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Abigail Arrington
A life mystery solved. Wasps actually have a purpose! Brazilian wasp venom kills cancer cells by opening them up
What a poser! It's almost like someone told him it's #NationalDogDay.
That's one way to resolve a dispute: Creative "For Sale" sign slams Farmers Branch neighbor:
Just they make distemper shots for humans?
I admit, I'm a little proud of that one since I was just a baby lawyer when I wrote it. Barely a year out of law school. Good times. ;)
These days it's cited in manuals to train lawyers. Back then, the appellate court applauded the reasoning on appeal. Judge got the cred. :-/
Turns out one I wrote b/c judge couldn't figure it out after years of motions/hearings has 133 cites, and ZERO negative treatment.
Some folks go online to look up people from their past, but geeks like me lookup decisions they wrote for judges. Wanted to see if cited.
AWESOME! It's like a daily thing now... Hackers Cut a Corvette’s Brakes Via a Common Car Gadget… via @WIRED
Sad our government continues to fail the Native Americans: EPA aware mining operations polluted tribe land:…
EPA aware of prior mining contamination/risk: Navajo Nation to Take Legal Action against EPA for Toxic River Spill…
Simply unacceptable: EPA chief apologizes for toxic spill affecting rivers in Colorado, New Mexico
Ironic for R'pubs to challenge Hillary's personal server as a security threat, when Kerry admits ALL government servers probably hacked.
This story would make a fascinating book or movie: Former Republican official gets prison in HOA fraud case
Fascinating case... Former Las Vegas cop gets prison time in HOA takeover scheme via @reviewjournal
I once imagined the world would realize what is lost to sexism, but nothing imagined in youth survives time.
This is the only world we know: Chart shows sexist tweets to Megyn Kelly exploding since she questioned Donald Trump…
However, employees in recent cases have brought civil conspiracy claims premised on violations of Fla. Stat. 448.045, & courts have upheld.
That statute isn't widely known, or used, because it imposes criminal penalties, and not a civil remedy. Some suggest civil remedy lacking.
Interesting Florida Law: Wrongful Combinations Against Workers -… Criminal penalties for interfering w/ someone's job.
Today's thought, timely given the debate, comes from the wise Ms. Angelou: When someone shows you who they are believe them, the first time.
My guess - Hillary (and intelligence folks) knew US servers compromised but couldn't say at the time b/c it was classified. No other choice.
Was it Walker who thought the Chinese knew more about Hillary's server than Congress? Dude, more like it's the only one they couldn't find.
There were a handful of good ideas discussed, but no one candidate was on point with all. None have found the people's pulse.
Ironic that R'pubs want to lower taxes, but still spend more on military weapons/arms, and think missiles will somehow deter hackers.
Interesting that w/ all the commentary by R'pub candidates on the sanctity of life, they showed no concern for women's lives.
Of course, were I in charge of such things, I'd hire folks to create fake email accounts and fake digital files to keep the hackers busy.
I'm not schooled in fancy military strategy, but I think it stands to reason that no one can hack an email account that doesn't exist.
I know these new-fangled computer thingies are confusing to the old-school boys at the Pentagon, so here's an idea: Stop using them.
D'oh! Are we not smarter than this? Russia believed to be behind Pentagon's Joint Staff email breach…
I think we need to publish an article from the lion's point of view- A Lion's Note to Self: Hey Cat. Rough Day. No food. People ate it all.
Dear foolish troll - I did and do understand the plight of the villagers. Did you consider the plight of the lions, also trying to survive?
So, while lions and tigers and bears may warrant an "Oh my," they are equally worthy of cries against injustice.
I wonder if Goodwell Nzou, author of article re: We Don't Cry For Lions, considered that the greatest object of terror known to man is man.
It works! Imagine that... Facebook co-founder to give millions directly to the poor, no strings attached…
Interesting sidebar, Florida law very protective of breastfeeding rights:…
Worse still, the response that he "enjoyed beating her. She was easy." I wonder if he realizes that women get to vote?
Wrong on so many levels... CNN: Lawyer: Donald Trump called me 'disgusting' for request to pump breast milk
Interesting claims will follow this one: Even lone-wolf activity is concerted, according to NLRB…
No surprise to us, right ladies? ---> Female senators running circles around the men.…
Words should be chosen with care. The wrongs ones are among the few things which cannot be returned or forgiven.
With all that money, couldn't afford a better attorney? - Trump's attorney: "You can't rape your spouse"…
And, in that regard, I already see the lawsuits coming. May take the law another three years to catch up with me, but they are coming.
Not sure why auto industry doesn't get it. They are misleading consumers by claiming wifi and net interface in cars is a good thing.
Have to admit, I'm surprised it's taken this long for the auto industry to figure out how easy it would be to hack cars. So 2012 to me.
Sounds like something from a book I wrote... After Jeep Hack, Chrysler Recalls 1.4M Vehicles for Bug Fix…
I do. Say goodbye to the pretense of choice. - Anthem Paid $54B To Buy Cigna - No One Knows What Will Happen Next
Not keen on Clinton's use of private server, but to say it's a bad idea b/c government servers are safer is absurd, Rubio. Read news lately?
One doesn't need the element of surprise, if they are composed by the substance of truth.

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