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Logan Henderson
// so I'm in dance class rn aND MY TEACHER ISNT HERE AYEEEE
// yooooo✌️ sorry I wasn't on was mah girl @andrenate_'s bday, I had to do my homework and take a shower and I was also very busy fangirling about @schmidtsdimples night so...
// wHOS STILL AWAKE HOLLA @ ME #kendallschmidt #goat #bigtimerush #btr #rushers
// This was me a few years ago and now some of those people don't like like Big Time Rush and I'm like "wAT DID I DO😭😭"
// I made this today and I think it's pret-ty cool not to toot my own horn but toot toot am I right ladies
// literally having the worst time right now first @kendallschmidt and @dbeltwrites are totally ignoring #houstonneedsheffrondrive and not announcing a houston date then my friend is making new friends and I feel like I'm being replaced and she hardly talks to me and today my 2 best friends went to
// what even happened to lemi like why did it stop no nO
// Why am I still awake it's almost 2am
// How I Met Your Mother is literally the best show like wow love it
// throwback to when selena sang "I Won't Give Up" with the guys and she totally fell in love with fox😭😍💕
// wHO DID THIS😂😂😂😂😂 #bigtimeanaconda
@VegaMakenzie: We'll be watching #TheAssault on #Lifetime tomorrow, Saturday night at 8/7c !!! Watch with me? 🎥📺💛 😊” Oh I'm there!
// can I just point out how accurate this is like everyone said the same thing with Big Time Rush when I was in 4th grade... Yeah, I'm a freshman in high school now so..😂
// Literally DRENCHED in blue right now😂💎 #bigtimerush #loganhenderson #btr #rushers
// do y'all every feel like someone is starting to get annoying of you so you leave them alone for a while to see if you were annoying them and they end up not talking to you for a few days and you feel like they're prolly not going to talk to you again but you really want to talk to them...yeah tha
// RIP Rushers and Drivers Kendall's previous selfie was just too much for some of us
// DOONNNEEE WIITTTHHH LIIIFFFFEEEE WAT IS THIS😍😭💕 #kendallschmidt #bigtimerush #btr
// Ok James going for serious and hot to fun and jamming is the best thing I've ever seen case closed And Kendall not changing "girl" to "guy" tho😂
// Ugh I have to go make a cake... Enjoy the dance to windows down while I'm gone✌️
// Logan's smile + Logan's laugh + Carlos's suggestive eyebrows = Mah lyyyyyffeee
// only they would competitively play the harmonica😂 who wants a btr video spam?¿
// Go follow @rushingwithlogan💕 and go read my last post please😘
// Please tweet #HoustonNeedsHeffronDrive and tag @kendallschmidt and @dbeltwrites and/ or repost this picture on twitter and comment your twitter username when done for a shoutout {1tweet = 1shoutout} {1retweet = Spam of likes (20 likes)} {1 repost(this picture) = Spam of likes(15 likes)}
I'll be watching the lovely @ciarabravo on her new show @RedBandSociety at 9 on FOX tomorrow! Watch with me!!!
// it's only september and i'm already planning for #5yearsofbigtimerush like i already made the edit and wrote the caption like wut😂
// OH MY GOSH WHAT IS THIS😂😂 #kendallschmidt #heffrondrive #bigtimerush
// wait... maddie, I thought you live in ohio
// getting noticed my band members is as impossible as falling upwards
// not yet😏 aM I RIGHT LADIES @aandreyah @mariakleimann 😂
// like my backpack is right next to me, no exaggeration, and I'm here posting pictures about band members
// I do homework the way boys fall in love with me...slowly and then not at all.
// on my heffron drive account I have like 300 followers and I get like 40 likes in 3 days and it feels so weird to me now bc I'm so used to getting 40 likes in 3 minutes...if you wanna go follow it's @thatswhatmakesyoumine :)
// I know, Kendall....I know..😂 #kendallschmidt #btr #bigtimerush #heffrondrive
// I :) Hate :) Homework :) #jarlos #jamesmaslow #carlospena #carlospenavega #btr #bigtimerush
// While I was reading this and I was literally like "....Logan...growing up? HAHAHAHHA-oh THAT makes sense" #loganhenderson #btr #bigtimerush
Thanks for all the birthday love yesterday!...I had an amazing 25th BDAY. Guess it's time to grow up ................Nahhhh
// aye can y'all go like the recent on my personal? I'll like 5 pics back! comment when done👌 @khan09_
// Thanks again for all the birthday wishes even tho it's still not birthday and I'm still not Logan Henderson
// happy birthday to the gorgeous, lohan henderhands💕 #happybirthdaylogan #happybirthdayloganhenderson
// Done with my homework and Logan's birthday theme! #happybirthdaylogan #happybirthdayloganhenderson
// Gonna go cut some tomatoes later✌️ #happybirthdaylogan #happybirthdayloganhenderson
// I still needa finish my homework.............