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Zoe Roe ✿
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NEW YOOOORK CONCRETE JUNGLE WHERE WE'RE HAVIN FUN YAHH ilysm @aidybryant thnks fr th lafs n chckls
Lil baby @aidybryant took over @nbcsnl's snapchat &it made my day.Also Dyke and Fats this Saturday?! SO READY FOR THIS NEW SEASON💖😂�#SNL41NL41
New lulu clothes can always make anything better :-)
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"Confidence is the single greatest attribute any individual can have"—@CPondella:…
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In exactly 1 month, I turn 21. I can't even remember the last time I drank. It's been so long. Haha Ha... I'm fucked. #1beerqueer
Most guys need 3 meals a day to keep going... I just need eye contact from you.
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hate when a guy is sexy but ruins it by saying some creepy shit
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LOL when u go to text ur sister "AY BITCH WHERE U AT" and you accidentally send it to your therapist. So great. Luv lyf. Cool. Yay. LOL
On a scale of one to America, how free are you for a JJ’s date?
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The Republican Party's ideology is way out of touch with the American people. Without Boehner, it may get even worse.
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I love you so muchhhh. Miss YOU more:(…
& TombStone pizza is fire. Pizza will most likely be the death of me it just all makes sense to me...
No need to sell your arms and legs for an expensive AF tombstone, this shits like BOGO free 99 cents at ur local grocery store all the time
Yo,when it's my time, I want this tombstone on me. "Here Lies The Next Supreme"...somethin like that 2 remember me by
Happy Bisexuality Day!! Celebrating! 💖💜💙 It's all about who your heart and soul connects with. No limits, just love.
First day of work was a success because super nice coworkers and one flirted with me the whole time and he's super hot. So success.
Carly Fiorina y r u on Fallon. No. Exit stage left plz
All I want is to get back to school &performing. My heart aches. I'm better than this. Slowly getting my shit back together. Never giving up
Like bitch, you tryna compete right now?! Give a sista some space. 🌑 Y u hoverin. BYE 👋
Nothing makes me more anxious than when all other elliptical machines are open and a bitch picks 1 RIGHT next to me &goes noticeably faster.
I will literally turn up to this song ANYTIME OR ANY PLACE
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Still laughing @ this. #nicetry 😂😍@HillaryClintonon killin the game.Girl, your accomplishments are endless�@nbcsnlsyZz
FLEETWOOD MAC for #SNLMusic !!!!!!!!! 😍😍😍💃👽💕💕�@nbcsnl🔮@fleetwoodmac@fleetwoodmac
glad to see he's moving to another country!
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Capital Grille the other day for hayweees bday dindin♡
.@evanrachelwood on Being Bisexual: “Don’t Let Anyone Make You Feel Unworthy" #BiWeek via @HRC
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I think Trump just did all the emoji faces in 7 seconds.
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I think Trump just suggested he's going to get rid of disease. I have to pee so badly, but I can't leave this crazy clown show. #GOPDebate
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"What woman would you like to see on the $10 bill?" #GOPDebate @billyeichner
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For a bunch of people who don't believe in acting on climate change, the Republican candidates seem committed to recycling ideas. #GOPdebate
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"I dont like it,Ilove it,love it,love it uh oh so good it hurts I dont want it, I gotta, gotta have it" -Me @ Coldstone cuz I'm indecisive
Happy Birthday, Amy Poehler! May your day be wonderful and your waffles plenty!
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I'm so sick of that same old song lyric being repeated 10 million times throughout the whole song, that shit it tears me up... #sameoldlove
If you don't have big tits, stolen memes or famous friends you might as well just get off Instagram
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RACHEL ZOE'S COLLECTION IS ON. POINT. 👌👏�#majora#itsazoethingh@RachelZoelZo#NYFWNYFW
Omg the NYFW snap story is giving me liiiiiiife & making me hate my liiiiiiife 😢😢😢😢 wanna be there right #nyfwnyfw
Pete Davidson just followed me so that means I gotta *step up my funnies. *stop tweeting *sign off Twitter *hide *research Harry Potter
And by that I mean- someone give me $300 so I can buy them and put them on my feet so *I* look sexy af & ppl want to fuck me

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