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If they really care, it won't be a secret.
If #God was quick to judge you, you wouldn't have existed. Remember that before you try to judge anyone.
Don't let life humble you before you humble yourself.
Don't do it for what you can get. Do it for what you can give and you will surprised what you get.
Always make sure you are not being controlled or taken advantage of in the name of #respect or #love
Your #dreamsgame should be stronger than ur #instagramgame &/ #twittergame .If it isn't, u may be making the wrong investment.
When people gang up against you, remember you are not alone. He that is in you is greater than he that is in the world.
Don't let people use your mistakes as a reason to try to control you in the name of love.
Stay away from people that are only eager to talk about your mistakes. They will only wear you down.
Stop wasting time faking it. Focus on making it.
If money can replace it, It is a loss you can bear.
Physical fitness helps develop your mental fitness. Stay fit.
Evil never prevails even when it seems to.
We are on this earth for a purpose. The only reason we were sent here was to find it & compete the task. Everything else is irrelevant
Everyone has a story. As long as you have breath in you, you can change your story or make it better.
Thanking God for another year.
Thanks "@SaiPhifer: Everybody go wish @___D_B___ a HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!"
#Success has many doors, you just have to figure out how to open one.
Let today's perfection overwhelm yesterday's mistakes.
It is never too late to make things right.
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If tragedy strikes, don’t lose hope. Transform it into an opportunity to make things better.
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If you're not learning, you're not growing. Everything is a learning experience if you allow it to be.
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When unfortunate situations try to bring you down, repackage yourself to be better than you have ever been.
If you can't take your own advice then don't give it.
When your physical strength fails you, look within. Your inner strength is much greater.
There's nothing like being around people you love and love you. #familytime
Admitting guilt with a clear conscience is better than being exonerated with a guilty conscience.
Evil never goes unpunished. It never does.
God made you a master piece. Stop trying to be a duplicate.
If you are dedicated, persistent and consistent enough, you will succeed.
The more you do for people, the more God does for you.
You can tell the difference between people that want to use you and people that genuinely love you by their actions.
U can either sit back & be entertained by ppl living their #dreams or u can live ur dreams & let ppl be entertained by it.
Never trade your integrity for attention. It's always a bad deal.
You have to stalk #success to get its attention.
Surround yourself with people that will pull/push you up and be mindful of people that will pull/push you down.
The only validation you need is from #God
It is better to try to find success in happiness than trying to find happiness in success.
Your dream should not be to have a Job. Your job should be to have a dream. Your goal should be to live your dream.
When #God lifts you up, no one can bring you down.
You will lose sight of your dreams if you keep staring at someone else's dreams.
Happy Veterans Day! To those still here & those gone, thank you for your sacrifice. It is greatly appreciated. #veteransday
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Happy Veterans Day. Thank u for your service. We're safe bcos of your selflessness. #thankaveteran #supportveterans #RemembranceDay
Sometimes we don't need what we want, sometimes we don't want what we need.
Always thank God for where you are. Don't stop there. Strive to reach your full potential.
Aim to get recognition from God and not from people. #keytohappiness
Let the potential determine the price. Don't let the price determine the potential.
If you can't take or ignore criticism, you are not ready for success.
Find out the truth before you believe a lie.
If you haven't voted already. #votetoday let your voice be heard.