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1 yr anniv. Happy 31st BD bro. Pls go support this #sicklecell foundation…
Be careful what you say or do, you can't reverse time to take it back.
Give everyone a chance to show you who they really are..
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To stay motivated, you need to identify what motivates you. Hold on to it and never let go.
Real friends are friends that will always stand up for you/with you and would never hesitate to tell you the truth.
The things we often think matter the most matter the least. Get your priorities right.
Be yourself. If God wanted you to be someone else, He wouldn't have created you.
When u put all ur energy into something & u don't get it no matter how hard u try, God may just hv something better for u or it's not for u
Don't worry about the haters. They don't matter.
If u fall, get up & try again. If u fall again, get up & try again. There are no limits to how many times u can get up. #alwaysgetup
Skill will show you the direction. Will will take you to your destination.......
Don't try to make someone a priority when their actions scream option.
The most valuable things are things money can't buy.
Tomorrow may be too late so make the best of today.
Time is priceless. Use it wisely.
Congrats Germany!
People would mostly treat you the way you treat yourself.
Congrats LeBron @KingJames Its really about what's best for you and your family. Not anyone else. There's Nothing like home.
Don't rush #God and don't keep Him waiting either. Just follow His instructions.
Not everything that glitters on the outside glitters on the inside & not everything that is dull on the outside is dull on the inside
What letter combination does 1, 2, 3, and 4 represent? #braingame #UoM
If you want extra motivation, change it from a #want to a #need
Let #God lead. You just follow.
Think about tomorrow today or you will be regretting you didn't tomorrow.
You can't please everyone so make being happy your first priority.