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Lisa Angela
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Conflict-Free And Easy To Repair, The Fairphone Is The World's Most Ethical Phone #design #impact
Interesting Read - "UX Legend On The Much-Rumored Death Of The Design Firm" #UX #UXDesign #DesignAgency
This tiny travel fan will help put you to sleep:
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Can only dream of this on my current project - "Fast Path to a Great #UX — Increased Exposure Hours" #UXDesign
Feeling a Geek vibe. Edward @Snowden, the man behind the global mass surveillance revelations. Welcome to @twitter.
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Innovations in Agribusiness and #UX: Where farming and tech converge. @roxane_neal
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Yesterday, Senator Warren gave a strong speech about race. Here's the text:…
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We’ve Got This Whole Unicorn Thing All Wrong! — What’s The Future of Work? — Medium #UX #tech #siliconvalley
projekt202 Launches State-of-the-Art Usability Testing Lab for Major Markets #UX #UXResearch
Starbucks Kills Its Line With An App #UX #CX
I am #boycotting #Emmys2015 because they refused my idea of an In Memoriam for Bill Cosby's biggest morality speeches.
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It's on! Check out @projekt202 at the Big Design today #BigD15
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@lnorman16 enlightening us on UX and why empathy is sooo important!! @BigDesign @projekt202
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Fantastic profile--> How Elizabeth Holmes played the long game (and became a billionaire) @weisul
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“Bullshit on the internet travels around the world before truth has even gotten out of bed” @natpryce #DevDay2015
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Please people... don't buy into the #CJPearson video. This is #TedCruz2016 pandering to the black community. It's a campaign tactic.
.@projekt202 Speaking and recruiting at #BigDesign in #Dallas today. Best UX agency around. Stop by. Say hi.…
The color of empathy is not flat: Insights to Color Blindness & Design. #UX #UXDesign #Empathy
Why It's So Important to Unplug from Technology #technology #irony
This is America. Tourists using selfie sticks smiling in front of a grave where 3,000 lost their lives. #911memorial
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Some thoughts on expanding an independent UX consulting company versus getting bought by someone bigger.…
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THIS is a sequel I can get behind. Creed. Looks awesome!…
"...pre-conceived ideas about your users in any way, distances you from them and clouds your interpretation..." #UX
"UX starts with listening." 15 UX Commandments #UX
Airbnb's logo found in decades-old trademark book #airbnb #logo
A Debate Develops Over Buildings In Bishop Arts #oakcliff
“I have only one thing to do and that’s be the way that I am and then sink back into the ocean.”
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007 author calls Idris Elba "too street" to play a character that's spent several decades murdering strangers.
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Hardy as Bond? Ok that I would totally pay to see.…
Empathy Is Actually a Choice - Inspired by a competing body of recent research, we believe that empathy is...
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In the current climate of word policing #ElizabethHasselbeck dropped a nuclear bomb. Good luck talking issues now.
How women are using tattoos to beautify themselves -and- celebrate their bodies
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Draw every day! It teaches your hand to obey your mind. It teaches your eyes to really look. If tired, copy, and teach the mind to relax.
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I'm already cheating on Siri with Alexa, now this "Facebook Testing Its Own Virtual Assistant in Messaging App"
While the U.S. is content to see Africa as tragic, China sees opportunity
Maybe Cecilia Gimenez can fix it. "Boy trips, punches hole in $1.5 million painting"
.@CNN ur site is a nightmare of sliding boxes and video that stalks you. Re: the #UX, "I do not think it means what you think it means"
Cars' keyless ignitions called 'deadly' in lawsuit #auto #tech
Philips Just Made It Stupid Simple To Install Smarthome Lighting #smarthome
Her story is so tragic. RIP. "Marcy Borders, 9/11's 'dust lady', dies of stomach cancer"
Donald Trump’s disrespect for female reporters is way deeper than his feud with Megyn Kelly
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Awesome! Foo Fighters Rickroll a band of Westboro Baptist protestors #WestboroBaptistChurch #FooFighters
Bumemba dis? "Remembering the Windows 95 launch: A triumph of marketing" #windows #microsoft

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