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danah boyd
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Chicago! I'm coming your way on Sept 22. Join me & @samueledyson for a fun conversation:
Tech is increasingly the arbiter of fairness. But is our definition of fairness the best one? (blog post by moi)
I've been uncomfortable w/ the #icebucketchallenge but haven't been able to articulate why. @anildash nailed it:
New journal article: "The Trafficking-Technology Nexus" by @jlynnemusto & moi: [open access]
What would it take for people to actually get excited by being exposed to perspectives from strangers? #dreaming
I'm not surprised that people don't like being exposed to random tweets, but I see this as an anti-homophily move:
danah boyd (@zephoria), enfant du net et anthropologue de la génération numérique
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Beyond race in America & police militarization, @zeynep argues that #Ferguson is also a net neutrality issue:
Academics: UC Berkeley School of Information is looking for Data Science Postdocs:
Princeton Sociology is hiring an assistant professor this fall, focus on quantitative methods broadly defined
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(Also, personally heartbroken. I was at Macromedia when Dreamweaver was developed. I got to beta test it.)
Is there an alternative to Dreamweaver? I use it ~1x/mo & my CS4 version crashed in upgrading my machine. $20/mo is obscene for my usage.
An amazing network of scholars at @HASTAC dissected my book. Check out their thoughts: (Also serves as cheat sheet..)
In theory social media allows everyone to participate. Reality is very different @zephoria
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Using Raymond Williams' Keywords as basis, @striphas beautifully reviews me & @alicetiara's work in the @chronicle:
My team at @data_society is looking to hire NYC-based research assistants. Job description here:…
Academics: Are any of you teaching my book this fall? I'd love to know what you're teaching!
#blogher14 The loose transcript of my 10x10 talk is now available on the @BlogHer site:…
Is Big Data Spreading Inequality? @nytimes Room for Debate discussion. Start w/ Seeta's awesome response:
Wow does this resonate. Pitching Like a Girl talks about VC fundraising, but I feel the same in non-profit land:
At #Blogher, I spoke about my 17-yr blogging practice. Filled w/ joy, sadness, misogyny & change. Here's what I said:
What is an Honorable Response to Israel/Gaza? My attempt to take stock of my heartache:
Every night, @gilgul & I discuss Israel/Gaza, reading diff news' perspectives. Here's his meta take on media bias:
The "privacy paradox" helps explain why walking away from offending companies isn't the solution: by @hoofnagle
"People want to be *in* public, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that they want to *be* public." (from my blog post)
What Is Privacy? My response to @anildash
Goodbye @Avis, Hello @Uber. Reflections on my customer service nightmare:
.@kevin2kelly sez tech innovation in 1985/1994 is equiv to now. I'd argue that the values have changed substantially.
I didn't realize rental companies just leave people to fend for themselves. I thought the whole point was protection.
Hell w/ @Avis continues. They didn't even pick up the car at 4AM. Blamed the towing company rather than taking responsibility. Seriously?
RFP for project funding: Exploring the Implications of Government Release of Large Datasets
The thing that scares me is that I've had @Avis cars for 20 days in July alone. I'm usually many miles from town. I'm in LA & service=6hrs!?
The next window for @Avis roadside assistance to retrieve the car is 4am. A few miles from 24/7 LAX rental agency. How is this service?
In the middle of hellish @Avis nightmare. They want me to wait 4 hours for roadside assistance just to take the broken car?!?! 11pm, LA.
New article from @alicetiara and @zephoria: Networked Privacy for forthcoming special issue of NMS:…
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This fab profile of @BradSmi explains one of the reasons that I love working at Microsoft. He an inspiring leader.
This case breaks my heart. Mother of 9yo arrested for letting daughter play alone at park: (Deets more depressing)
Upcoming CA book talks: Mt. View, Churchill Club (7/24): & LA Library Foundation (7/29):…
If you haven't been able to attend a book talk, I gave a talk @BaruchCollege that was recorded:
Want overnight delivery? What if it costs lives? Why trucking regulation doesn't mesh w/ reality by @karen_ec_levy:
The ACLU is looking for a tech-privacy lawyer/strategist in NYC: #awesomejob
Just how serious is the sex trafficking situation in Brazil during the World Cup? by @jruv
In essence, @duncanjwatts argues that it's unethical for companies to manipulate user data & not let public know:
"We should insist that companies like Facebook... [make public] the decisions they're already making on our behalf."
It's been over 50 years since the Civil Rights Act. So much has changed, and so much hasn't. NPR annotates the Act:
Differentiating between comm platform & media curator, @TarletonG offers key insight into anxieties around FB:
I love xkcd. This week, on research ethics & Facebook:
NYC taxi patterns by neighborhood demographics. "Are Taxi Drivers Racist?"
Why are no Facebook data scientists/researchers blogging or writing op-eds about the current ethics debate?
What would it take to create a people's terms of service? Asks @EvanSelinger & @hartzog: