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Kim HyunA (김현아)
굿 모닝~ ㅋㅋㅋ^^ G7, 보고싶었어용~
얼마나 성능이 오늘이에요? 재미 있나요? 꺄~~~! ^^ 굿나잇 여러분~~!! ^^ ㅎㅎㅎ
안녕! 어떻게 지내세요? 밤이 벌써! 잘 자고 좋은 꿈들 해! 내일 행운을 빌어요!! ㅋㅋㅋㅋ ^^
Valentine's Day and Lunar New Year !! kekeke~~ love 4minute and 4nias @4M_Sohyun @4m_JiYoon Gayoon and Jihyun ! ♥
keep support 4minute and BEAST ! ^^ HyunA off now keke~ bye ^^
remember, 4minute member who have account twitter only ME and @4M_Sohyun and @4m_JiYoon ! the rest are fake! ^^ remember~~
thank you for loving my song ! keke~~^^
wow 1217 followers ! kekeke~~ thank you 4nia ^^ follow @4M_Sohyun and @4m_JiYoon too !~~
my first tweet is wrong~~ T__T keke ^^ 4m_Gayoon and @4M_jihyun is not real ^^ 4minute member who have twitter only ME @4M_Sohyun @4m_JiYoon
have you watch my Change MV ? what do you think ? ^^~~
offline ^^ kekeke~~ Merry Christmas ^^
i didn't reply tweet for now but i read all ^^ kekeke~~
Merry Christmas to @4M_Sohyun @4m_JiYoon Gayoon and Jihyun ^^
how's your christmas today 4nia?~~ kekeke!! ^^
Merry Christmas 4nia~~ ^^
i see person making twitter account of Jihyun and Gayoon : @4M_gayoon @4M_jihyun IT'S NOT THEM T___T they're using same twitter name T__T
HyunA offline ! very tired ^^ kekeke~~~ byebye ^^
Today i won't reply any tweet ok? ^^ sorry , but don't force me to reply you today~~
Today is 4Minute's 150th day ! kekekeke~~!! support 4minute always !
안녕하세요~~~!!! ^^ ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ~~~ HyunA online but i will not reply people ^^
keep support 4minute and BEAST !
Gayoon and HyunA offline ^^ keke~ JiYoon unnie still online, dont worry ^^ kekeke~~
Gayoon will make account when i'm not busy keke ^^
This is Gayoon ~ i wont reply tweet keke it's too many ^^ keke sorry oh but i read them all ^^
This is Gayoon ! use HyunA's account~~~~ keke ^^ !!
HyunA little bit sleepy~ kekeke!
HyunA is tired but i'm fine~ keke ^^ thank you for 4nia concern kekekekeke!!
HyunA also online! kekeke~~ @4m_JiYoon also online ^^
offline everyone ^^ tweet next time , kekeke~~ 4minute fighting and keep support 4minute !
well @4m_JiYoon , @4M_Sohyun , Gayoon unnie , and Jihyun unnie send regards and love to our fans on twitter kekeke~~^^
we will take care of our health ! kekeke~~ thank you everyone ^^
HyunA miss everyone kekeke~~^^ will chat when we have free time!!~~~^^
미안해요 오늘은 모든 사람들과 채팅할 수없습니다 / sorry , today i cannot chat with everyone~~
괜찮아 및 사분도 괜찮습의 다른 구성원이야! keke ~ ^^
안녕하세요 모두들 ~ 잘 지내 시죠? 사분 요즘 바쁜입니다! ^^ sorry / hello everyone! how are you? 4minute is busy these days! kekeke~~
HyunA go to rest ~~^^ bye kekeke
please dont tweet ask me how are you, how today, doing what. ask interesting ^^ keke~ but dont ask private ^^
send me tweet again~~ kekeke^^
HyunA is online yo~~^^ kekeke~ send me tweet again ^^
o, and i hear about Seohyun in Twitter. Korean doesn't really know blackberry ^^ And thank you for you that believe us keke^^ love, HyunA
OFF ^^ keep support 4minute kekeke~~ ^^ much love from HyunA
Please send me tweet again ^^ and i will reply it ~^^
HyunA is back ! ^^ reply the tweet now~~ kekeke^^ so many
off ! ^^ resting with JiYoon unnie ^^