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Aaron Pauley
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Hey, you... Yeah! YOU! You're awesome! &
2.5 weeks, and this is about all I could come up with. Still getting ready for #novembeard.
Sunday 10.26 // Stage 002 // 3:25pm // @officialknotfest // A limited run of tickets was just released. Hurry while they're available. #ofmiceandmen #knotfest
"The Penny Pincher." - Phil & AP // Summer 2014. #collab #urbanart #culture #streetart #lolz
So... Are the Destiny servers always down, or am I just hosed?
Up early, ready for another day of singing words into microphones! I love the studio! Nothing better than writing and recording new music.
Just spent 5 hours tracking vocals. Song is sounding awesome! My voice though, is now sounding like a pirate's. #TimeToRest
Up early listening to nostalgic music with @Amandamaeboo. Great morning. Going to record myself 'talking in notes' later on today! 🎢🎀
Hinga Dinga Durgen.
Much too do. Little time to do it. ⏰
Getting dressed, headed to the studio. Question of the day: What food would you choose to eat if you had to eat only that food forever?
Studio love. 🎢
Going to the movies tonight. First time in a long time.
I really just want to be THE leading extra in all of Hollywood, known worldwide for my roles as 'dead body', 'zombie #3', and 'walking guy.'
Since being proud of something has no time limit, here's me after earning my black belt, 8 years old. #lethal
Ok, so my answer for today's question would probably be the internet. I use my phone too much to go without it. Tough one though.
Being proud of something doesn't come with a time limit–I'm promoting #RestoringForce forever! #RestoringForce
Question of the day: Would you rather give up your cell phone, or the internet, forever? #TellAP
In the studio with @austincarlile working on some new music!
Question of the day: Which do you prefer, cats or dogs, and why?
New songs are bouncing down as Destiny is booting up. πŸ‘πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘‰πŸ† β¬… How I feel right now.
Awesome photo of my puppy Daisy, taken on my @SamsungMobileUS Galaxy S5.
Little @daisy.theboston is tired from her trip. Took this photo with my phone, a @samsungmobile #GalaxyS5.
I know some of you are in school, and sometimes it sucks, but try and enjoy it while you can. Knowledge IS power. Do work!
I was orinigally going to say the past, because I LOVE history! I'm just too curious though, so I'd have to pick the future. Hard choice!
So many great responses. You guys are a very thoughtful and intelligent lot. Going to start a 'question of the day.'
Wow, so far the feedback is pretty split down the middle. Keep them coming, I'll share mine soon!
Question of the day: If you were forced to travel 200 years into either the future or the past, which would you choose and why? #tellAP
Do you believe extraterrestrials have visited Earth in the past / visit in the present?
One of my favorites with two of my favorites. @amandamaebee @d_real84
Psst. Go wish @austincarlile a happy birthday! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽˆπŸŽ†πŸ»πŸ†’
First road trip with my girls @amandamaebee @daisy.theboston!
In the studio. 🎢
My girls at the beach!
Been writing a ton this past week. I've been feeling very inspired lately, and it's much needed. It feels good to exercise your creativity.
@aaronpauley Praise be to they who face the demonic onslaught with courage. Cheers Aaron, your deeds of valor will be remembered.
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Playing @Diablo 3 on PS4. Torment VI. Think you can hang? Aaron_Pauley
My little bear @daisy.theboston turned 4 months old yesterday. Photo by: @amandamaebee
Thank you Sacramento! You guys were incredible today! Photo by: @aaronofnero
Thank you so much Aftershock! My folks came out today, and you guys were an INCREDIBLE crowd. I grew up in Vacaville, I KNOW Sac goes hard!
@aaronpauley Guess who gets to spend the evening with his son! It's me! So happy right now!
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So stoked for Aftershock on Sunday! Can't wait to be back in NorCal, close to where I grew up. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘
Thank you guys for supporting us. Without you, we wouldn't be where we are. Don't let the world bring you down! Goodnight.
Onto the next! Who's ready for Aftershock in Sacramento?! That area is my old neck of the woods. Incredibly excited!