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Hey @Joe_Sugg I kinda think we suit this…
@Shaunsivan: do you ever ever think will ever ever follow me????” HELL YUS SHAUN, today is your lucky day 👊
I like this photo because it actually looks a bit like I might know what I'm doing. I didn't... 😆
Did a photoshoot yesterday for Dare magazine! Loved how it all went :)
Hey @Caspar_Lee I changed my profile picture FINALLY 😁😜
I feel like I blinked and the summer went?! The leaves are already turning brown (and I like it) bring on the layering & cosy nights 🍁🍂
It is very early. I need to get out of bed. I'm finding this hard. *rolls about as duvet caterpillar*
'They're so friendly in there' It's official now from @ZozeeBo! We're about 9 mins into today's vlog... Exciting!…
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I can hear @PointlessBlog & @funforlouis alarms going off at the same time…very tuneful
Can't believe my little brother isn't so little anymore! Happy Birthday @Joe_Sugg LOVE YOU LOTS 🎈
Lit my first autumnal candle this evening. Just thought I'd let you know that at 2.39am
Thanks for all your congrats on the birth of Dorath 👶…p
New main channel video: "Q&A - Peeing With The Door Open”…
My Q&A is uploading now :)
Had a little moment didn’t I……
Whilst waiting for my new vlog and main channel video, here is my video from yesterday :)…
I cry again in today’s vlog, haha but it’s a nice cry this time, a happy cry because I love you all so much :)
Going to be filming a Q&A today so get your weird/unanswered questions going with #AskZoella
Just had the nicest Sunday lie in! Not had one of those in a while :)
Saturday fun hanging with these two lovely girlies @ZozeeBo @ChyazSamuel talking Disney and eating…
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It was tears of happiness and I felt very overwhelmed and lucky & proud of @PointlessBlog, not the crowds don't worry haha
Just burst into tears in the taxi whilst @PointlessBlog got dropped off at water stones because of the amount of you there to see him. 😭
RT @ChloeRoperr: @ZozeeBo Zoe this is a serious question, are you and Scar twins?😂� Yes!
I get to reveal my book cover in todays vlog! 1 hr 15 minutes to go
Entertainment is changing. Old school rules no longer apply. The audience is back in control.
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be happy for the success of your peers & do not let it hinder your sense of self-worth
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Pretty much housemates haha @velvetgh0st <3
At Christmas time, we let in light, and we banish shade. 🎄
Still sniffing snails
I'll give you one guess as to who has been on my phone...
I also like to sew chickens together to make pants and model them for Alfie
Hello I'm Zoe and I smell snails for a living
Look what @ZozeeBo & @PointlessBlog sent me today. Think I might need special interweb crayons. #PointlessBook
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Me & @velvetgh0st are replying to comments on my new vlog right now…
And you only need to wait 3 hours for the next one :)
Have you seen my latest vlog?…
RT @ClaaraMx: @ZozeeBo & @niomismart thank you so much! You've been soso nice! ☺️ Nice to meet you x
Got to meet so many of you in Brighton today with @niomismart, it was so much fun :)
No words to explain how proud I am of @PointlessBlog <3
If you started a new school today or went back, how did it go? :)
Have you seen my new vlog? Me and & @velvetgh0st go food shopping and get a bit giggly…
Replying to comments on my new vlog…
Who's uploaded a daily vlog? I HAVE. Who wants to watch it?…