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Mystery Hunters
Creepy looking skeleton appears on tv screen!
Apparition captured standing behind woman! ... Photographer description:"This photo was taken a few years ago at...
UFO descends near moon during eclipse!
Many witnesses see giant UFO over Los Angeles!
V-shaped UFO seen near the Big Dipper above Plush, Oregon!
Humanoid figure watching Curiosity Rover on Mars!
Mystery howls spark Bigfoot hunt in Canada!...
Did MI5 pay people to make fake crop circles?...
Saucer type UFO photographed above Seguin, Texas!
Orange glowing UFO over Henderson, Nevada!
Very strange anomaly in the sky over Snowflake, Arizona!
Humanoid figure seen on Mars!
Apparition photographed! ... Photographer description:"Photo taken on 6-7-15 with my phone.I arrived home at...
Cigar shaped UFO seen above the freeway in Louisville, Kentucky!
Glowing orb UFO over Hsinchu, Taiwan!
#BB17 #BBAD Dick's boring & juvenile Tweets have put ALL of us to sleep Zzzzzzzzzzzz ... See ya next year @BBADOrwell
#BB17 Fan questions for #BBAD,good idea but piss poor follow through.Grodner & Chenbot need to retire,they're clueless as to what fans want.
So #TunaHair refused to leave + tried to get Vanessa to retract her vote but you don't air it @agrodner22 ? #Retire…
Doughnut shaped UFO above De Pinte, Belgium!
#BB17 Vanessa will evict LIZ! Because Liz survived twins twist, showmance + won comps- Jmac only a few Vetos #BBAD #BBLF
UFO emerges above clouds near Space Station!
Alien photographed digging through trash?! Hhmmm ... (Decatur,GA-Eyewitness states:This photo was taken of the...
Strange entity photographed by campers! ... (Photo by Dave Schrader-taken at Lost Lake, Colorado)
Alien creature seen on Mars near Rover!
So, #TunaHair Austin's speech is just to bully Steve...which he has been doing all summer 0_o #Douche #BB17 #WWENXT…

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