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Zoe Roe ✿
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AND LIVE FROM NEW YORK IT'S SATURDAY NIIIIIGHT! @nbcsnl Yaaaaaaas. So so ready for this one!!!!
Already perfect @nbcsnl LARRY DAVID FO PRESIDENT
Larry David was born to play Bernie Sanders. #SNL
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@CubsPlayoffGear ONE RETWEETER OF THIS ^^^ tweet will be given a shirt if Bryant, Rizzo, or Schwarber hit a homerun tonight! Must follow
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Bryant, Schwarber, and Rizzo Shirt available for purchase here, slightly altered design #WeEatBaseballs
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Also....who's ready to #FlyTheW
Can't wait for tonight.It's a very special episode of @nbcsnl. #WelcomeBackTracy💓 The world needs you, we've missed your funnies.#WeLoveYouu
goals RT @YouAndBabe: When bae is your best friend 😍�B5
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On this day in 1975, @nbc aired the very first episode of Saturday Night Live.
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"These @Cardinals trifle with me: I abhor this dilatory sloth and tricks." – HENRY VIII #FlytheW @Cubs
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I have some pretty amazing friends... seriously so grateful.
@ItsAZoeThing I like to eat cupcakes at that point. A lot of them. And ice cream. Cupcakes will never let me down.
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I did not know it was possible to have so much love for one person. BUT what do you do when you can't have the person you want? #HELP
What you did was, you saved my life. I won't forget it.
I don't even go on instagram so y do ppl still request to follow me...
When you're at Greek Islands with the family and you're all die hard @Cubs fans but there are no TVs. #TAKEOCTOBER
I turn 21 Oct 26th &if I could see @nbcsnl Oct 24th, that would be the ultimate dream come true.If only I could simply buy tickets #SOMEDAY
Yo, Chad Radwell is so hot
Miley has got to be tripping balls. That's the ONLY way that this could possibly make sense.
What does it MEAN
Everything great happens this Wednesday and I have to fuckin work until 2am. Hahahahahahaha 🔫🔫🔫
Who’s ready for some October baseball? Get ready to show your support! #FlyTheW…
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******UPDATE****** OREOS- You can't just have five.
OREOS- You can't just have one.
Took a Benadryl last night. Woke up at 12PM today and couldn't walk straight for a while. Drugs are bad.
I laugh at everything and I don't think that's ever gonna change lol
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HEY @AlPal12_ remember that one time we stalked and met @melissamccarthy at Al's Steakhouse. Best day. #NEVERFORGET #KindaHopeSheDidThough
NEW YOOOORK CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE WE'RE HAVIN FUN YAHH ilysm @aidybryant thnks fr th lafs n chckls
Lil baby @aidybryant took over @nbcsnl's snapchat &it made my day.Also Dyke and Fats this Saturday?! SO READY FOR THIS NEW SEASON💖😂�#SNL41NL41
New lulu clothes can always make anything better :-)
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"Confidence is the single greatest attribute any individual can have"—@CPondella:…
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In exactly 1 month, I turn 21. I can't even remember the last time I drank. It's been so long. Haha Ha... I'm fucked. #1beerqueer
Most guys need 3 meals a day to keep going... I just need eye contact from you.
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hate when a guy is sexy but ruins it by saying some creepy shit
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