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Aaron Paul
"I can not believe Flappy Bird just re-entered my life" @caldgood #imthecapetownnow #southxsouthafrica
Love waking up to this. #imTheCapeTownNow #southxsouthafrica
Fell in love with these rhinos today. #southxsouthafrica
It's days like today that remind me that life is so incredibly fragile and we need to appreciate every single second and never forget how lucky we are to simply exist. Thank you @samanthamarq for capturing in a single frame the true essence that lives and breathes thru Lauren and I on a daily basis.
Pretty bird @laurenpaul8 just doing her pretty bird thing. I mean my good god look at this perfect little angel. Ok bye. #southxsouthafrica
Had one of the best meals of my life at @TestKitchenCT in Cape Town South Africa last night. It is a must. I will see you all very soon.
We sat here and pondered life and challenges while dirty cab swam thru our veins. When girls wrestled with alligators and boys sat on the floor to simply get closer to excepting their fate, we are met with rooms full of cheese and bags full of muscles and at the end of it all my dear friend sucked h
I played with baby cheetahs today. #southxsouthafrica
So this pretty bird walked up a mountain and played in this waterfall. She really likes waterfalls. #southxsouthafrica
I get so sad whenever this happens.
And we have a winner people!! @sloozy has won!! Congratulations to you my friend! Please send me your shipping details so I can get this bad boy over to you. And to everyone else who jumped on board for the chance at this I say "thank you" and "you're the best". Hope you are enjoying Max's photos. C
For those who didn't see this last night follow @heretosaveyouall and have a chance to win this script. @heretosaveyouall aka Max Barsness is one of my closest friends and he's an amazing photographer and I just want people to be able to see his work. If you like his stuff press the like button and
@UberFacts: Bitchfield is the name of a village in England.” Yeah Bitch
Follow @heretosaveyouall and take home this script!! If you like his photography like it and comment on it. Will be taking screen shots randomly thru out the next day and will pick someone at random! Good luck!!
Who wants this?!? Follow @heretosaveyouall and it's yours! One of his new followers will receive this directly from me. I'm doing this because I believe in my friend and I believe his photography deserves the eyes of the public. Look him up, check him out, comment if you like something and this scri
Follow @heretosaveyouall for more photos like this. This shot was from the scavenger hunt the other day. So much fun. Yeah Bitch
Thanks for the photo Max!! If you are a fine of amazing photography follow one of my closest friends @heretosaveyouall and have your mind blown! You will thank me.
So, @emma19972011 along with some pretty amazing people made me this for my bday. Love you all!
hey fans @RollingStone finally caved and ran that interview of me. as todd would say, hooray!…
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Bid on pilot script of #BreakingBad for charity!! Signed by all! Obtained, but given away by @AndyVoegeli
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I love this man so much
Woke up today with thousands upon thousand of notes from all of you about the Emmys last night. How crazy was that??? I love you all.
Pulling up to the Emmys with the final prize. The finale script of BB signed by yours truly. Scream out "I miss Mr White" and it's yours.
And that's a wrap!!! #Emmys #BreakingBad
Tag! Your it. Come find me in my yellow cooking suit. First person to tag me in it wins it. I'm at the west Hollywood park. #YeahBitch
Find my signed Pinkman license plate from the show. It's at the car wash at 431 N La Cienga under this cushion.
Go meet Krazy 8 AKA @MaxArciniega at rock n roll Ralph's. Next door to guitar center. He will be in the sandwich section. #NoCrust
Meet Badger AKA @mattjonesisdead at the guitar center and get yourself a pilot script of BB. Signed by everyone! Good luck Bitches!!
Go meet one of the scary cousins @LuisMoncada77 at pinches tacos on Sunset. He will be inside holding some stuffed Jesse and Walt dolls.
These girls were caught cheating by camping outside my place. Sorry ladies. No win for you.
Champagne Breakfast! #Emmys
Nicely done people! That was fast. Next location will be coming to you shortly. Thank you everyone for playing. #BreakingBad
U guys were fast! Thanks for playing. Thanks for having me involved man @aaronpaul_8
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Surprise! Scavenger hunt starts now!!! Good luck everyone and drive safe. Use the hashtag ImissyouMrWhite so we can all see the winners of today's hunt! #YeahBitch
Can't wait to watch the latest @netflix show #BojackHorseman Starring two of my favourite people @arnettwill & @aaronpaul_8
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About to watch episode eleven of BoJack Horseman for the third time. It’s heartbreaking in the BEST way. #bojackhorseman
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Everybody stop what you're doing and watch BoJack Horseman on Netflix. @aaronpaul_8 @arnettwill @johnkrasinski This show is awesome.
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So proud of you @jasonscoppa!! If you find yourself out in Vegas do yourself a favor stop by his amazing place @sayersclubatsls. Good times boys, @lachrispaul @kellanlutz @jeremiahworld @justinpatrick7 @sbecollection @slslasvegas
Breaking News: Scavenger hunt update is as follows. Starts at 11 am on Monday for two hours. I will tweet the prize locations. #YeahBitch
#BreakingBad #Emmys #YeahBitch
Dear World, Let me introduce you to miss Betty Rose. The most adorable chunk of them all. Follow @lishmama to see more of the chunky goodness. Love you little ladies!!
Thank you #Flaunt for putting this guy on your cover. The Distressed Issue. Check it out!
Breaking News: Bryan Cranston and myself reunite for the first time in a new reality show. Here it is. #YeahBitch…
A legend in the making Mr. Vince Gilligan. Look how badass he his.
Come say hi to this little babe and learn about being Kind. Now until 3 at the Westfield main place mall in Santa Ana