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ESPN Films 30 for 30
Wednesday Round-Up: @espn @30for30: Brian and The Boz airs Tuesday, Oct. 28 at 6 p.m. PT. []
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Thrilled to present our first short film, #ManVsMachine, in collaboration with @30for30. You can watch here:
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Today we’re joined by the one and only @GotBoz44. Don’t miss out! NNL. Noon. ESPN2
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Also: Will the college football playoff committee get it right? Plus @GotBoz44 joins us to discuss his new @30for30. Tune in at 12p on ESPN2
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"I felt like I always had to be on." - @GotBoz44 on his Boz persona, currently on @ESPN_FirstTake #BrianAndTheBoz
Watched next week's @30for30 on the Boz. One of the best yet. Changed my opinion of him. @GotBoz44 joins me on @SportsCenter on the 9a show.
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@MarcTheSharc34: @30for30 is by the far best material on Netflix right now”. Thanks!
If you didn't watch the premiere of @MichaelRapaport's #WhenTheGardenWasEden, DVR it -> it re-airs tonight at 12:30am on ESPN2.
“Fans have perpetuated that legacy, they talk about that team. It’s just a New York thing.” - @WaltFrazier
Bill Bradley’s resume: Basketball Hall of Fame, Rhodes scholar, 3-term U.S. Senator. Just slightly impressive. #WhenTheGardenWasEden
in 70&73 the Knicks didn't even get a parade in NYC after the Championships,the KNICKS have never had a parade in NYC #WhenTheGardenWasEden
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“’73 is the forgotten championship. And, in fact, until just 2013, I’d never seen the game ...” – Bill Bradley #WhenTheGardenWasEden
Jerry West is having none of this. It's great that @MichaelRapaport got him for this. Perfect measure.
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In the 1972-73 season, the @celtics lost a total of 20 games including the playoffs. 8 of those losses were vs Knicks. #WhenTheGardenWasEden
To meet Jerry Lucas and experience even 10 seconds of his weird genius is one of the most surreal moments of my life. #WhenTheGardenWasEden
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Jerry Lucas averaged 15.6 RPG in his career (4th-best all-time). #WhenTheGardenWasEden
“If I could do it all over again I would relish the moments more because you never know when you’re going to get another one.” -@WaltFrazier
Just watch it!! Blessed for my jOUrney!! Worth every moment!!" 7 days until Boz #BATB @espn @30for30 @OU_Football"
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"If we played the @Lakers 10 more times we would not have won, but for this one game, everything came together.” - @WaltFrazier #Destiny
Jerry West relived the entire 1970 series during our interview,he gout very intense with me,like for real #WhenTheGardenWasEden
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In 1970, Willis Reed was MVP of the All-Star Game, regular season AND NBA Finals. #domination #WhenTheGardenWasEden
“The place erupted. Nineteen thousand five hundred plus. I can still hear it.” – Cazzie Russell #WhenTheGardenWasEden
During the 1970 playoffs, the @nyknicks won TWO Game 7s on their way to the title. #WhenTheGardenWasEden
“It’s Clyde’s ball. He just lets us play with it once in a while.” – Willis Reed #WhenTheGardenWasEden
In the 1969-70 season, @nyknicks had the best record in the NBA at 60-22. #WhenTheGardenWasEden
In 1969-70, the Knicks had 6 players who averaged 10+ PPG (Reed, Frazier, Barnett, DeBusschere, Bradley, Russell) #WhenTheGardenWasEden
.@WaltFrazier's nickname “Clyde” was taken from Clyde Barrow, the folk-hero robber chronicled in Bonnie and Clyde. #WhenTheGardenWasEden
"Never look down on a man unless you are helping him to get up." - @WaltFrazier #WhenTheGardenWasEden
“Welcome to New York. One minute they’re with you and the next minute they’re crucifying you... - @WaltFrazier #WhenTheGardenWasEden
“The expectations for Bradley were enormous. Linsanity? That was—that’s the only thing that remind me of Bill Bradley.” - @WaltFrazier
Bill Bradley comin to the Knicks was like a Beatle coming to the Knicks,it was hysteria in NYC #WhenTheGardenWasEden
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.@PhilJackson11 played the first 10 seasons of his career with the @nyknicks. He is now the president of the team. #WhenTheGardenWasEden
Somehow @MichaelRapaport got footage of Willis Reed's fight with the Lakers. Wait until you see it. He mows down the entire bench.
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Marv Albert was The Knicks Ball Boy along with his brother Steve,they Bleed Orange and Blue #WhenTheGardenWasEden
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“The @nyknicks were a great rock band. Everybody wanted to follow them.” #WhenTheGardenWasEden
#WhenTheGardenWasEden starts now on @espn. Follow director @MichaelRapaport for live & entertaining commentary.
Get your popcorn ready @PhilJackson11. #WhenTheGardenWasEden starts in 10 minutes.
The perfect team. At the perfect time. For the perfect town. #WhenTheGardenWasEden premieres in ONE hour on ESPN.
The latest 30 for 30, "When the Garden Was Eden," premieres tonight. @MichaelRapaport joined KO today to discuss:
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Tomorrow 11 AM ET -- Our friends at @FiveThirtyEight debut their short film, #ManVsMachine. Enjoy this sneak peek:
Tonight's @30for30 #WhenTheGardenWasEden shows how the 70s @nyknicks became the hottest ticket in town.