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Age 4: "I love Mummy." Age 16: "I HATE HER." Age 20: "Mum was right" Age 57: "I wish my Mum was still here." Retweet if you love your Mum!
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If you have Netflix, I recommend From Dawn Til Dusk. One season so far, but great
Came up short but it's all good @iMp_Ness
Taking a vacation seems nice
As you quickly take off all your nV gear @ms_TUFFANY
Life's a mental puzzle.
How I react when there are gun shots in a song 😂
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Cops these days, nothing but abuse. It's crazy
Good morning beautiful people
Summer's coming to a slow end
As a #Pisces, You're a survivor, the last sign of the zodiac said to have lived the lifetimes of every sign.
#Aquarius needs an equal partner who’s strong enough to pursue a life that’s somewhat separate from the relationship.
As a #Sagittarius, Even when you fail, nothing can keep you down.
#Scorpio rules the house of sharing. They are the stewards of sharing money, resources, love.
Through conversations #Libras are able to figure out where they stand, who they are, and how the rest of the world sees them.
#Virgos are seldom the in your face types, demanding that you give them attention.
#Leos have so much energy that it can’t help but emanate outwardly to the people they want to share their lives with.
#Cancers, can become rather venomous if pushed too far and will rarely admit defeat.
It is easy for a #Gemini to begin to feel superior to others because of their vast knowledge and their quick minds.
#Taurus are rarely superficial and flighty about anything, and prefer real heartfelt connections.
#Aries, often have a Leo’s need for the limelight and a Capricorn’s workaholic nature.
#Pisces want to be connected to you more than anything else in the relationship. They want to touch your soul.
#Aquarius will avoid anything they consider high-maintenance.
Once cautious #Capricorn gives their heart to you you can bet they'll be true for life.
Life with #Sagittarius will be a steady stream of escapades.
#Scorpio seek deep roots with others & need consistency in their life.
#Libra excel in creating a union of equals. Always searching for harmony.
#Virgo believe a good idea is nothing unless its applied and made into action.
Ask #Leo if you want something done with flair & grandeur. They love the bling.
When defining family #Cancer will always include children.
#Gemini are intensely social & seem to know just about everyone.
#Taurus like to keep things simple. Kick back & enjoy the grazing or being grazed on.
#Aries love to be around others who have confidence.
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