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By 2015, the percentage of Americans diagnoses with diabetes soared to almost 8%, 90-95% of those with T2D.
1/ Type 2 Diabetes proliferation is a recent phenomenon. In 1958, less than 1% of the US population was diagnosed with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes combined. About 50% of those were Type 1. Type 2 Diabetes was rare.
@KetoSustainable If there's a hole in your bucket, you don't pour more water into the bucket to "compensate". You plug the damn hole. Most doctors these days have no interest in finding the root cause of chronic health issues. We need more doctors that think like engineers instead of robots.
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Most doctors want to treat the symptom of insufficient insulin by adding more insulin. What if a better solution was to reduce the blood glucose load and require less insulin secretion?
Most Type 2 Diabetics do not have a problem creating insulin, they have a problem creating ENOUGH insulin to keep up with a CONSTANT MASSIVE glucose load. It isn’t a supply problem, it is an EXCESS DEMAND problem.
The beauty of doing nothing is that you can do it perfectly. Only when you do something is it almost impossible to do it without mistakes. Therefore people who are contributing nothing to society, except their constant criticisms, can feel both intellectually and morally superior
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Is this guy trying to make me like olive oil?…
Let' hope trainers like this never get public funding for such a project.
If you aren’t doing so already you need to follow these accounts: 🔥@BrianWileyCHCC - certified health coach, who has kept 100lbs off for over a decade @AmyDee10011 - our Director of Health Coaching - lost over 230lbs 🔥 These two bring an unmatched wealth of empathy & experience
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There is great value in this tweet. I essentially used this method to grow from 1500 follower to > 6000 in six months. I also retweet others' content that I find helpful.…
@KetoSustainable I'm not perfect today, but sometimes I wonder if I was misdiagnosed and how many others were too. I have disordered eating patterns I worked on with a food psychologist (who diagnosed me and sent me for help), and now I am stable enough to work through most stuff myself.
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Remember when we were energy independent (Less than a year ago)? Reducing supply <> high demand.…
@KetoSustainable Definitely! I used to eat probably 2lbs salad until my stomach was about to explore and still don't feel satiated. Now I can barely finish a 16oz ribeye because brain says no more.
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Telecommuting is at an all-time high, but fuel demand is unexpectedly high. I call BS. This is a centrally planned economy on display. Enjoy.
@CaryKelly11 @KetoSustainable In my case, my fuel light came on every 30 minutes while endlessly hoarding gasoline into plastic grocery bags in my trunk. Thank God I lit the match that destroyed that paradigm.…
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@KetoSustainable Most addictions are a coping mechanism to Mask some trauma or the other. The toxic relationship with the substance abused has a diff underlying cause. No addict really wants to remain one. They need empathy not judgement. Most times the addicts don't know that themselves.
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@KetoSustainable Imagine your fuel light coming on every 2-3 hours when your gauge says it's 3/4 full.
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@KetoSustainable Imagine being a fuel tanker truck and running out of gas because you’re unable to access the energy stored in the large tank you’re toting around. If you’re not fat adapted this is your situation.
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8/ Food/Fuel choices matter. That is why a calorie from a Twinkie is not equitable to a calorie from a bioavailable, essential nutrient-dense source.
7/ If you eat solely for energy, it can be overfed (storing excess energy) and in disrepair (malnourished).
6/ Fortunately, our bodies do have the ability to repair themselves, provided they have sufficient additives (nutrients). That is the problem of thinking that food is just for energy.
5/ Cars don't repair themselves and sometimes they need fuel additives to clean the filter
4/ Wednesday morning the spark plugs are fouled and the car won't start. So you grab the gas can and refill the tank. The dumb car still won't start. Come on, it has plenty of energy.
3/ Tuesday morning you fail to notice the flat tire. It is riding bumpy so you stop at the gas station to add more fuel. Stupid car.
2/ Now imagine that you ignored the oil level, transmission fluid, brake fluid, tire pressure, spark plugs, fuel filter, etc.
Human body/engine analogy thread 1/ Imagine your car. You drive it all the time and you verify that it has gasoline (energy) every day. Good for you.
The trash can has worked well for me up until now.
2/ Constant hunger would eventually lead to poor food choices. Poor food choices would then lead to binge episodes.
From my notes for my book: 1/ I will be honest, my plant-based diet did lower my HBA1C to 7.5. That would probably be just enough to only require Metformin to semi-normalize my blood glucose. The only problem (for me) with the plant-based diet was constant hunger.
Honest representation of evidence is important. How many people have heard someone say that a low carb diet is associated with increased mortality? There is no evidence for this. Here are all the studies that make that claim. None were actually low carb. Much closer to SAD.
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This is what happens when you don't take the sure out.…
People with binge eating disorders are not lazy, slovenly gluttons. They are deeply damaged human beings that require retraining on how to face stress and depression.
@KetoSustainable I don’t understand it myself. When my a1c and FBS were elevated, I thought, “Hmm. My body can’t handle the glucose load anymore. I should reduce my glucose intake.” Made sense to me, anyway. Both numbers reduced.
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If you don't follow @ahhite can we still be friends? Dr. Adele Hite is a powerhouse of information. Let's grow her account together.
How the obesity epidemic happened? It took EACH of these, but all together, this is the reason for our current mess •Diet culture •Weight/Fat stigma •Predatory wellness industry •Disenfranchisement •Poor dietary guidelines •Terrible dietitians •Terrible medical advice
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10 years ago I was a T2 diabetic on a crash course with an early death. #lowcarb #nsng #carnivore #keto gave me the tools to save my own life. If you are just beginning this journey, don't give up hope. A healthy life is reachable and sustainable.
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@ben_gramfitness no but their in-house cafes would sell more muffins and energy drinks.
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Tweeting less because I am writing more. Still here though.
As I am working on the draft for my book (which is going to be deeply personal, by the way), I am surprised at how often I experienced Imposter Syndrome. In fact, I am feeling it as I write the book. So many deep-seated feelings of unworthiness.
@KetoSustainable @katzander68 Thanks! Finally! I've been trying to convince people about the stretch receptors in the stomach vs.true hormonal satiety and I get the " what nonsense are you talking " look. I see too many people thinking that heaviness means satiety and they load up on carbs mostly!
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@OpheliaMaddsen If the state is doing things that look objectively stupid, those things are done for power not because the state is stupid.
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Just started writing a book y'all.
Hey guys, especially my new followers, be sure and check out my pinned tweet. If you are new to Low Carb or Keto, it has a simple protocol to follow (all on one page). Also, check out my blog if you like.
@AmyDee1001 @ketocoachvic @fancypirate8 @DoctorTro If you stand in a dark room + face a mirror and say calories in calories out 3x Dr. Tro appears and strikes you down with a hard copy of a 1970 Atkins book.
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@KetoSustainable This would be bad enough coming from a supermarket checkout tabloid … but from the AHA is borderline criminal.
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If you eat a satiating meal & for some reason want to eat later on, eat more of what satisfied you earlier. Don't change the taste profile, it'll hijack your hunger. This is why in restaurants the appetizer, entree & dessert are all different profiles, so you keep eating.
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