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Abigail Arrington
Another page from the storied life: Standing Up in the Spirit of America's First Whistleblower, Benjamin Franklin!
#WriteThe11thCommandment Thou shalt not spam thy neighbors scrolls.
Why does the comparison matter? Because the vastness of equality inherently pares down to the limits of perception. :)
So, today's point? Whatever makes you laugh, cringe, like or lust for the dad-bods, the same standards and generosity should apply to moms.
I think the #Dadbod pics are important to show contrast with female celebs seemingly forced to publicly validate their sexuality post-baby.
There seems to be a hashtag for that last tweet, so we can all get the benefit of those post-baby dad bods. #DadBod
With Father's Day coming, it's important to show equality for parenting in media. So, all you dads out there, show us those post-baby bods!
"It's what you learn, after you know it all, that really counts." #MyDadWouldAlwaysSay
I knew it!! --> Army of trolls manipulating media.
Or, if folks really want to get creative, find a way to automatically turn the dust/debris from the vacuum canister into something useful.
Last, but not least, can that Dyson guru, or someone else who makes stuff that sucks, please create a self-emptying vacuum cannister?
And, why do we not already have tile & grout that are self cleaning?? Sure, would mean Scrubbing Bubs need new work, but they've got skills.
Or, what about a dispenser that auto-loads the toilet tissue when a roll is empty. I imagine something akin to a digital Pez-like dispenser.
How about a trash can that automatically replaces the trash bag after a full one is removed? I imagine would have to prior load bags.
Following yesterday's tweets re: tech innovation, seems only fair to offer ideas to those driven to design. Home tech I'd like to see-->
Here's a sharp idea for the Twitter gods. Run with it, boys. --> High-tech helpline for teens in crisis…
So, don't get me wrong, I applaud innovation. Just not sure how many versions of the wheel we need to keep society rolling into the future.
Or, is it just that they are trying to digitally replicate their mothers, in a last ditch effort not to grow up. If so, I get that. ;)
Is knowing how to think or care for yourself now seen as a waste of time? If so what are millennials planning for all the time they rescue?
This really emphasizes a trend, which is that on some levels technology has far surpassed need, and perhaps dangerously so.
Well, one thing is as author notes, is this level of tech really necessary for basic cooking? Cookies are done when they're golden brown.
So, what is disconcerting here, other than price?: June, A Countertop Smart Oven, Launches With A $1,495 Price Tag
Personally, I'm looking forward to the Jetson's Age, when we will all have our own robots. Mine will be addressing the dog poo conundrum.
There are reasons to like and fear where this can and will lead -> Korean Robot Makers Walk Off With $2 Million Prize
Ok, writing credit & copyright go to? - Machine-Learning Algorithm Mines Rap Lyrics, Then Writes Its Own… >@techreview
Plasma tubes in Earth's atmosphere? Sounds like something Amazon will use in the future to deliver packages. :-/…
APNewsBreak: Massive breach of federal personnel data
Yep, I made up a word. "Adver-mining" - culling from digital stockpiles of unwitting consumers' private info to profit from sale thereof.
I'm no techie, but not sure how much your phone matters if your wireless provider is adver-mining whatever you send/load/view through them.
Irony, b/c still depends on provider privacy: Tim Cook takes shots at Google, NSA in speech on privacy & encryption…
st benet's hall ..last at oxford to shift... 136 years after women were 1st admitted… @HillaryClinton
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I’m just glad to live in a country where a surveillance law is called The Freedom Act. #BecauseWarReallyIsPeace
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Did a good bit of research on AML/SDN and digital currencies for my last book, and the signs were already there. Govt doesn't like curtains.
Re: FinCEN - I see a few big showdowns ahead between govt regulators of financial transactions and the expanding tech-based markets.
In other news, something that surprises me, not... FBI behind mysterious surveillance aircraft over US cities
Case in point: FinCen recent focus on real estate markets…
What challenges might an online real estate exchange face that incorporates financing through an undisclosed source? Well, FinCEN for one.
Hope not, b/c rife w/ legal challenges: Is this the future of shopping for a house?
Tweet below sharing that article/commentary is not an endorsement or conclusion. Just an interesting discussion point.… via @should White Men Stop Writing? The Blunt Instrument on Publishing and Privilege
In other news: "Spy" opens this weekend, with Melissa McCarthy AND Jason Statham? Sounds like perfection. :)
Take note, though, even that form of financing can be manipulated. A good source for keeping your candidate real:
So, who will be the first mainstream candidate to try a crowd-funded campaign? Guess we'll see...
The idea of a crowd-funded campaign sounds like something I suggested not too long ago. Seemed impossible at the time, but I see it coming.
The article mentions funding campaigns via Kickstarter-esque funding. Intriguing idea! Could be a good way to get more indies on ballots.
Welcome news, indeed! Why U.S. billionaires may not be able to buy the 2016 election via @Reuters
This little tomato thinks not... ;)
So, while Hill may know how to tweak a playlist to alter results derived by a formulaic measure, does that mean he knows what women want?
By way of example, if you google something is the top website the public's choice or one reached from manipulating a known measure?

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