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As a #Capricorn you are worldly and careful, rarely asking for help or favors. You believe you can do anything on your own.
As an #Aries much of your success comes from your refusal to admit defeat. The thought of giving up is never on your mind.
As a #Taurus you are often taken for granted due to their kind and sensible nature. You aren't likely to reverse a decision.
As a #Gemini your reactions to situations are prescribed by the mood of the moment, creating the duality in your personality.
As a #Cancer you are considered to be a rather refined sign. You obtain security through solitude.
As a #Leo you display your personality traits loud and clear.
As a #Virgo you always want things to be done perfectly. It has to be right or you will simply do it over until you get it.
As a #Libra you tend to use moderation in all aspects of life which helps you avoid serious problems.
As a #Scorpio you also push Yourself to the limit, only to recuperate rapidly and begin the whole process again.
As a #Sagittarius you do much better when it comes to friendships than you do in love relationships.
As an #Aquarius you do your best work with others, however you are not dependent on your environment for security.
As a #Pisces you have a great deal of charm, humor and sympathy which enables you to open doors that others are not capable of.
Don't play hard to get with an #Aries because this could prove fatal. Aries like to chase but only to a certain extent.
#Taurus have an understanding side to them also, and they are filled with emotional and physical intelligence in them.
#Geminis need to apply their mind, heart and feelings to decide the best path in a given situation.
#Cancers are often highly intuitive, particularly through their dreams at night.
#Leos believe that quality lasts long after price has been forgotten
#Sagittarius love to gather experience rather than just having a physical and theoretical outlook towards life.
Those who attempt to deceive a #Scorpio are usually unsuccessful.
#Libras are likely to say whatever is required to keep the peace and to avoid putting in too much effort.
#Virgos prefer to go about things quietly without drawing any attention to themselves.
#Capricorns love structure and they tend to increase the structure or the rules of any situation in which they are involved
#Aquarius often leap to the correct conclusion without knowing how they did so.
#Pisces offer compassion and service for years at a time without thanks, sometimes even being abused for their efforts.
#Aries need to develop patience with those who prefer a steadier, more moderate approach.
When a #Taurus assists you in some way, consider it a trade, as they will doubtless expect assistance in return at some stage.
The next time you have a conversation with a #Gemini,take note of the way they seem to receive more information than they give
#Cancers understand life through feelings,and it can be difficult for them to understand something they cannot feel.
#Leos have bold plans and dreams, and take risks which lead either to riches or to poverty.
#Sagittarius set rules are an example of the philosophical outlining of their life.
The typical #Scorpio will size someone up in a matter of seconds and once they have made up their mind about them.
#Libras tend to form a mental picture of what constitutes the perfect relationship.
#Virgos choose their words carefully, meaning exactly what they say.
Being practical, #Capricorns have little time for fate, preferring to create their fate through effort and perseverance.
When #Aquarius first meet someone,they scrutinise them carefully.Aquarius want to know what others think and believe,and why.
#Pisces can be compassionate and patient even when others disappoint them.
#Pisces are however the kindest and most charitable of all the signs. They give 100% all the time.
#Aquarius have a temperament that wins peoples' affection and respect.They're secure enough to let things take its course.
A #Capricorn is someone who is sure-footed and negotiates every obstacle with care but with a lively step.
#Sagittarius must present ideas to those who matter, and by showing others precisely what they are made of.
#Scorpios are self-effacing. When they display their less complicated side, they are likable.
For #Libras to understand themselves, they must accept the dark side as well as their positive side.
#Virgos are able to extract the best of their background and use it to their advantage.
#Leos like keeping secrets,even from those closest to them. Although this can be a reaction to their desire to maintain mystery
#Cancers they can't ignore the day-to-day details. They have great emotional stamina.
#Geminis are perceptive, bright, and as interested in those around them as in their own concerns.
#Taurus favor good, if not luxurious, surroundings.
#Aries do have a natural instinct about what choices to make and when to make them.
#Pisces are very imaginative, but their imagination tends to run wild sometimes giving them great ideas.
#Aquarius give freely of their time and talents. They have a laid-back attitude that endears them to everyone.