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Aaron Goodwin
paranormal 350,599 followers
@AaronGoodwin The Wolski clan (Paranormal Travelers) big steppin at Hillview Manor b4 lock-down! #Awesomesauce
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Word of advise from me! Don't play with the #Ouijaboard watch #Ghostadventures tomorrow 2c why
@AaronGoodwin 9pm tomorrow! Just informed all that the ps4 gets turned off at gac time no matter wats going on I have claimed the tv for me!
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πŸ˜³πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜Ž @Kerry68688@AaronGoodwinwin I got #bigsteppinpin tee dude ty love
Me to :) #GACfamily time RT @Pirate_Lover12 @AaronGoodwin I'm SO watching it tomorrow! :D
Lol RT @Rachcatwoman 'Non' the villan from Superman 2 and @AaronGoodwin , separated at birth? @GhostAdventures
Thank u :) RT @Darkanglekitty1 these just came in the mail @AaronGoodwin thank you so much Aaron :) :)
#Ouijaboard is not a good thing! U never know what bad spirit can attach to it. Watch #Ghostadventures tomorrow 2c
We're gearing up for a NEW episode of #GhostAdventures tomorrow! Get excited and go behind-the-scenes NOW -
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At airport & I see this! #zozo that's next weeks #Ghostadventures episode name 😳
What a creepy lockdown so far. Another night I won't forget
Mmm the smell of an abandoned building :) time to hunt
It's going to be one of these kinda nights hunting tonight
On lockdown days I just wait for that sun to go down. Takes forever it seams because I can't wait to hunt :)
Yessss So cool :) RT @Vishhus72 @AaronGoodwin My daughter made cookies and this little guy decided to go #bigsteppin
😑RT@AEGTrimblee@AaronGoodwinn fly 2Oregon & bring me soup! Right meow or your swim team pics go up on Twitter Kidding :-) I'm saving those!
Hummm my sister @AEGTrimble & this creature look.... I'm thinking twins 😳😁
That's awesome RT @lennasaeidzadeh Friend got this as her fortune! Reminded me of you @AaronGoodwin #bigsteppin 😊
Get a Sneak Peek of Ghost Adventures Episode 10.3 – ZoZo Demon #horror
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Time to film more @GhostAdventures today. When a camera is in my hand I feel complete :)
Wait till u see this lockdown. Don't miss it RT @Zak_Bagans "ZoZo Demon" this Saturday #GhostAdventures
ant_atomic this Is awesome. I wish :) u rock
:) thank u RT @purified_lovexo My order came in! So happy 😊😊 Thank yo@AaronGoodwinin for the extras
Trust me it is :) RT @MOAB_Jr @AaronGoodwin @Zak_Bagans next weeks episode looks AMAZING #ZOZOTHEDEMON
Lol RT @MANUELA_HEART @AaronGoodwin finally we see now the real face of "the king TUT" well Aaron u made history😜�
Omg noooooo way for a $100 gross @jaywasley lol