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Zoe Roe ✿
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Caitlyn Jenner is beautiful
Omg I can't wait for the Shania concert!!! Still know all the words to every song... #nostalgia #childhoodmemories
If we are the "United" States of America, then we should be united. Therefore, marijuana should be legal in all states, not just some...
Can't believe I'm missing fireworks this year. Damn...
Not agaaaaiiin :'(
RETWEET and you could win this Amy Poehler signed cue card…Really! WATCH: #AmyLNSMSweepstakes
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"I should learn to drink by myself." -My yiayia See ya in AA girrrrllllll
Mom- "Are your fb posts you coming out?" Me- "uh..I'm being supportive & celebrating like everyone else" Mom- "Yeah, VERY supportive tho" K. didn't take long for me 2find my new obsession: @ambermruffin. Hilarious.You a crazy mofo. Best story evaa! #micdrop @LateNightSeth
The guy on the treadmill next 2 me keeps hocking loogies & spitting them in a fucking plastic cup he brought with him. #How2MakeMyWorkoutFun
"I’m waiting and hoping." Read Hillary's letter in support of equality, then add your name:
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Finally going to pride parade this Sunday... i cannot wait!!!♡♡♡♡
I don't care what you think of it... I want to marry Jessica Lange.
"Jessica Lange might return to AHS and play a small character in Season 5"
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My favorite thing to do is look at food porn on my Pinterest while I dry my tears with my rice cake.
Ok so um @OfficialBPeters is following me. So I guess everyone else can suck my dick?
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But why am I not in Times Square doing yoga right now? #InternationalDayofYoga #SummerSolstice
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Someone come hug me plz
Can only go up from here. Up, up, up Up where the clouds gunna clear.
HAPPENING NOW: Hillary's on stage to kick off her campaign. Watch → #Hillary2016
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But y am I so addicted to Dance Moms? #guilty
My chest hurts. Maybe my boobs are finally coming in.
I don't mean to brag (but yes I do), but I have the best Pinterest ever. I want alll the clothes and exquisite treasures on there. Ughhh
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I know that food is not love but sometimes I make out with tacos.
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Just want it to be over
Lisa Howard totally stopped the show in It Shoulda Been You. Robbed of a nomination. #TonyAwards
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I hope I get this job...
So glad Ashley Tisdale is presenting at the Tonys tonight, one of our finest stage actresses.
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I don't want to fall in love... if I ever did that, I think I'd have a heart attack.
Can't believe it..don't want to believe it. In shock. Make peace with others before it's too late. Life is short. And very very precious.
I've gotten way too many reminders lately that tomorrow isn't promised
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Fly High, Darcy. Rest In Paradise👼🏼❤@darcychobararB
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Play Gypsy at my funeral #STEEEEEVIE

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