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Finally correct lyrics. Lawls. Thanks, Patrick! Xo @mobileauthor
Even when you think you are sometimes surrounded by pricks (pardon the pun!), it is important to still keep true to who you are, don on your best smile, and let your true self and colour be your protection. Thanks so much for sharing this picture with me @jesscinta. It's a gem, much like you are.
put together a small play list of the homie @ZeeAvi work that i remixed. check it out fans -…
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check out my official hip-hop mix of the lovely @ZeeAvi stay in the clouds -…
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Listening to this on @tunepics! That's us up there in the balloon! Good times. @MuhdAizatAmdan
You will never run out of your true shade, as long as you still have much belief and faith in your purpose. Never once think that just because it may seem you're at your ends, you can't still be bold and bright. You are a very important colour to this great big painting called LIFE. Living is an a
Have a heart of gold that only melts when it's about to be moulded right but it still shines and persists on it's own.
I hope today brings you forgiveness upon others, though more importantly forgiveness upon yourself.
The important thing to remember is to never even think about giving up on yourself. You'll get acquainted with a much deserved smile again soon... You'll see.
The feels, mayn.
Hello, @LoanCheong! Hope all is well with you too!
Same same. #newbff
She loves you yeah yeah yeahhhh! #godson #beatlessteez
Abbey wishes everyone a Selamat Hari Raya!
Yup. I'm home. Anywhere else, this would make the news. #Maybethehazecanclearupnow #tropikal
Signs of a good time. 💜
Nice crew. Look, ma! It's @ezrazaid from That Effing Show! Teeeee😁
This was a magical duet performance of 9 yr old Dorothy Cho and @mariedigby at our Summer Recital.… for you @ZeeAvi
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ParticiFATE in life and in love.
This is amazing! I love my bunga terung! Borneo pride all ze vay! Thanks so much, @thesyvlegion! #MadeInBorneo
LOVE this! “@JestySYV: My Favourite Singer, @ZeeAvi
Was in the middle of making something special when special came to me... #excusemepleaseAbbey #YallStayTunedtho
Early morning grocery shopping and unexpectedly getting nuggets of knowledge from this pakcik. Also, a healthy dose of cheering up. "Pakcik kerja RTM. Rehat, Tidur, Makan." "Pakcik nyanyi jugak. KRU, Kumpulan Rambut Uban." Most importantly, he said, "DUIT. Doa, Usaha, Iman, Tawakal" Day's been pret
Sediakan payung sebelum hujan... Or just chill dulu.
Be the change you'd like to see in the world.
Today, I tried archery for the first time and immediately took a liking to it. Being a sagittarius, the premise of knowing that sometimes circumstance may pull you back from where you need to be and go, but in the end, knowing and having faith in your point and purpose will always allow your arrow
Ngawww. Thanks, family. =)) 💜
Never believe that a few caring people can't change the world. For, indeed, that's all who ever have. ~ Margaret Mead
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I kind of want to play a set where I only do interpretations of my favourite songs. In other words, covers. KL, where can I do this?
The best time for oneself is the time for reflection. The time for you to get to know yourself and let loose to let ALL your true colours shine, and make certain of which shade you'd like to keep around. Don't be afraid of some alone time because at the end of the day, it's alone time that is most
I know I'm home when... this little bundle of fluff wakes me up at the break of dawn.
The definition of making 💜. "#dragonfly out in the sun, you know what I mean, don't you know?"