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Atul Gawande
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Modi Independence Day speech states areas of focus: cleaning up India, women's status, manufacturing. Not corruption?
I want to send out a Happy 68th Independence Day to all my family and friends in the world's largest democracy. (That's India, people.)...
.@CitizenCohn Agree: Rand Paul's rebuke in @TIME of police militarization & racial injustice could be a turning pt
Oops! MT Must read: Lloyd Sederer and STEVEN Sharfstein's @jama article on Fixing the Troubled Mental Health System
Must read in @jama: Lloyd Sederer and Josh Sharfstein's sensible article on Fixing the Troubled Mental Health System
1st thing I found after my break: Spoon's new album is amazing. Eg: Great NYT profile too
Conclusion based on evidence gathered after 40+ successive years of observation: it is hard to come back to work after vacation.
8. Today - Final verdict: Johnson and Johnson pulls power morcellator off the market.
7. @jama study finds cancer risk is not overblown: 1 of 368 women with a hysterectomy for fibroids has cancer.
6. Doctors' groups defend morcellation devices, arguing @FdA overestimating the risk.
5. Apr '14: @FdA issues safety warning that power morcellation devices risk spreading uterine cancers
4. Feb '14: @TheLancet pushes back arguing that the evidence about the safety risk to women is indeed alarming
3. Gynecological oncologists say the couple has overblown the risk that morcellators spread cancer.
2. The couple pushes high profile campaign to end morcellation of fibroids, say it spreads cancer in 1 in 400 women.
Anatomy of change. 1. Dec '13: Boston surgeon and MD wife say procedure ("uterine morcellation") spread her cancer
Wonks will know why this matters: key healthcare innovator, Glenn Steele, is stepping down as #Geisinger CEO @TLnews
What a massive amount of health news today -- Deal Reached in Congress on V.A. Funding @nytimes
Meanwhile, Florida court affirms law that strips a pediatrician's license for just asking patients about gun risks
Brutal battle v Ebola: more health workers infected ( and assaulted (
Best summary of the ebola outbreak and what to do about it that I've run across so far is this @BV editorial:
Trustees: Health cost slowdown extends Medicare trust fund solvency 4 years to 2030, even w realistic budgeting…
Wknd playlist: 3. @st_vincent, Bring Me Your Loves. Awesome, blistering live Letterman performance. Wait for the end.
Wknd playlist: 2. @jennylewis, Just One of the Guys. 2.6M views, NYT profile. Still like her Watson Twins album best.