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Water is critical for life on Earth. 💦 We all depend on it for our survival. Let's make sure to protect#EveryDropp💧of this vital resource! Follo@siwi_wwww#WWWeekek online this weekworldwaterweek.orgQ5M
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⏳ Deadline fast approaching for research proposals to #BuildBackBetter with #broadband and accelerate #DigitalInclusion during #COVID19 recovery! 👉ow.ly/ilK250FWJ0P0 #Connect2Recoverrv
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20% of #girls under the age of 15 are growing up in extreme poverty - and #COVID19 is only making things worse. Protecting the well-being of #women & girls everywhere is a prerequisite for an inclusive & sustainable world. --@antonioguterres Secretary-General of the @UN
Almost 5 trillion single-use plastic bags are handed out every year. Many of them end up polluting our ocean & the environment. A simple act like bringing your own reusable bag 🛍️to do your shopping can help#BeatPlasticPollutionn.un.org/actnowI#ActNowwY
It’s time to invest in the energy transition to create 18 million jobs by 2030.⚡ Join the #SustainableEnergy revolution by signing up to an Energy Compact for the #HLDE2021. Sign up here �un.org/en/energycompa…8K
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Need knowledge, tools & resources to participate in global youth #ClimateAction?🤔 Check out this@voicesofyouthh guide created by young activists and@UNICEFF experts to understand how you can help address global inequalities. unicef.org/lac/en/toolkit…1TQ
It's been so inspiring to listen to young people from around the world & hear their creative solutions to address global issues in all walks of life 👏 for this year's#YouthLeadd Innovation Festival! 👉Check out the highlightsbit.ly/3861DWpU@UNYouthEnvoyo#Youth20303SE
📣Use your actions - and your voice - to influence change. Appeal to world leaders, urge your city, region and university, and encourage businesses to take urgent#ClimateActionn Join the#ActNoww movement:un.org/actnowIh
#ClimateChange impacts #TheHumanRace. We need to act together to pressure world leaders to take meaningful steps committing to #ClimateAction💪 Check out stories of individuals & families that have been directly affected by this crisis at#UNexhibitssun.org/en/exhibits/ex…os
.@UNDP asked 300+ young energy leaders for their recommendations ahead of the High-Level Dialogue on Energy, #HLDE2021⚡ Their message: supporting youth to be agents of change is crucial for #SustainableEnergy but those at the top don’t really get it yet: ow.ly/4cXh50FPulI
#WorldHumanitarianDay honors aid workers who have lost their lives in service. Today and always, we pay tribute to humanitarians who stay and deliver in support of people in need. Humanitarians and people caught up in crises must be protected. #NotATarget
In the race against the climate crisis, we can’t leave anyone behind. This #WorldHumanitarianDay, race for climate action for those who need it most and urge world leaders to act. Sign up for #TheHumanRace now: worldhumanitarianday.org
On #WorldHumanitarianDay, we pay tribute to aid workers around the world. This year, we focus on the climate crisis, a race we can and must win. Join #TheHumanRace and send a message to global leaders that #ClimateAction must leave no one behind. worldhumanitarianday.org
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There’s no denying it - we have to tackle the climate crisis. Burning fossil fuels to get energy must end. It’s doable but it’s going to take solutions. Stay tuned for new UN #climateaction podcast, featuring the voices of young climate changemakers 🔜ow.ly/YDal30rRo0ds2
In the race against the climate crisis, we can't leave anyone behind. Join #TheHumanRace in solidarity with people most affected by the impacts of the climate emergency. �worldhumanitarianday.orgA#EveryoneIncludedd�#GlobalGoalslNm
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Do you want to become a @UN #COY16 delegate? 😉 Register to become a COY16 delegate and represent your country in the world's biggest and most substantial#youthh conference. 🌍🌏🌎 Register herukcoy16.orgpt#UnifyingForChangeh#COY16DelegateeOj74K
Access to #MentalHealth support services saves lives. In a fearless future, mental health support is available for everyone who needs it — #LGBTIQ+ youth included! #YouthLead 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧unfe.org/youthleadlsRnA
1 million plastic bottles are sold per minute around the 🌍, adding to the plastic pollution that ends up in our landfills & oceans🌊. You can make a difference & hel#BeatPlasticPollutionon by using your own refillable bottle. Mor#ClimateActionon tips.▶un.org/actnowpDE
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Changes in the day-to-day actions of #young people have the potential to bring about a sustainable future.🌲 #GEO6Youthh leads youth towards environmental action and highlights how young people can choose environmentally sustainable 💼careers. ow.ly/sRCb50FBabSa@UNEPUA8lA
In Ukraine, young civic activists are developing digital solutions to fight corruption & increase transparency. Read the story of Yurii Romashko, a #Generation17 #young leader, who is spearheading this effort in the country: ow.ly/ahcv50FQ68t @UNDP @SpoljaricM
🚨 Opportunity Alert 🚨 Calling youn#WomenInSciencece from the global south: Want to perform your research work a@ICGEBEB centres on biotechnology & related fields?#Youth4Southt@ICGEBEB Empower Fellowship is the opportunity for you! 📅 Apply by 30 Sepwp.me/paODk9-37fde8pp
Good food 🥘🍲 is: ✅Togetherness ✅Our culture and roots ✅How we grow It is EVERYTHING. What does 'good food' mean to you? Share you#GoodFood4Allll storybit.ly/unfss-gffaTMo
When girls & young women miss out on their right to education, the impact on communities lasts for generations. More on the vital importance of inclusive & equitable education for all: un.org/sustainabledev… #GlobalGoals #EveryoneIncluded🌟J
In #OurGreenerFuture, preparing youth for green jobs can strengthen human capital & help protect the planet. Tell us 3 actions your country/community could take to build a greener, inclusive future. If you're 18-35 y/o, send us a video/photo: wrld.bg/fahB50FAG5w @WorldBank
There is enough food in the world to feed everyone on this planet. Yet, hundreds of millions of people go hungry while 1/3 of our food goes to waste. #ActNow: Only buy what you need – and use what you buy. 🥘un.org/actnowq#EndHungerr#EndPovertyyp
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The climate emergency is a humanitarian crisis. Ahead of next week's #WorldHumanitarianDay, @UNOCHA is urging everyone to show solidarity with people most affected by the climate crisis. 👉Join#TheHumanRacee:worldhumanitarianday.orgoY
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How can YOUth hold your country accountable in its work with & for YOUth? 🤔 Check out the first-ever progress report of the UN's system-wide#Youth20300 strategy & the new#Youth20300 Toolkit 🤩 unyouth2030.com/aboutlwa1
📣Check out the work of Hala & Nivine, young leaders from Lebanon working on innovative plastic recycling, youth & women empowerment & much more! 📺Watc@UNDPD#YouthClimateTourur Episode 7 featuring their experiencyoutu.be/tu36evv_Vscj#YouthDaya#Youth4ClimatetHZ
The world's youth are ready to join the energy revolution. It’s up to the rest of the world to include them. @UNDP’s @CarolineTresise and @studentenergy’s @hellywatts explain why young people have a crucial role to play in achieving #SDG7: ow.ly/T95s50FPzGW #YouthDay
#YouthLead on actions for sustainable development & peace Dove of peace The Youth, Peace & Security Handbook seeks to increase capacities to support youth-inclusive programming �bit.ly/39I8IxFe bit.ly/3sXTmg989 @UNDPD@UNFPAP@UNPeacebuildingn@FBAFolkekYx
Households consume 29% of global energy 📌 Turn off the lights you don't need. 📌Switch to LED light bulbs. 📌Air dry clothes. These are a few ways you can save electricity at home & ta#ClimateActionion. More ideas about how you c#ActNowNoun.org/en/actnow/ten-…NZi9
Spotlight the great initiatives working to help women + girls gain equal internet access, #DigitalSkills and opportunities in the tech industry! Nominations now open for the #EQUALSinTech Awards equalsintech.org/awards @ITU
Healthy plants mean... 🌍Healthy people & a healthy environment... 🐝Biodiversity conservation... 🍅Secure, adequate & nutritious food for everyone... & so much more! The benefits #PlantHealthlth are endless. What do healthy plants mean to you#IYPHY@FAOFMMv
"Why are these people on the street asking for food? I came to understand the 'why' and wanted to do something about it." Get inspired - hear how #FoodSystemsHero Luan Torres took action to help create better #FoodSystems 🔽#YouthofUNESCOO#LeadYounggow.ly/JSms50FonZKt
📷 Share a snapshot of your#WildlifeFilledLifee with @unepwcmcc! 📣We LAUNCHED a campaign calling on social media users to share personal photos and knowledge of species from around the world! 🦜🌵 👉Learn more about how to participaow.ly/2X9a50Fnmd9fkPkx8C
What we eat, and how that food is produced, affects our health and the environment. Be a #ClimateAction Superhero by eating more sustainably - cook more plant-based meals, buy funny-looking veggies & educate others to do the same. bit.ly/ClimateHeroes #ActNow
This is a race we can't afford to lose. This #WorldHumanitarianDay, race with us in solidarity with people affected by the climate crisis and urge world leaders to act. Join now 👉worldhumanitarianday.orgA#TheHumanRacee#OnlyTogetherrI
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We asked 300+ young energy leaders for their recommendations ahead of the #HLDE2021. Their message is clear ▶️supporting youth to be agents of change is essential for #SDG7. @UNDP spotlights 4 ways young people can lead the energy revolution: ow.ly/4cXh50FPulI
Unsustainable food production and consumption patterns are driving climate change, fueling obesity and hunger, and leaving humans vulnerable to disease. How much do you know about the food on your fork❓ Take our quiz to find 👉bit.ly/3jTdg8vd@UNEPPb
📣Day 2 of the#YouthLeadd Innovation Fest, are you ready? 🙌 Join thousands of young people proposing innovative solutions & driving social progress in their communities & around the 🌎. Watch livbit.ly/WatchInnovatio…n@UNYouthEnvoyn#Youthdayh#GlobalGoalsoTo2L
"Young people cannot do it on their own. They need allies to make sure they are engaged, included and understood," says @antonioguterres on #YouthDay. 👉un.org/en/desa/intern…L@UNDESAA@UNDESASociall #FoodSystemss#GlobalGoalssi
How can young people transform #FoodSystems 🍲🥘to guarante#GoodFood4Allll? Did you miss ou#YouthDayay webinar? Watch it here �youtu.be/4vRICZPXqAowJuK
Young people are driving global #ClimateAction, helping our #FoodSystems adapt to the changed climate with innovative transformation. #YouthDaybit.ly/UN-IYD2021G#FoodSystemss#GlobalGoalss6
Young people must be involved in the decisions that will shape the future of our #FoodSystems. Our #PlanetaryHealth and a better future of all depend on it. #YouthDay! �bit.ly/UN-IYD2021G#FoodSystemss#GlobalGoalssl
Young people are on the front lines of the struggle to build a better future for all. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the dire need for the kind of transformational change they seek — and young people must be full partners in that effort. -- @antonioguterres #YouthDay
Young people 🌎🌍🌏 are calling for a transformation #FoodSystemsems 🍲 🥘 to make them equally accessible to everyone. Will the governments lis#UNFSSU#YouthDaythDbit.ly/UN-IYD2021E#GlobalGoalsl8zpMYE
Today is #YouthDay! #DidYouKnow ageism affects people of all ages, including younger people? 📢What do you know about 𝘼𝙜𝙚𝙞𝙨𝙢 𝙩𝙝𝙧𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝 𝙩𝙝𝙚 𝙖𝙜𝙚𝙨? The Decade kn#GlobalCampaigntoCombatAgeismampaigntoCombatAgeism wantbit.ly/ageismthruagestttps://t.co/07u95PrebH
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Meet 30 young Colombian #FoodHeroes that are working with @FAO & @Telefonica to improve coffee farming with technology. Using Big Data & the Internet of Things they counter the effects of climate change & use water efficiently �bit.ly/3iF1H5H1 #YouthDayy#AgInnovationnZ
Naomi came back home to farm and she has never looked back. Her message to #youth: agriculture is a business, you can be self-employed and earn the income you want! #YouthDay @FAO
The incredible work of a young, female microbiologist from Burkina Faso is helping combat desertification in the Sahel. Here is the story of Barkissa Fofana �bit.ly/2RTHdFBS #YouthDayy#AgInnovationn@FAOOz
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