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Arlynne Santos
I don’t got time for love.
Is that weird? Seriously though. #310 #inglewood #hawthorne #thewood
Thank God for #StraighOuttaCompton. It makes me feel alive.
I love when my mom knows I’m stressed out & says to just ignore whatever it is. It’s like getting the ultimate permission to say fuck it.
Not that 4.5 is bad. But I think most @lyft riders are pretty generous with the 5s soooo..
I don’t think I’ve ever ridden with a @lyft driver with less than a 4.9 rating (so grateful!). This guy is a 4.5. Nervous to see why.
Dr. David on #Mistresses is quite handsome.
Man, some of my WMMA-focused feeds have been really disappointing me lately. I want WMMA news, not celebrity gossip on fucking Rousey.
Discipline your children while there is hope. Otherwise you will ruin their lives. -Proverbs 19:18
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Correction - more than 10+ hours. Wowwwww.
Can't forget the little things, they matter a lot!
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#BREAKING UPDATE: There are people trapped in vehicles on Highway 101 in #Burlingame with wires touching their cars.
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Goodness thank God I wasn’t on the 101 last night. That sounds like a fucking shit show…. That’s barely being resolved 7 hours later. Whoa!
Avoid 101 closure at Burlingame! Standstill in both directions. Alt: 280 BART or Caltrain
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. @AngiesList I requested a call in previous messages and have gotten nothing.
. @AngiesList 2 of 2 times w diff vendors that have left me hanging over a week after paying. What’s up w that?
Smdh. /jumps off soapbox.
Yes, they suck. Fuck them for cheating. But it's still a marriage that's being intruded by all these strangers who find pleasure in pain.
You know what's more fucked up that #AshleyMadison's existence and the hack? That searching, releasing, and publicly shaming high profilers.
Fuuuuuuck this traffic dammit I have shit to dooooosbagvsvAmz
(2/2) Says she’s over it. Says you can’t be a town up professional with silver or gray hair. Pause. ✋🏽 Speak for yaself, simpleton.
So, this gal I know won’t shut up about dying her hair dark after having silver hair for like all of 4 weeks. (1/2)
When your @lyft driver confirms that GPS directions are okay w you.. Then takse a diff route anyway & gets confused
Crushing super hard on @OsheaJacksonJr & having L.A. withdrawals currently 😁
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This ride is testing my patience. 🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪🔪
Passengers should be able to rate their fellow @lyft-Line passengers. 😒 Enough bad ratings, and you lose app privileges.#suggestionboxx
when it doesn't feel right..I know it's not. my intuition is everything.
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I keep getting Welcome and Purchase Confirmations from @KeyMe, but haven't used them in weeks. Someone messing with my account, y'all?
Good morning, @luxevalet. Love yooooou.
Apparently, guy was super quiet w/ sad body language until I hopped in and struck up a conversation. “He look like he left happy.” cc @lyft
In short, after 1st passenger was dropped off, Kazuya said I had a bright personality, that I brought “good feeling” out of people cc @lyft
My current @lyft driver just gave me probably the most meaningful compliment I’ve ever received. 😳☺️#bestdriverawarddV
I hate when I’m in a @lyft where the air is blasting. I always feel awk asking to shut it off so I don’t and just freeze 😣❄️
just lololololol RT becuase you know this is funny asdkjbalskdf hkakfssldafa…
The frustrating part about @lyft isn’t the service or technology itself (because that’s obviously solid); it’s the dumb ass drivers.
Major delays due to earlier quake, medical emergency at W Oakland, train door prob at Powell, abandoned briefcase on train at Civic Center.
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Heyyyy oh hayyy fuck you

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