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Abigail Arrington
So, the thought for today: What wisdom never reaches light, in this new world of bullies, intimidators and trolls?
And, the question looms even larger when you consider the impact of the same discourse against intellect combined with gender.
We know of great-thinkers, past, like Aristotle, Einstein or Franklin. But, have we lost the chance to know their modern counterparts?
There was a time in this country when intellect mattered. When our leaders were the best or brightest. Today, it seems the bullies have won.
You remember that kid in high school, right? The one everyone gave wedgies to, or in modern days, taunted on Facebook b/c the cool kids do.
Imagine going through life, trying to share advanced, innovative insights, only to be met with blank stares, criticism or worse, harassment.
You might think it rewarding to be the grade curve buster, but as most w/ that honor will attest, it primarily leads to brain-shaming.
Since 2000, the courts have held that law enforcement agencies can refuse to hire officers with high IQ's. And, look where that's left us.
I've handled many discrimination cases over the years; there's one I've yet to see even though the claim justifiable: Anti-intellectualism.
Love it!! Notorious Natalie Portman is playing notorious R.B.G.:
I'm happy to report that my lizard, who I named "Bear", you know b/c he eats bugs, is doing much better. :)
Of course, if I was an R'pub then I'd be expecting all the lizards to want handouts. Not surprisingly, they are taking care of themselves.
Sure, I spent the weekend nursing an injured lizard back to health by feeding it bugs and water by a straw. That's not weird at all. :-/
Where is that Baltimore mom who smacked some sense into her son earlier this week? Someone needs to give her a ride to Capitol Hill.
I'm for a balanced budget and intelligent spending, but achieving that goal doesn't have to impact only the young, poor and disadvantaged.
What happens when folks don't show up at polls: Republicans pass deep spending cuts aimed at social programs.
I suppose such a brave soul could couple the link with "Look me up, and call me when you're ready to hire me." ;)
I dare someone to be brave enough to put nothing on their resume except a link to Google's search engine. ;) #ThingsIPutOnMyResume
I never imagined it would take this long for everyone else to know it. #SCOTUS
Eons ago, in law school, I argued with a professor in favor of gay marriage. I'd never considered the issue before, but I knew the answer.
Lifetime doughnuts prize!? Krispy Kreme Celebrates National Superhero Day with A Special Offer and Super Sweepstakes…
Intelligent thought, stated with eloquence and passion, can light a fire with an eternal flame. Don't believe me? Google a founding father.
I should add that standing against injustice does not include rioting, looting, burning or destruction of property. Try using your words.
For #nationalsuperheroday my props go to those who didn't stand silent in the face of injustice, and then bravely weathered the backlash.
Already seeing charity scams following Nepal earthquake. Only donate to known charities folks, and use company matching to help if you can.
And in other news, the cover for my next book will be a fortune cookie. (Actually, that's a pretty clever idea...hmmm...)
A sentiment rising to a wish is best sent softly to its end.
I have to say, that's the only version of Creep I've ever heard that I liked. Nice job, Kimberly Nicole. #TheVoice
But, dang, the guitar playing was beautious! I'd want to hear him just do that.
Josh Davis' voice does suit Sting nicely, but he's not caressing the melody. That song should sound like a warm memory.
Naturally, I've come straight home, put on my highest heels and employed my Monday night laugh. I'll show that doc. BWAHAHAHAHA. Ouch....
Demon Doc: "I always do. And, by the way, no more heels for you for a while." Me: "No heels? Ok, that's not funny, dude. Take it back."
Monday mid-day laugh- Doc: "Your hip is stupid twisted. You're like an alien." Me: "HAHAHAHA! Wait, are you charging for that diagnosis?"->
My Monday cure goes like this: IT Dept - "Your system has a critical error. We will have to rebuild it." Me: "HAHAHAHA. BWAHAHA! Ok."
Well, it took all day, but I finally figured out that Mondays work best if you just laugh at them.
It follows with, "Just spoke to your scale. We're cutting you off. You are only authorized to make soup today. Suck it, human."
Modern morning: Meander into kitchen for breakfast and your pan starts with, "Oh, hell no, I'm not making pancakes for your fat ass again."
Not sure a smart frying pan is good idea. First, it tells you what to cook, next it will refuse to cook things it doesn't want you to eat.
Remember when I said I couldn't hack a frying pan? Well, turns out I might actually be able to, now:…
Wednesday's Waygone, aka a pre-Thursday Throwback. Oldie but goodie:…
I rest my case... Jeb Bush Has An "Extraordinary" Plan To Test The Limits Of Campaign Finance Law @TPM…
And, the corollary benefit to my plan is that it essentially boils down to an exercise in shopping skills, which will favor women. ;)
The logic behind my system is obvious - whoever wins, of whatever party, will ultimately be spending our money. This way, they owe everyone.
Then, one major factor in determining who we vote for would be who spends the same amount of money best. Everyone is tested the same way.
Anyone person or biz that wants to promote the public welfare donates to a fund that is equally divided among all candidates that qualify.
To be honest, my view of how campaigns should be financed probably seems like heresy, but it would be the most fair. It goes like this -->
Seems the next highly anticipated political non-fiction book should be "Bush Bucks" or "Paul's Pretty Pennies," or "Rubio took Rubles?"
And R'pubs are behind Citizens United (S.Ct.) decision that ultimately allows corporations to decide elections via campaign donations, so...
In other news, why are R'pubs ranting about "Clinton Cash" when they do the same & more via corporate donors w/ profits via foreign sources?
Don't really need Google Maps to hunt for the Loch Ness Monster. Pretty sure I saw it in the lake behind my house earlier this week.