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Happy weekend, everyone! 🌀
Hahahaahhaahahahahaha 😆😆😆😆😆😆😆😂😂😂😂😂😸😸😸😹😹😹😹😹 This picture makes me so happy! Thanks, @kaiguntaisho. 😽 SOMEONE PLEASE MEME THIS! #TeslaTheTux
Yesterday we blew our annual global environmental budget, today is borrowing from tomorrow
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Ramen Burger. Now imagine this with Ramly burger.
I still love you @ZeeAvi Still your biggest Jamaican fan 😊❤
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Abbey straight flexin'.
This was shared with me yesterday and my mind was blown. So I'm passing it on... #BOOM
A smile for you. =)
They even did a beautiful version of my song 'Siboh Kitak Nangis'! Ah. Nang kacak 💜
I sat in in one of my beautiful and talented friends @alenamurang_art's sape (Bornean lute) class last night, and that smile in the end is my heart swelling with pride to know that someone of my generation is working towards keeping the Sarawak traditions, art and music alive. It's apparent that Al
"Aren't we all in search of happiness To each one it means a different thing To some it's wealth, to some it's health To some it's only what love can bring Please don't blame me if I'm human, too I'm the same as you and you and you" -Lyrics from: I'm A Dreamer (Aren't we all?)
@Opus_AstroRadio: #NowPlaying Aram Khachaturian - Concerto Flute Orch Mvmt1
More of my perpetually unimpressed looking cat, Abbey, on my snapchat. Add me! zeeavimusic
我跟台灣創作歌手王大文唱的英文對唱"Our Vintage Love"終於在KKbox上架了!希望你們跟我一樣喜歡這首歌,愛你們,! 'You can finally have a listen to the duet I did with Taiwan's very own @dawenmusic for the song he wrote called 'Our Vintage Love' on streaming right now of KKBox! I hope you all love it as much
Attempting to take 'halfies' with two petite ladies and a 6'2 lad. 😹 @kafranc 🎥: @dzameer
View from The #DzulkifliDavids. @dzameer @tayesayshey
If I had a talking picture of you 🎼🎶🎵 Come hear what other songs I've attached to my visuals on @Tunepicslive app! Find and follow me: ZeeAvi
Jangan lupak nengar kamek lekak-lekek tetak dipolah oleh @chopiecakap and crew di @erafmsarawak isok at 9am! Makseh @erafmsarawak! Nang slalu good vibes ngan kitak orang! Much love and many blessings to you always! 💜 Oh and also, baju ya straight from Korea dari kedei In Touch at The Hills, Kuchi
I miss you already, #Kuching.
✌🏽️& 🌲🌳🌴's.
Latte Lateness/Coffee Consensus.
Aside from the vast growing music scene, Kuching's art scene is also quickly progressing. This is @amy.amin, and presented in the picture is one of her soon to be many murals you will see when you cruise through the streets of the city of Kuching (Kuching directly translates to 'cat'! 😸) Amy also

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