options.
Sad how paid trolls appear if you mention anything political in an election year. My opinion is my own, don't care if ya don't share trolls.
A sad day... Danced to this Acker Bilk tune with my father back in the day. Was one of his faves:…
If we keep trying, eventually, we'll get someone in office who can stop the b.s. and fix the sh!t that both parties have broken. ;)
So, that's my two cents, for whatever it's worth. And, I encourage everyone to get out and vote next week, if for but one reason...
And, I don't think it's fair when you swear an oath on the Florida constitution to have that encompass pregnant pigs, pot or kitchen sinks.
Folks resort to the constitutional amendment process because almost all such initiatives are approved although most are unworkable.
The issue for me is the manner in which the change is to be made, i.e. via a constitutional amendment. That bypasses checks/balances.
That being sad, I will be voting "no" on that one, but not for any of the reasons argued by opponents. My reasons are more technical.
The other big issue on our ballot is the legalization of medical marijuana. The issue is pretty popular and certainly I see both sides.
To emphasize that point, I voted for him last time around when he ran as a Republican for our governor. He has done a good job for Florida.
For me, the ad money was wasted. My vote was set years ago. I'm voting for Charlie Crist, not b/c Dem party but b/c he can cross parties.
I've heard the race for governor in Fla is among the most expensive in history. Sad, when you think how that money could help in other ways.
Elections are next week and, at least here in Florida, there are a couple of important races and issues to be decided.
So, they say it's not polite to discuss sensitive topics like religion or politics in public but then, since when have I been polite?
Perhaps it's just me, but Halloween feels passe this year. Real life has managed to eclipse the imaginary when it comes to fright.
I like that @Pharrell chose Elijuh. That's a real show of confidence in the process and his dedication to his team.
Judges said same thing I did about Elijuh's performance. His voice is amazing, but he chose a song that didn't fit him.