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💥"The@PoopyExpp presale is starting, join their discorddiscord.gg/QG5Rj6VSP to get on the whitelist! " 💥 and then attach one of these imagestwitter.com/messages/media…g3T
@LockjawNFTT just made their presale public! 💥 And celebrating with their first BIG giveaway! 0N1 #2722 To be eligible: 1. Mint >3 Lockjaws, between 9/18 (Sat) to 9/20 (Mon) 2. Like, Retweet, and Follo@LockjawNFTFT 3. Join their discord! Minting atlockjaw.io9LS
💩PoopyExperiences🤪 🕹First Interactive NFTs of their type. ⚡️Get on the whitelist for presale. Join the PoopyVerse discord.com/invite/MEzc7s8…dn5bc0
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It’s fun testing the referral section of the app! Follow us to know the release date. Get free tokens when signing up and when you get referrals. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. #Cardano #CardanoCommunity #ADA #fund6 #cardanoproject #btc  #Ethereum #NewCoin
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We are up BIG on followers! I will be giving away 1 @Pudgy_Penguins and 2 @FastFoodPenguin to stimulate my PP 🍆! To win: 1. Follow@POTUS45NFTT 2. Like and RT this post 3. Tag 3 friends Winners will be selected by ME! #MakeNFTGreatAgainn#POTUS45NFTT #NFTT#NFTGiveawayy#NFTDroppW
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Rewards Staking is Now Live! 🚀 RWD BSC Staking:rwd.global/staking-bep20/4 RWD ETH Staking:rwd.global/staking-erc20/u - 21% APY, auto-compounds every 30 days. - Stakes can be added/removed anytime - Metamask required - Max pool size is 35MM RWD on BSC and 35MM on ETH #cryptoo#bnbbL
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OMG😍#ASMRR#NFTT!! I’m so excited for@xtinglescomm✨ Genesis Drop tomorrow 11am EST�twitter.com/flow_blockchai…iQ
It’s fun testing the referral section of the app! Follow us to know the release date. Get free tokens when signing up and when you get referrals. You don’t want to miss this opportunity. #Cardano #CardanoCommunity #ADA #fund6 #cardanoproject #btc  #Ethereum #NewCoin
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I am grateful for the well wishes and loads of messages. I am fine thank you. Thread ⬇️
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Been watching this new project and I'm excited to team up with @mmccsolana for an NFT Giveaway!   The only NFT to give 100% of royalties back to the holders! WGMI Fam! To enter: ✅Follow: @mmccsolana ✅RT & Tag 3 NFT Friends ✅Join Discord: bit.ly/MMCCNFT   #SolanaNFT
🚨PROJECT FIVES GIVEAWAY🚨 Win a FREE Red legendary teams #7935! 1️⃣ Follow me &@projectfiveses 2️⃣Tag 2 friends + 1 NBA player 3️⃣Join Discorddiscord.gg/wrVUwkMVrtun 🍀 MUST hold 1+ Teams when giveaway ends to win both#NFTN#NFTGiveawaywl69
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🔥25 $SOL (3.7k$) TO WIN �@SolPixelRocksks is the new BIG NFT on Solana !! Participate to their GiveAway to WIN : (don't forget to join their Discord!twitter.com/solpixelrocks/…cz
$MAFIA FAIRLAUNCH in 1.5 HRS! LoyaltyCoin w support of only man from La Cosa Nostra to leave & live: ex-Colombo Capo Michael Franzese: gas tax billionaire, “Prince of the Mafia”... 6% BUSD💰 $1500 Shill Prize💸 New TG (old hacked)t.me/LaCoinaNostram0. TW@token_mafiai4T
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EtherBulls, 6666 unique NFTs representing market sentiment towards top cryptocurrencies Minting at etherbulls.org at 9/11 7pm UTC Twitter: @etherbulls Discord: discord.gg/bHpa9AMDPY This is going to go fast you don’t want to miss it 👀
✨NEXT HUGE NFT PROJECT ON SOLANA✨ @SolPixelRocks on FIRE with their GIVEAWAY of 10 $SOL ! 1⃣- Follow @SolPixelRocks 2⃣ - Like and Retweet the pinned post 3⃣- 1 TAG = 1 Chance twitter.com/solpixelrocks/…
@SpookiesNFT ✨ 👻👻👻👻👻👻 One of the new, most promising NFTs out there. Get one and become a spooktacular collector of this amazing nft art. Join our discord, follow our twitter and lets conquer the world togetdiscord.gg/EpwW7WtB9ndhxNnpCLyHY
I’ve teamed up with @FarmersMktverse to giveaway FMV Patron ID#3359! (Pictured above) To enter: Follow @FarmersMktverse Tag 3 friends! Like + retweet this post! Closing in on ONLY 700 mints left (out of 5000) MINT HERE:mint.farmersmarketverse.com Ends 09/10/21at 2PM EST
🥳COINS Airdrop Coming! 🔥Vote for your favorit#BSCSC project now ⏲️Sep 8th 12:00UTC-Sep 15th 12:00 UTC 🥰Participation 1. Foll@Coinswap_ap_ Join telegrat.me/Coinswap_ENTZN 2. Retweet and Comment with yo#BSCBSC address 3. Vote 👇👇👇 Demedium.com/@CoinSwap.io/c…LZBiOT
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Bullish news for @tunefmofficial Tune.fm ☑️ Listed in CoinGecko as $JAM 🚀 ☑️ Avaiable in Bitrue! Click here to add to your portfolio: bitrue.com/trade/jam_usdtz Launched on@hederaa. >100k transactions over the last 30 days app.dragonglass.me/hedera/dapps/t…t
🔥We are extremely excited to announce the launch of Slothana NFTs! We are starting off with a exclusive OG Role, invite competition and meme competition, swing into our jungle:discord.gg/9HqVbjvKeSe Mint starts soon👀#nftf#solanan#SOLO#nftcollectoro#NFTCommunityt#slothananZp
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✨The @SolSteiNFT collection is launching today 1600UTC! ✨ What’s really awesome is that the project is sharing all the royalties 50/50, forever! The team seems to know what they are doing. 3 SOL to mint. #SolanaNFT #Solana #NFT
@baddiesRRR x@wrasslersggg💥 First time in histor#NFTFT wrestling will happen online! Just mint your Baddie amintholabaddies.comYy and enter the ring. Discorddiscord.gg/h7w5PNwNK2d5#Baddiese#NFTWrestlingn#NFTshilllSt
#Airdrops 📌Follow@Coinw_exchangee 💕RT & TAG 3 Friends 💰300 $USDT for 50 users Leave your CoinW UID in the comment $DYDX Listed on CoinW 15:20 SEP 8 (UTC@dydxprotocolcol 💰Deposit & Trade get 30000 U#Rewardsards More detaicoinw.comOWVwY
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Excited that @EverRise is launching #EverOwn tomorrow! 🔥 It’s going to make it so much easier finding gems that are safu 😎 #EverOwn_Changes_BSC_Sept8t5y
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The third and final generation of #UndeadPixelMonks NFTs will arrive on 2 October at 3 p.m. UTC! We'll give away a gen 3 #NFT on the day of the drop! 🌸🔥 Here's how you can win: - Retweet and like this - Follow us - Join our Discorddiscord.gg/KzA4AR6v2uGL#NFTGiveawayahF
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🚀@twinciioo - The first NFT SOCIAL MARKETPLACE#BSCC 💎Hidden gem ✅ Live Dapp ✅ Lifetime Royalty ✅ Audit by Certik ✅ Many great partners coinmarketcap.com/currencies/twi…Tk1 🥞 Buy $TWIN on Pancakeswpancakeswap.finance/swap?inputCurr…qx7twinci.ioppfiEt.me/twinciio_chatjpyWs7
Yet to take part in our referral program? Check it out! 1⃣ Create your link ON ANY DEVICE 2⃣ Share it 3⃣ Get Guarda Token in reward – 0,5% of the FULL AMOUNT of your friends' exchanges! Store $GRD – get special perks and discounts on Guarda! Now also available on @Uniswap.
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『Kawaii SKULL GIFs』☠️🌈@kawaiiskull_nftt This is a cute skull that incorporates Japanese pop culture.🇯🇵 Here is a collection of Kawaii SKULL GIFs. You can see cute skulls all at once, and it's a great value work. Please check it outopensea.io/assets/kawaiis…gCFQ
💥$TORG is the most undervalued compared to other like#Dogee,#SHIBB. Need I say more? 🚀#BTCT#BNBN#EOSO#ADAD#cryptot#Bitcoinin#OMGM#TORGR#FTMT#ONENgO
💎GIVEAWAY 💎 1k to winner 🔥 🗓 WHEN: Sept 5rd to 8th 💌 AIRDROP RULES 💌 ✅ Follow, re@cryptonairzonairz ✅ Follow, re@Doy1eeeoy1eee ✅ Suscribe YouTube Chyoutube.com/c/CryptonairzaEgUHU 📈 Follow, retweet and susc3AKg4oCy
🇬🇧BLUECAT 🇬🇧 🚀BLUECAT will launch on 16:15 UTC 2021-09-05 🚀 💰7% BNB rewards 🔥4%Burn 🤩3%buyback 🎁6%Game rewards ✅Contract: 0x7cD082201C841Cf2ea42F5b8B54Ad7c0603E3A2c Buy now on Papancakeswap.finance/swap?utm_sourc…jcRgsrwmt.me/Bluecat_EN//uR1MGvOX80
✨Pretty collection of unique 1/1 pieces by @ferrisemporium✨ 100 pieces in total and they all just finished dropping with over 30% sold already !!!🦋 🌸Several pieces available on the Polygon chain as well to avoid ETH gas fees.R6h
🐱NyaNyaCatsV2 is a NFT that changes color when you reload the detail page.🐱 V2 is created with its own contract, and everything is on-chain. The cats are waiting for their owners.nyanyacat.artDz#NFTCommunityt#nftartr#OpenSeaNFTF#nftcollectoro#NFTcollectiblesegS
💥ATTENTION!!💥 $100 giveaway 24hrs retweet this & follo@GoBananas_Tokenen + RT their pinneddDb
🤍$TORG holders are going to be rich soon 🤑🤑 Maybe not today or tomorrow, but $TORG is going to $0.0coingecko.com/en/coins/torgxr8
🎉Give-Away🎉 Like and Retweet this tweet. Follo@8bitApeses tag 2 friends and us#8BitApeseC4
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💥For the next 48 hours, @lilboomiess is doing an $eth gas reimbursement! For every mint tx they will refund up to 0.02 eth after filling out the form. Visitlilboomies.iox to get your#nftss then visitforms.gle/W2VnaZfkQGt94x…L to get your refund. Enjoy! #nftcollectorssN
$CUBAN just launched on #BNB @BinanceChain 🚀🚀�@CubanDogeoge is digital currency developed for NFT marketplaces. This low transaction fee token will serve as the way to buy NFTs and earn exclusive rewards. Join telegram for more informatiot.me/CubanDogeTokenHOgr
💫✨Don’t Miss the Levitated Journey✨💫@NFTNoob2323 has a project you don’t want to miss out on! Atleast I don’t! This one seems like one for the records. They are building a Strong Community! +physical assets 🤯 Discordiscord.gg/tEuJHjbULAc Upcoming projec@emodiconsotwitter.com/nftnoob23/stat…TK4
🎩BitBoy: Confirmed Cum Guzzlera
$CUBAN 🔥🔥🔥 🚀🚀🚀 Cannot wait to start dro@Satoshis_Momi@CubanDogea#NFTs #NFTs ❤️‍🔥❤️fBIrhxdFa
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@ReeseW Hi Reese, There is a very cool project that is using their proceeds to save sloths and other conservation efforts. It would mean the world to the team if we could send one to you. @SlothzNFT is the handle and slothz.io is the website.
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👉🏻Check out the roadmap fo@lilboomieses - they're giving away #BAYCYC during their minting event (which is also live right now). With great artwork and audio ownership, thes#nftsts bring something new to the market. ✨ Go ahead and mint one for 0.06 $etlilboomies.io8Qt
CoinScouter.comC is the best place to find new#BSCC tokens. New coins added every day so just keep checking in! 💥 💰 $#giveawayway in 24 hrs! Just complete the tasks below.👇🏼 Fol@CoinScouterouter Create accoCoinScouter.comP2rBC (Post prBkZM1
Join us for the @DinoMonks launch party on twitter spaces at 5:30pm EST! 🥳 @beijingdouu is hosting alongside@jarulee +@mcarterwilliamss and the team! 🦖 We will cover all things DINOMONKS and everything you need for the drop at 6pmET ! join our discord for a big giveaway! ☮0y
Finally an NFT with a real utility! 🔥🤯@UnitedMetaversese is giving away 2 FREE 3D NFTs Passports (0,2ETH) 🎁 Get yours before FOMO takes all the rest! 👀 1️⃣ Fol@UnitedMetaverseerse + RT 2️⃣ Tag 3 Friends 3️⃣ You must join Discorddiscord.gg/Kecm7FEeX0#NationWillRiseRE6Bg
Good opportunity for #NFT lovers 🤩 @1MillionNFTT | 1 Million NFT Get the chance to put your image on the board if you own one. It's launching tomorrow, so dont miss your chance to grab them first. More info �1mlnnfts.com/aboutVR3
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