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Zoe Roe ✿
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I wanna be on American Ninja Warrior
Everyone keeps telling me there's something wrong with the breaks in my car. YEAH I KNOW OKAY. Do YOU have the money to pay for them??
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I wish I was doing the Re:Actors workshop:'( I miss all my talented friends and coaches!:( Have fun everyone while I sit here and cry.
I don't know if I'm an introvert or extrovert because I'm both...
Got kicked off of my own Netflix. Cool. #getyourown
This woman responded to one man's harassment with a jaw-dropping poem
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"@TFLN: (864): sometimes i wish i was able to text my cat and tell him i miss him and that i'm thinking about him" @ItsAZoeThing
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Hit it fergie Allthetimeicomearoundbrothersgatherroundalwayslookinatmeupanddownlookinatmyuhhhhh
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What a life! 89 full years. A true legend & one of my all time favorites. R.I.P. #ElaineStritch
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Why can't you trust atoms? They make up everything. #ClassicJokeWednesday
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I can't live life until our new puppy gets here.
When you forget to close the piano fall board &your cat stomps across the keys while the house is asleep, that's when you know real terror.
Slap me around with your saggy naturals till I get kicked out of CVS for #grunting.
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Something about the Metra on my way home that always gets me hyper
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Rooting for so many Emmy nominees!!! Yay!!!
Reasons why I love this summer class: I get credit and I get pizza #happyzoe
Only the 3rd day of math class & professor has already found a way to connect pizza to what we're learning. So pizza party in class tonight!
I don't fucking care if you like it.
Horrifying fact: Casper had that exact body type when he was alive
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@ItsAZoeThing u were in my (sexxx) dreams last nite BISH; I better see u this Friday 🙏
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Slow walkers are the bane of my existence. I have these long dancers legs you see.
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I wish @ItsAZoeThing was still taking this class with me. It would make coming a little less painful.
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The chocolate cake in Matilda... I think about it from time to time.
Who thinks I should go for ombré anal bleaching?
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I'm drink and look att my phone battery ahhhhh whoooo ya ya ya !!!
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When the song(x9) is over, you'll want to kill youself. But then you remember that, unlike felines, YOLO. So you buy a cat instead. #CueSong
"9 More Times With Feline": a parody of "One More Time With Feeling" written by yours truly where I just meow the whole time(repeat song 9x)
"What kind of cheese would you like?" American "Is cheddar ok?" *A Bald Eagle swoops in* Is terrorism ok? *rides eagle off into sunset*
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@girlposts: Me whenever I visit people’s houses this made me think of you! Lol miss you:(
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"@_ZukyM: @ItsAZoeThing r u goin to ARTRaVE??" Yass hunty, daddy came in clutch!!!
Stay fit and active by sitting down and eating popcorn! Sign me up!
The Walls of My Uterus: Attack of the Tiny Clawing Chainsaw Hands-a gruesome tale of my menstruation.Comin soon!& men, thanks 4the follow.
Also, when I'm home alone &burp loud and obnoxiously,I fear that a tiny sassy gremlin is going to pop out @ me & say "'scaauuse yaoou" #true
& then I get so mad at myself for seriously thinking that thought that I can't even talk to myself for like 5 mins. #CatsWithCellphones