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If you want to get fast results, stop making God your last option and start making Him your First.
Whatever decision you make, make sure it is yours.
If you want to be successful, start by being better than yesterday.
Use setbacks as an opportunity to leap forward.
Don't let anyone label you incorrectly. You are part of God's inventory.
If he can see past his ego #keephim
If she can see past the flash #keepher
In 2000, the @UN set a goal of getting every child in school by 2015. We've got 500 days left → #EducationCountdown
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The truth won't change just because you got offended.
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Compassion is a source of happiness, while self-centerdness can lead ultimately to violence.
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Don't wait any longer, don't make the journey any longer. Start walking towards your dreams today.
You cannot fix a problem by denying it. You need to admit there is a problem and then take proactive steps to fix it.
When they doubt you, that should be more than enough motivation to over-achieve.
Whatever you do, make sure you are moving forward.
God is all you need. Anyone else is a bonus.
If you want your dream to come true, you need to stop flirting with other people's dreams and commit to yours
Stop spending your energy being envious of other people's achievements. Spend your energy building yours.
#RestWellRobinWilliams. You will be missed. Your loved ones are in our prayers.
Don't always look out for what you can get. Look out for what you can give. A giver tends to have more than a receiver.
Being too cheap can be very expensive.
Be comfortable in your own skin. Stop trying to be someone you are not.
When God gives you the upper hand, no one can edge you out.
God doesn't need a manual to figure you out. He's been an expert on you since day one. Trust Him.
Keep track of where you came from so you don't end up there.
If you really want it, you won't give up on it.
When you stop being challenged, It's time to move up.
Don't be discouraged by the disappointments of yesterday. Be inspired by the potential of tomorrow.
Challenge yourself. Get out of your comfort zone. That's the only way you can be better.
We need to see that anger is never any use in solving problems, but that patience and compassion are helpful.
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Stay the course! The race isn't given to the swift but to the one who can endure til the end. It's coming.
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@___D_B___ P.S. You are a very wise and encouraging individual. I trully appreciate the connection with your page. 👍
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Words are only a string of letters until they are backed up with actions.
People are going to say what they want to say regardless so do what you want to do regardless.
Failure should not be an excuse to give up. It should act as motivation to want to succeed.
Be careful what you feed your mind. Your actions are a result of your mindset.
Whenever you are down. Look up to God. He will comfort you.
Don't feed bad habits. Starve them.
1 yr anniv. Happy 31st BD bro. Pls go support this #sicklecell foundation…
Be careful what you say or do, you can't reverse time to take it back.
Give everyone a chance to show you who they really are..
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To stay motivated, you need to identify what motivates you. Hold on to it and never let go.
Real friends are friends that will always stand up for you/with you and would never hesitate to tell you the truth.
The things we often think matter the most matter the least. Get your priorities right.
Be yourself. If God wanted you to be someone else, He wouldn't have created you.
When u put all ur energy into something & u don't get it no matter how hard u try, God may just hv something better for u or it's not for u
Don't worry about the haters. They don't matter.
If u fall, get up & try again. If u fall again, get up & try again. There are no limits to how many times u can get up. #alwaysgetup
Skill will show you the direction. Will will take you to your destination.......
Don't try to make someone a priority when their actions scream option.
The most valuable things are things money can't buy.