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Who's uploaded a daily vlog? I HAVE. Who wants to watch it?…
New blog post <3 : Santorini | Part One
Who's excited to see @PointlessBlog get pied in the face by a cupcake by his sister in my daily vlog later?
Guess who is vlogging through September? *points at oneself* Does that make you happy? 💩
No #suggsunday video from me today as I uploaded on Wednesday instead check it aaaahhhhhttttt
For those confused, I'm referring to a few elderly people here at the hotel who stare at us like we shouldn't be here. :(
Urgh. Age-ist people. Just because I'm young doesn't mean I'm a wreckless hooligan.
@Littleechloeet: Just pre-ordered @ZozeeBo and @PointlessBlog books!💖💖 so excited ahhh�” woop
It's that time of the morning where I can't decide if I should shot gun the poolside sunbeds before breakfast. Pool politics are the worst
Chilling by the pool naked.
I think this is one of my favourite videos I've ever done with @tyleroakley…
"A bat just flew through one ear and out the other" - @TanyaBurr Greece, 2014
Dat cuddle doe <3
Love these girls @tanyaburr & @niomismart
On a boat with @pointlessblog in Greece! He's my favourite ⛵️
Morning from Greece! Have you seen my new video? Give it a thumbs up for Tyler kissing my piggies (guinea pigs...)
New video with @tyleroakley "The Break Up Tag"
@DreamsGlitterxo: N'awww @scott_mills and @Chris_Stark chatting about @ZozeeBo #ZoellaBeauty range on @BBCR1 :)” HAHA! Really? Thanks guys
Off out to dinner with my holiday buddies @jimstweetings @tanyaburr @niomismart @marcusbutler & @pointlessblog
Waking up this morning and seeing all your congrats and support around #ZoellaBeauty had made me smile like a Cheshire Cat. I love you guys
I've been keeping something from you for almost a year. Check the link in my bio for more snippets of #ZoellaBeauty 😬 excitement overload xxx
New blog post <3 : I Have A Secret
I've been beavering away at lots of exciting things and now you know one of them, but will tell you more about it soon #zoellabeauty #tease
There is something i've been keeping from you all…
That's it, I'm packing up my life in Brighton & staying here forever. (Not really, but IMAGINE)
It's very early, but I will soon be on holiday and that makes me very happy 😁😄☀️🐠✈️⛵️
Just chilling with @JonathanJoly & @AnnaSaccone little bundle of joys Eduardo & Emilia #bigkid #want #howmuch
Are you enjoying these unseen photos from my phone album? Haha
I was also wearing 3D glasses on my head. I'm the worst person to watch films with at night...
Here is a photo of me asleep on the sofa, with one eye half open...pointing. ENJOY
@QuiffGamePerf: @ZozeeBo you got married in secret ??? 😁” how did you guess? Hahaha
@troylerslayss: @ZozeeBo Wednesday with @tyleroakley ??” YESSSS 😁
AND IM GOING ON HOLIDAY WITH MY FRIENDLINGS @TanyaBurr @JimsTweetings @niomismart @MarcusButler & the BF @PointlessBlog tomorrow ☺️
So it turns out I can't make my announcement tonight but here are some exciting things: New video tomorrow & on Wednesday & Book Cover done!
Thank you for sorting it out @InterfloraUK :)
There are a lot of exciting things happening next month, prepare yourselves! Something exciting is being announced tonight 😁
Did an exciting shoot today! Can't wait for you all to see it unfold 👍
11 hour shoot DONE 👊