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Abigail Arrington
"Look, human, you're not the boss of me. I'm getting my own treats."
Here's the deal, candidates, if ya want my vote better act like you intend to earn it, now and after the count. Gotta see fire in your eyes.
Marco Rubio's speech announcing his candidacy has about as much energy and appeal as old bread. :-/
And, that concludes today's #MondayMotivation by Abby. Hope everyone gets out there and makes stuff happen today- in a good way. :)
Of course, no one is perfect. We will always have some self interest by instinct alone, but the simple act of outward thought brings change.
Really, the foregoing is simply based on the notion of holding yourself accountable for the impact you have on others by your actions.
If you set your course of action with the idea of setting precedent, it makes what appear to be tough decisions easier. Things fall in line.
If you answer, "I'm just looking out for me," or "Who cares if this hurts others if I get what I want," is that really the best you can do?
Essentially, the question to ask yourself, before undertaking any course of action is, "What precedent am I setting, for myself and others?"
I've always believed it's important to consider not just how something affects me, but how it affects those who come after or are less able.
Excellent article on something gravely lacking: The Moral Bucket List
I mean, the Health App seems to think it has the right to follow me around, so I presume next it will be telling me what to eat...
Today's burning question: Do you think the Apple Health App knows I'm having bacon for breakfast? :-/
Pretty sure you could market that to HR Departments as preventative care under their Work/Life Balance programs.
Ok, if a tech genius out there hasn't created a customizable Whack-A-Mole app for biz where you can insert office frustrations, get on it.
Sad to hear @taylorswift13 's mother has been diagnosed with cancer. I've been there with my own mom. Stay strong, ladies! You can win.
Dunno 'bout other users, by my Windows email has apparently developed a mind of its own, deciding what to show, send, sort, etc. :-/
Problem not fixed as far as I can tell --> Windows mail services hit by widespread outages…
My father always said stupidity could do as much harm as malice. I've lost count of how many times his assessment has been on point.
And, now, to add to the tragedy, you've also got an officer who ruined not only his life but that of his family (including baby on the way).
So angry about the shooting in S.C. The victim was only sought for failure to pay child support? How could that ever warrant 8 bullets?
Pretty sure the cable company slipped a cloaking app in their remote controllers. It's triggered when you say, "Where's the dang remote?"
Today's advice - just because it's popular, doesn't mean it works for you. The best artists create what everyone else tries to follow.
That song is about an unwavering, unrequited love. I think you have to have been there, to be able to sing about it.
Hmm, "Make You Feel My Love" - one of my very favorite songs. Trouble is, this guy doesn't sound like he gets it, much less means it. :-/
Bust of Edward Snowden sneaked into Brooklyn park; officials remove it shortly after arrival:
Retweeted by Abigail Arrington
Moon was so bright, my dogs stopped their mad-digging attempt at a jail break 'cause they thought they had been busted by the tower guard.
Crazy big, bright moon came up over the lake tonight. Sometimes, the simple things are the ones that make a day.
Sure, Duke, my pick for last year, now you go to the finals. Guess I'm a year ahead of the times. :-/
That said, I do not take issue with those who follow their faith. Enjoy the beauty of this season of rebirth in the ways that bring you joy.
And, "What possessed you to come up with the snake in the garden story? You know no woman is gonna stand around yapping if there's a snake."
Like, for example, "What were you thinking with the whole 'monthly gift' nonsense? You could've made it quarterly, you know. Women be busy."
I can't divorce my nature, which I believe intended, and it compels inquiry when faced with injustice. So, I have questions, even for God.
Said otherwise, how can I ascribe to something that intentionally excludes me from relevance? Would a deity respect absence of thought?
So, when folks ask of my take on the Bible or faith, I can only say that while they offer insight to some, I find inexplicable oversights.
But, the absence thereof has only served as additional fodder to reinforce subjugation of women throughout history which continues to date.
And, it's entirely possible that historical accounts of the time buried facts about greater actions treating women as more than chattel.
As someone often chastised for far-forward thinking, I realize such a bold move in that day/age would've only hastened the eventual fate.
It seems he appeared to have women around as "groupies" so to speak, but in keeping with the times/culture, they had no seat at the table.
So, my take on yesterday's tweets re: Jesus in relation to women's issues? That having a few women "up in there" might've helped our cause.
Now let's take this to the next level, is it a good or bad thing Jesus never said what I referenced below? My take might surprise you. ;)
Alas, I digress...the irony of religion gives me giggles. ;)
Then again, the Bible was written by men and heavily edited, so does anyone really know what went down back then? #ThingsJesusNeverSaid
"We need some bitches up in here." - #ThingsJesusNeverSaid
And, while that may seem obvious, you'd be surprised how many times employment lawyers have to talk clients out of saying such things.
However, if your manager reports he terminated someone because "that old hag was slow and crazy" it's best not to use that as a defense.
A plus to having managers skilled in identifying and documenting workplace concerns - they become conditioned to thinking before acting.
The more detailed, and precisely tailored the facts are to support termination, the more likely it is a claim of pretext can be defeated.
The reason the manager is key b/c when defending a claim, counsel will need specific facts to show the grounds for employment action.
Ultimately, what it comes down to is having well-trained managers who know how to identify and document workplace concerns. Training is key!