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Zunaid Floris
When #Israel occupies territory deep within the west bank, and connects the hundreds or so settlements with (cont)
The bottom line is: #Peace will come to #Palestine only when the #Israeli government is willing to comply with international law
Israel has broken 65 U.N resolutions with no consequences. Iraq broke two and got invaded, bombed and destroyed.
Palestine has no navy, no air force, no army - This isn't war it's genocide!!! #PrayForGaza #FreePalestine"
"To everyone whose tweeting #prayforisrael - should we pray for these girls as well? Bc shame, she looks so hurt.
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It angers me so much that people just sit and watch biased media then go tweet rubbish like #prayforisrael 😡 know your sources and research!
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Dear Israel, How many kids will you kill everyday? They will grow stronger. #FreePalestine #SaveGaza
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Israel's targets in Gaza: hospitals, homes ambulances, schools, media cars, restaurants, NGOs, mosques & now a charity for the disabled.
If Israel wasn't at fault,how come their own ppl are starting to turn against them? Educate yourself #GazaUnderAttack
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Red Hat moves forward with new OpenStack release"
Israel's government thinks the conflict with Palestine can simply be "managed". It is wrong"
Be yourself, falsity never did suit you, if you cannot be honest with yourself, what chance do you expect with the world.
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If you can't read or understand Arabic, your reward is still great. The Qur'an is an ocean waiting for you to explore.
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Some people have 10 some 10k some 100k followers... Are you scared you will lose followers if you tweeted the truth? #GazaUnderAttack
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"@WIRED: The Oculus Rift game that's so real it nearly destroyed me"
when Hamas attack Israel, they are labelled as terrorist. When Israel attack Gaza, no one label them as terrorist. That's just hypocrisy
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Pray for the people of Gaza, Allah give them strength in this time of… #PrayForPalestina #PrayForGaza #SaveGaza"
When my girlfriend dumped me I spent 8 hours making a replica of her house and her on Sims, then burning it down. Easiest way to move on.
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