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Zoe Roe ✿
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I just watched my lucky day NOT happen.
Just bought a banana with my coffee @ Dunkin.Then, I watched the cashier give the guy behind me a free banana that he didnt even ask for.K?!
Oh no... I just opened an umbrella inside of my room on accident....and I'm like the most superstitious person ever.... ohshit
Bippity boppity boo thang
Everybody look at how cute my puppy is!!! She's growing up so fast. I miss her face xoxo
So I love the new friendships I have made within the past couple years but I have to say that there are some people I miss with all my heart
I asked Hallie to send me a picture of Nova and the fucker send me a picture of Nova..... pooping.
College is partly about creating opportunities &making things happen for yourself & it's awesome when people create & share their passions.
It has taken me some time to speak up about this, but Alex and I saw a dog with a ball sac on his chest this morning.
But anyway, class was awesome today.
While walking through Old Town, I had a prolonged fantasy of casually running into the current SNL cast & taking an Oscar selfie with them.
Just like in fashion, one day you're in and the next day you're out.
We are ALL Kanye West
@ItsAZoeThing that's my inner monologue during every audition ever.
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My inner critic is constantly screaming, "BE NORMAL! WHAT ARE YOU DOING WITH YOUR HANDS? HUMANS DON'T DO THAT"
"I'm pretty sure pizza is bisexual because it loves everyone" -Life words by @AlPal12_
Zoe got me 3 bottles of wine. 3. That's my girl.
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"That boulder looks like a drive-thru. That's how hungry I am" - @_ZukyM #thestruggle
I'm gunna miss my little Wallnut when I go back to school:(
Just the confidence boost I needed:) A lil bit of niceness goes a long way.
I had a dream that I met @LauraDern at a Chipotle. CAN THIS ACTUALLY HAPPEN?
Holy shit RT @nbcsnl And on 10/4, we've got @SarahKSilverman hosting w/ musical guest, @maroon5!! Kicking off #SNL40 right!
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Can Kate McKinnon write a book please?! I want to know all about her life and secretz. @nbcsnl
People who consume more pizza may actually be decreasing their risk of cancer.
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Emma Stone tops of the list of Bill Murray's all-female Ghostbusters dreamcast.
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Interval training just kicked my ass... jdoflgpfjsudududgffl
Every time I hear the Nation Anthem i think about how fortunate I am to live in this great corporation...I mean country,
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My fucking sister is going to be 21 in one week... where does the time go for real?! This is crazy to meee. Can't wait though!
Come lately I just keep waitin'...I see nothin' out there.
& the time keeps going on by and I wonder what is to become of me.
RIP Bernie and Molly ❤️
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Legalize gay marijuana
"What do you like to do in your free time?" -"Watch E! News... duh." #mylifestory @ENews
I love my ensemble. I love my life. Today was awesome.
@SamKaragas @ItsAZoeThing I seriously hardcore miss you two&the rest of the reactors crew like omg
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Tina Fey will not be left out of the celebrity #nudephoto craze. Watch Tina tonight at 11:35|10:35c!
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Jennifer Lawrence is a sky full of stars & the rest of us suck.
Joan “blazed this trail that's opened the door for it to be ok for women to be outrageous.” - Will Ferrell
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