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If you believe you can't be successful at something, your mind would make it a reality. #PowerOfTheMind
You need to be tougher than your problems to overcome them. #StandYourGround
There is a big difference btw people you care about and people that care about you. Don't mix up the two.
Communication and transparency are key to a healthy #relationship.
#Success requires Sacrifice.
You need to know your worth so you don't sell yourself short.
The things that will have the greatest impact on your #life are what you feed the most.
One bad decision can ruin it all. Think hard before you act.
God has a way of making us perfectly on time even when we think we are out of time.
Your life follows your mind. Your body follows your mind. If you want to go in the right direction, get your #mind right.
Not every bad person is bad and not every good person is good. #Perspectives
You were intentionally not made a duplicate. BE different. #MotivationMonday
Don't blame others for your problems. That's not a solution.
Don't be the problem. Be the solution.
Don't doubt yourself before you try and even then don't doubt yourself.
Be the Boss of your life. Quit fear.
The world is spherical. Be careful what you do because whatever you do will come right back to you.
"Whats the point of success if you don't have people you love to share it with"
If you make time an unaffordable luxury now it will be an affordable luxury later.
Choose to succeed as long as you breathe. Happiness is a function of success. #Dontgiveup #MondayMotivation
Tomorrow is not promised so take advantage of today.
If you want to gain knowledge, you need to keep your eyes, mind and ears wide open and your mouth shut.
The little things are a reflection of the big picture.
Don't tell the world what you are doing, let them find out.
You were not born extraordinarily to be ordinary
When people open up to you. Don't shut them down. Advice or help if you can. It could be the last time you hear from them.
If you can't speak for your future. It will speak for you. #SpeakForYourFuture.
Dont put your wants before your needs if you want to be #successful
When God blesses you, your flaws become perfect.
It takes a special type of person to tell the truth at all times even when it's inconvenient
If you can't create yourself, why destroy yourself?
The person you are when noone is watching is who you should be when everyone is watching.
Beauty is not a talent. It's a gift.
Never assume when you have the luxury of asking.
Cherish who you have. You don't know how long you will have them for.
Follow your #heart but let your brain lead.
Be mindful of who you try to help up so they don't pull you down.
Control your mind don't let your mind control you.
Good morning my Neighbors! #HappyJuly4th.
Everyone wants to be around your success but are ghosts on your failures. Choose your friends wisely.
You are your biggest opponent and your biggest fan. #Chooseone
Happy New Month. Make July count.
Saluting the crowd in #Montreal. What an atmosphere to support the #USWNT today...So who is coming to #Vancouver??
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Treat your body right and it will return the favor.
The results of hate can be very devastating but the results of love is far greater.
Before you make a perception on something or someone, make sure the dust is off. Surfaces tend to gather dust.
If you #believe it. You can achieve it.
My heart and prayers go out to the families of the victims of Charleston, South Carolina. May God help you through this difficult time.
Do it for the people that said you could and the ones that said you couldn't.

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