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Aaron Goodwin
paranormal 317,944 followers
This eclipse is awesome out right now. I have this Odd feeling this last hour. Plus my head is killing me. I blame the blood moon tonight :)
Time to go hang with my sister @AEGTrimble & family before they bounce out tomorrow.
Awesome watching #GhostAdventures with u guys. U all r so awesome :) #GACfamily time
Every time I look in the mirror I realize it :) RT @hotfunnychis @AaronGoodwin r u the real aaron
@AaronGoodwin I'm so glad I got to watch it tonight. Awesome.
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Ya bit now I'm still trying to recover from Savannah's lockdown a few weeks ago RT @alyssa_deom @AaronGoodwin are you ok now?
Depends on the location RT @SeleneCorvin_ @AaronGoodwin does it take you very long to recover from a location? #GhostAdventures
I Hold it in :) RT @JD_Isaacs @AaronGoodwin still wondering how you guys don't shit yourselves lol
It's ok RT @AngieOlley @Zak_Bagans I feel so guilty cracking up when Aaron makes his scared face! @AaronGoodwin
Yes and that made it worse RT @Kb0526Kim @AaronGoodwin did you know you really were locked in the room?
That room messed me up for a week almost.
This room had me so nervous
Sorry RT @tgreiner1975 @AaronGoodwin I'm DVRing ep. Shhhhhh. Lol!
True lol RT @julialalexander @AaronGoodwin know what doesn't give me the heebee jeebies? #bigsteppin
Getting locked in this room after that noise was so nerve racking. I was panicking a bit
Watching this just gives me the hebe jebees
:) RT @JulesLamb80 @AaronGoodwin I ordered 1 of ur red Big Steppin shirts back on ur bday. Looking forward to its arrival. #GhostAdventures
Saint James Hotel episode is insane so far, absolutely love watching #GhostAdventures !! @Zak_Bagans @AaronGoodwin @NickGroff_ 👻💙
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@AaronGoodwin Aaron, hey my buddy Mike, BIG STEPPIN! Hope you take it farther then internet sales! You rock!
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We appreciate all of u :) RT @SalMayn @AaronGoodwin We your fans appreciate all you do!