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Grow Your Network
Twiends helps you to connect with new people on Twitter and Instagram. We are a vibrant community of users, and we are waiting to connect with you..!
Your Audience
At twiends we help we you connect with new people on various social networks. We're a directory of millions of users listed by country and interests.

Adding yourself is quick and easy and will have people connecting with you straight away. We actively moderate the community and do our best to block fake and inappropriate users.

Twiends is completely free, but we do offer VIP featured promotion if you want to reach more people quickly.

Everything on twiends revolves around people building lasting quality connections with each other. We try and promote a community of discovery, where you can find interesting social profiles to follow and others can find you. You get daily stats showing you how many people have followed and connected to you. Below are some example stats for real users currently using twiends.
Policies & Compliance
You will get Twitter followers on twiends, but this happens through a process of discovery made by each user. We do not sell Twitter followers and we do not automatically add followers to your account. Not only is it a bad idea, but it is strictly prohibited to buy Twitter followers. The same goes for Instagram.

Social Home Pages
When you add yourself to twiends you get your very own social wall that you can share with others. It shows all your recent updates from Twitter and Instagram in a stunning full page layout.

You can choose which types of updates to show on your wall, and can remove individual updates too. These pages are great for showing others what you're all about, and why they should connect with you..!

You can also track your favorite pages for other users. We'll highlight when they've added updates so that you don't miss anything.

Awesome Directory
At the heart of twiends is our fully browseable interest-based directory. When you add yourself to twiends you are automatically added to the parts of the directory you choose. This makes it easy for others with similar interests to discover you.

In addition, we add hundreds of celebrities and other interesting people to the directory every day. So if you want to follow your favorite musicians, actors or sports stars, chances are you'll find them on twiends!

If by some chance you don't find them, then you can use our suggestions page to add them.

For those just starting out on this journey of epicness, we've created some useful guides to help you get going.