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Out of all the games people want back on @XboxOne ya choose #BlackOps3. Why not #cod4 ? Or anything like that wow
Just proves that on a new account you cant be good due to people having better shit!!! Not how cod supposed to be. #backtocod4
If @SHGames makes another shitty game im done with cod
I'm proud of my small dog for learning how to blast his dumb little turds outside of the house instead of in the kitchen.
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Saw a @LibertyMutual commerical said i can save more money but yet i did a quote and its 384 a month with everything not included. Rip off
I liked a @YouTube video from @ChaBoyyHD Battlefield 4 Funny Moments - King of the Battlefield, Bopping Roof
We want more black ops 3 juggernog edition plzzzz @Treyarch
Looking for players on ps4 eso to do dungons with in ebonheart pact anyone want too
Ebonheart pact on ps4 need help with dugeon message me if wanna join us #ElderScrollsOnline #eso #ESOTU #gaming #gamer #games
Check out my broadcast from my PlayStation®4! #PS4live (The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited) live at
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I hate sitting in queue for 4 hrs straight waiting to go in pvp #ESOTU
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Is any 2 or so people in ebonheart pact can help with the ending of a dugeon on #ESOTU #ElderScrollsOnline ???
Retweet for scuf fav for xbox one elite
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Competitive CS:GO With The Crew! You Really Gotta Win Those!
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Does anyone know how to record game chat audio on ps4 with elgato? Just like could with the xbox 360?
twitter now fully has new brand hope ya like
#CODAW #AdvancedWarfare is horrible people with upgraded guns come out on top. Way to ruin cod way to go.
Sub today at… and become the first to see my very first video ever #gaming #youtube #games #XboxOne #BF4 #ps4
Seriously people saying jarassic world is sexiest? Come on give it a break its just a fucking movie. Some woman always wanna start shit
Anyone wanna party up on ps4 and play some advance warfare or battlefield. #gamer #GAMES #gaming #callofduty #youtube #GirlGamer #AW
I have never been banned from someone's chat before.... I don't even know what i said. Huh. I actually liked that streamer too. Idk
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For every retweet and favourite my ego grows larger, feed my ego. I iz hungie!
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Who is excited bout battlefront? Any topic anyone want me to talk about in my upcoming video? #gaming #youtube #games #XboxOne #BF4 #ps4
New channel at… be first to sub. Content is playthroughs, gaming info and more. Any topic wanna see ask. #youtube
Made a new channel go subscribe today no content yet but will soon… #gaming #youtube #games #XboxOne #BF4 #ps4
Do you guys like the new name big plans for the future here on my new channel
Screw it a new name and brand along with channel coming soon new start #gaming #youtube #gamer #games #XboxOne #BF4 #ps4
I goona do a fresh start on my channel with uploads every other day go sub today…
Who you like better fav for #XboxOne retweet for #PS4
New video coming about who won e3 2015 xbox or playstation
Doing a new type of videos for youtube. Talking about different games anything you guys like to see?
Pvp in #ESOTU is horrible can join at lvl 10 but why when you have no chance at all even at lvl 21 plain bullshit... need an update fast
Just ordered the new grips from @KontrolFreek il so excited
God people are dumb as hell and cant say to my face guess there fake like everyone else haha
Voice your opinion now days and people hate you for it
Anyone on cod on xb1 xboxone? Wanna team up
On xboxone advancewarfare and i forgot how to play this game been so long
Whelp pan is down so now i switching over to xbox
Funny how once i decided to play eso psn is down wtf
@AskPlayStation PSN is having major issues, can't access the store, my friend list, delete games or get online on Elder Scrolls.
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Moment you watch #E32015 and you from getting one game to wanting all games...
If i ever got 10000 followers i would so do a ps4 giveaway
Yes black ops 3 content coming first to ps4 hell ya bout time
Uncover the open world of #GhostRecon Wildlands here >> #UbiE3 ||
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