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Abigail Arrington
But, at least, the pictures are still good for a laugh... :-/
Definitely like Jake singing She Will Be Loved, but not sure if it's him or the lyric re: beauty queen of only 18. Sigh... so long ago...
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Pretty sure if Delvin Choice sings some Luther Vandross, it's all over. #TheVoicePlayoffs
Just watched a snowy egret fly across my back yard. Pretty graceful for such a lanky bird. #AFloridaMoment
Which means, of course, they need better lawyers. ;)
And honestly, if an employer doesn't have a leave mechanism in place to deal with someone in crisis their policies are sadly lacking.
I think HR and those in charge of personnel for any entity need to be aware of the heightened role they play in safety of today's workforce.
Strict adherence to a workplace leave policy does nothing to promote its intended purpose in the face of an incident like this.
As an employment atty can't say how many times I've reminded clients that people trump policies especially when dealing with stressful jobs.
So another memorial service at Ft. Hood. :( Hardest part is the feeling it could have been avoided if someone was paying attention.
Lol! Guess I should spell Brian's name right if I'm trying to get him a job. ;)
Re: Letterman replacement - My second choice would be Jon Stewart. Hilarious, snarky and smart. Doesn't get much better.
He's as good at the snarky, sarcastic commentary as ol' Dave ever was. Just curtails it most of the time, because he's a news guy.
So, folks are talking about who could replace David Letterman. I know it's an odd choice, but I still think Bryan Williams would be good.
And, if someone wanted to see just what is out there re: air control and tracking, this would've been an interesting test run...
But, I see stories everywhere, so my thoughts lean toward the dramatic. Either way, we've now found glaring gaps in security and tracking.
The writer in me sees the story as one where large sums of money changed hands to get someone somewhere at everyone else's expense.
It didn't go down at all... To that end, why is no one commenting on the doctored photos of those boarding with stolen passports? :-/
Since they haven't found any part of Malaysia Airlines Flt 370 I'm inclined to think my first impression might have been on target...
The best April Fool's joke for today is that fact that it's already April. :-/
My observation on this whole GM recall? Seems typical that a bunch of entitled men would make a mess and leave a woman to clean it up. more chocolate for me after 9 pm. :-/
I think instead of "Her" I'd call my spoof "Huh?"