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Today! The official opening of the ”Studio of Choice”. 🇸🇪 Head of Development Cooperation Berthollet Kaboru cut the ribbontwitter.com/saywhatorg/sta…pG
When miscarriage is a crime. That is the reality in the documentary “The Seventeen”, women are imprisoned for loosing their child. Gender equality & women’s right to their own body is a #HumanRight The 🇸🇪 Emb &@RWallenbergInstst thank all for engaging!#FeministForeignPolicycM8
Dynamic conversation at ”Young People’s Voices Dialogue” on #SRHR hosted by 🇸🇪 &@SAYWHATOrgrg Access to healthcare services for youth & other challenges they face regarding sexuality, like talking about sex without being judged was discussed. Focus was also on GBV & mental healthWc
Climate Change & Human Rights are connected. The 🇸🇪 Embassy &@RWallenbergInstst hosted a screening of ”Thank you for the Rain” – a documentary that visualize the climate injustice and lack of equity in political decisions and their consequenses.#TogetherForOurPlanetet@COP262q9
Imagine a future that is more just, equal & green. A climate-smart and green transition paves the way for economic & social development, better living conditions and sustainability across generations and boarders. #ClimateAction #COP26 #ParisAgreement #TogetherForOurPlanet
The 🇸�@SwedishPMPM’s speech a@COP2626 ”The climate transition is not only possible, it also brings enormous opportunities with it. Opportunities to build better societies. But only so if we ensure that the creation of a sustainable world is a just process, benefitting everyone.twitter.com/SwedishPM/stat…Yx
Equal enjoyment of human rights without discrimination is key in any democratic society. 🇸🇪 Sweden is a strong supporter o#Humanrightsts for everyone, always. Thanks for an excellent exchange with members from the LGBTQI 🏳️‍🌈 Community – Your voices matte#DriveForDemocracyrld4H
Kindly note that the Embassy will be closed on 2 November due to planning day.
Hello #Bulawayo! 📽 Tonight at 6pm! 🇸🇪 presents the screening of ”COLD CASE HAMMARSKJÖLD ” @EuroFilmFestZWtZW 🍿 In 1961, UN secretary-general Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane mysteriously crashed, leaving no known survivors. Bookinguestli.st/7000953J9q Welcome! 🇸🇪wysCfsJgzK
And also a shout out for all other competing universities for giving it a go! @great_zimuniv @chinhoyivarsity @Africa_Univ @nustzim @UniversityOfZim @lupane_state @MaronderaVarsit @ManicalandS @buseonline1 Let’s see who will get the 🥇 next year!#UNIQChallengee
12 Universities – 1 winner! 🥇 The 2021 University Quiz Challenge on#SRHRR issues hosted by 🇸🇪’s partn@saywhatHAT is done & the winner is@GwandaStateUniUni Congratulations! 👏🏽 �@MidlandsStatedsState Univer@HarareInstitutenstitute of Technology Well do#UNIQChallengehccBHIRDM
Most interesting and inspiring visit to Chinhoyi together with @CBuchanCanada 🇨🇦 perfectly organized b@WFP_Zimbabwewe Resilience building key to achiev#Agenda20303@SwedeninZWZ@CanEmbZimbabwewtwitter.com/WFP_Zimbabwe/s…CX
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We travelled with our partners 🇨�@CBuchanCanadada and �@PehrsonAsonA to Chinhoyi, to hear first-hand from communities about the positive impa#cashcash #resilienceence building has had through covid-19. Working towa#Agenda20302030 together w@SwedeninZWi@CanEmbZimbabweahd6l
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Stockholm International Democracy Talks in 🇸🇪 starts tomorrow and we are excited about the participation of Peter Mutasa, President of Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions and Namatai Kwekweza, Director of WELEAD Trust#DriveForDemocracyc@MutasaPetere@namataik_k_@weleadteama@SweMFAFyl
.#Happeningnow: An informative discussion under the Series of Learning Events that seeks to bridge the information gap between community news and the information needs by broader media & CSOS. The event is supported by @fojo_int and @forfreemedia w/ @euinzim and @SwedeninZW.
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Community engagement is important!🇸🇪 partne@DiakoniaAfricaca’s programme on enhancing citizen participation in local governance is a way forward. 🇸🇪 Embassy & @PehrsonAsonA participated in a community meeting in Pumula, Bulawayo. Service delivery was eagerly discussed by citiztwitter.com/byopra/status/…Jppd
A resilient and equal health care system in Zimbabwe is vital - especially during #COVID19 Between year 2016 - 2021 Sweden 🇸🇪 has donated SEK 342 Million to the Health Development Fun#HDFZIMIM to support the important work of maternal, newborn and child health &#SRHRHR issuesEN
🇸🇪 support@ZRBFZIMIM to help the most vulnerable adapt to climate change. To create alt & climate fit income sources, practice conservation agriculture, training in business management & awareness of gender roles. #ClimateChangege is a global issue and require global cooperationRO
Since 2018, the 🇸🇪 Embassy has supported th@SNVZimbabwewe OYE project aiming to equip young people with technical, business and life skills to start their own enterprises. Over 7000 youth have benefitted from the support in 11 districts across Zimbabwe. In rural & urban areasqs
In response to #COVID19 🇸🇪 support th@UNICEFZIMBABWEWE WASH project in Harare & Bulawayo. It involve drilling boreholes, investing in solar pumps & including the community to manage & distribute water. This helps 🇿🇼 achi#SDG6SDG6 – Access to clean water and sanitation for aKqWi
With the 🇸🇪 funded Action for Choice projec@SAYWHATOrgrg provides a platform for youths to claim and contribute to issues regarding thei#SRHRHR needs. Until 2023 🇸🇪 will support SAYWHAT projects with MSEK50 to ensure youth are not left behind in the quest for a healthy ZimbabDBlO
SI Alumni 🇿🇼 the 🇸🇪 Embassy hosted high school students who shared their experiences & reflections of #PlasticFreeWeekSIekSI Insights of the impact plastic have on the planet mixed with creative ideas of reusing plastic & use optional materials. Inspirational & f#SDG13DYIBP
📽 Tonight at 6pm! Sweden 🇸🇪 presents the screening of ”COLD CASE HAMMARSKJÖLD ” #EuroFilmFestZWtZW.🍿 In 1961, UN secretary-general Dag Hammarskjöld’s plane mysteriously crashed, leaving no known survivors. Book you ticket heguestli.st/69942078Li Welcome! 🇸🇪ByUDuFMD5m
How can anti-corruption and human rights initiatives mutually reinforce each other? Today the 🇸🇪 Embassy@RWallenbergInstst &@ZACConlinene hosted #democracytalklk on the correlation between the level of corruption and the level of enjoyment o#HumanRightsts.#drivefordemocracyctt
🇸🇪 Head of Development Berthollet Kaburo participated in the Zimbabwe Women’s Dialogue on the Local Government Quota. To increase women’s political participation in local government is an important part of the road map towards sustainable development.#FeministForeignPolicyctwitter.com/genderlinks/st…sD
🎞Excited to announce our film for#EuroFilmFestZWW.🍿 ‘Galapagos: Hope for the Future’ is a documentary on the efforts to save th#biodiversityty of the iconic islands. Narrated b@ronanofficialal with amazing footage & inspiration on protecting nature. Join us! 🇳🇱�xBOA3nEL
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#RuralWomen lead the production of food and community nutrition. COVID-19 and #climatechange have resulted in food insecurity. #COP26 must advance rural women’s voice as custodians of natural resources. Watch Virtual Tour of #ZRBF projects in Mbire advancing women's #resilience
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Investing in simple infrastructure, combined with appropriate training and skills is building resilience in drought prone regions of Zimbabwe. 🇸🇪 is proud to partner wit@zrbfBF in building resilience for Zimbabweans@PehrsonAn@ZRBFZIMIFA
Marking #IDG2021 at the National Disability Expo in Gweru under the theme..."Disability Mainstreaming and Inclusion for a Prosperous and Empowered Society which leaves No One behind.” #girlsgetequal @SwedeninZW @euinzim @plansverige @disabled_women @ncdbz @LCDZim
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Today is International Day of the Girl! Sweden’s Ambassador @PehrsonA & the 🇸🇪 Embassy#StandWithGirlsls together wit@PlanZimbabwewe It is time t#StopChildMarriageZWZW and all forms of abuse and exploitation#GirlsGetEqualZWZ#IDG20212@SweMFAFIc
Save the dates! Time to get ready for the #EuroFilmFestZW!🇪🇺🇸�twitter.com/euinzim/status…zlOMiv
Sweden 🇸🇪 is raising the climate ambition further in the run-up t#COP2626 in Glasgow and increases Sweden’s climate financing with SEK 1 billion for 2022@Sidad@SweMFADevCoDeptp@SweMFAF@PehrsonAn@COP262twitter.com/thinkper/statu…hl
Interesting & honest discussions about the business climate in Zimbabwe on the Harare session of the @NABAorg Summit 2021. Also genuine insights on the high level outlook broadcasted from Oslo and the parallell sessions in Lagos and Nairobi. A great day for new partnerships!
Being one of the major donors to #COVAX Sweden 🇸🇪 is proud to contribute to a more equal access t#COVID1919 vaccine globally. Today’s donation t#Zimbabwewe 🇿🇼 is very welcom@PehrsonAs@SweMFAe@thinkperk@SweMFADevCoDeptD@SidaS@WHO_Zimbabwea@gavig@UNICEFZIMBABWEAtwitter.com/UNZimbabwe/sta…NYZk
The 🇸🇪 Embassy is proud to co-host the Harare session of The Nordic-African Business Summit 2021 with Spear Capital &@NABAorgrg Equity and sustainable economic development in business are key elements going forward. 🇸🇪🇳🇴🇩🇰@PehrsonA@BusinessSwedenBsummit.norwegianafrican.no.co/S1eiUOQ8gE
Today is International Safe Abortion Day. The Swedish Embassy 🇸🇪 stand up in solidarity with those who are working and fighting for safe abortion rights around the world. #StandUpForAbortionRightst#MakeUnsafeAbortionHistoryr#FeministForeignPolicycy @Sidad@RFSUS@KvinnaKvinnaINTN18
government inter-agency collaboration & active citizens participation w/system-wide whistleblower mechanism & protection are critical to stump corruption says #UNRC @Ribeiro6Maria, addressing a two-day national workshop on whistleblower protection organized by @ZACConline
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The School of Integrity – For Emerging Young Leaders! Our partner @TIZim_info offers this opportunity for young Zimbabweans to attend a 7 day online course on corruption and governance. Apply before 30 September! #DriveForDemocracy @weleadteam @namataik_ @MarylinTsitsi twitter.com/TIZim_info/sta…
The Embassy of Sweden 🇸🇪 has signed a new 3-year, SEK 33 Million core agreement support wit@SAYWHATOrgrg to strengthen young people’s access t#SRHRHR services & increase their voice on health related issues#ActionforChoicec#LearnandMakeSafeChoicese@Sidadt4
Today we honour the memory of UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjöld, who died 60 years ago in a plane crash. We remember him for his integrity and for laying the foundations for the independent role of the civil servant and UN peacekeeping activities. His ideas live on.
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The first democratic parliamentary election in Sweden in which women were both able to vote & could be elected was held 100 years ago. Ensuring opportunities for women & girls to participate in the political decision-making process is still a priority for 🇸🇪#FeministFridayaSo
Open and constructive conversation with Hon. Minister Shava on bilateral relations 🇿🇼🇸�#Drivefordemocracyracy , development cooperation and, relations between 🇪🇺🇿🇼. Looking forward to a continued strengthened di@SwedeninZWe@SweMFA @SweMFADevCoDepte@Sidap@euinzim@@ShavaHonShzKk35wR
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LIVE NOW on #DemocracyDay: Zim youth leading the conversation in advancing democratic resilience. #UN + @SwedeninZW jointly commemorate international democracy day join the conversation ➡️fb.watch/81SEgE7Ewr/ #drivefordemocracy #humanrights @Ribeiro6Maria @PehrsonA
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LIVE NOW on #DemocracyDay: Zim youth leading the conversation in advancing democratic resilience. #UN + @SwedeninZW jointly commemorate international democracy day join the conversation ➡️fb.watch/81SEgE7Ewr/ #drivefordemocracy #humanrights @Ribeiro6Maria @PehrsonA
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