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Arlynne Swisher
The good: #TysonAdonis has learned how to open and close drawers; The bad: He only practices said skill with my underwear drawer -____- lol
watching people watch @MandirigmaBJJ make a playground out of some structure in front of #RitualCoffee
@__arlynne I just read her statement and seen the pictures... Wow is all I can say 👎
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@__arlynne yeah it's pretty fkd up…and ppl are like…another bad look for mma…Are you serious? There's a crime here and y'all think that?
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It's a sad day when a woman beat the fuck up is something of entertainment.
Ppl are sharing Christy Mack's post-abuse photos with captions like it's something to get excited about. What the fuck, man. Seriously?
Vote, RT, tweet me when done. Picking out 5 winners for 4-pack movie tickets. Go! #anyperk
People who don't understand that the left side moves on escalators make me wanna flip tables.
I'm on a mission to get my camera. Bah. What can I give up to soften the blow? Hmmmmmmm
Ring girl is in bra, high wasted booty shorts and.. loafers?! Lololol #kezarpavillion #dragonhouse 
These ring girls though. Heeeeeeh. #kezarpavillion #dragonhouse 
Blue corner this fight is very explosive. Athletic. Haha. Cc @MandirigmaBJJ #kezarpavillion #Mma #dragonhouse #sanfrancisco #sf
Generic auto-generated tweet, but I really do love you, @Sidecar !!
I love @Sidecar! Sign up with my code PATTY36 and get $15 off your first ride. Come join the #sidecarfam!
Ahh. Did too much shopping. I feel sick. Lol.
Still have two 3-day passes to #OutsideLands up for sale. Tell your friends or hit me up! #osl #sf #sanfrancisco
Still have two 3-day passes to #OutsideLands up for sale. Tell your friends or hit me up! #osl #sf #sanfrancisco #kanyewest #kanye
You know you're having a good dinner when food coma is setting in and you still have one course left. #skoolsf
Anyone looking for OSL tickets? Have 2 3-day passes up for grabs. Lmk. #outsidelands
I just entered to win a free year of @naturebox from @OfficeNinjas!
Hands down, best part of my Mondays, is seeing Tommy and #TysonAdonis at 4:45 when he Tom drops Adonis off. Then Adonis smiles at me. ah!
Lady grapplers — Let’s get some good rolls in tomorrow at my first all-women’s open mat!… tell your friends!
Lol. Grump. RT @MandirigmaBJJ: Fuck this heat wave.
Ew. Why did my phone just autocorrect “ttyl” to “”tyl8r” hahaha wtf.
#GreysAnatomy S10E6 Meredith's eyebrows look really weird.
My @clickandgrow is growinggggg. I’m soooo exciteddddddd!!!
.@pg2k it seems @SFBART will never make train upgrades despite price hikes.
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What is with this train. Ppl don't know how to fucking stand anymore or what. #BARTventures
Long weekend was glorious, but peeling myself away from #mysweetboys after 4 straight days with them is brutal, surprisingly so </3
Dr. Avery. What a hunk, mannnnn. #GreysAnatomy
Ugh. My MacBook is being stupid. Stuck on the white screen/padlock of death screen. Who can help?
Financial District. Heading to the Renegade Craft Fair and Picnic at the Presidio today. Let's link up!
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I have curlers in my hair. 50 of them. I look like a big ass toy to my son, I bet. Lolol he keeps trying to stick the curlers in his mouth.
#DeathPenalty is officially gone in California. Good riddance. Can't let those that deserve it get off that easily.
Weird. It's easy to stay angry and not care about my sister; not so easy when I come across a pic of my cousins, sisters, and feel pain.
Ouchhhh. Holy crap, man, those kicks from @Cowboycerrone. Sucks to be @JimMiller_155 /: #UFCFightNight
.. and then silence. @Sears @searscares do fake service resolution attempts like they do fake delivery attempts!
Save yourself the fucking headache, everyone. Go to @BestBuy or @Lowes or anywhere except @Sears. Let those fucks go under.
Seriously, @Sears? This will be the fourth time I've had to reschedule delivery because of YOUR mistakes. You guys are thieves!
Any restaurant recommendations that have private dining areas/rooms in downtown SF to host a dinner for founders/CEOs,
@__arlynne nice!! Make it happen!! we are there to support if you need!!
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Anyone interested in being a sponsor for FTCC's first All-women's Open Mat? Will be a great turn out and would love to have you!
Coordinating my first All-women's Open Mat. I'm kinda nervous!!! Lolol