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There is no movement without stillness, no #sound without #silence, no #light without #darkness and no me without you.
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My evening view is ghastly #not.
Papparich hang in LA, yaw. Reppin @TarikJeans part 2. #roticanaifix
Reppin @TarikJeans. Who's your mamak?
Last night at The Satellite with @mansionsmoon! I played my first gig in United States at The Satellite back when it was still called Spaceland in 2009. My brothers, I'm so proud of y'all and what a pleasure it was to be a part of your process. Make history, make it rain. Regram: @TheSatelliteLA #fu
All The Way Up/I'm listening, babe. #sneakpeek
Bonne Nuit. #nighnight
Sometimes you need to write a 😢 song. #happening #studiovibes
Where has this quote been all my life? #word
You gonna boogie oogie oogie til you just can't boogie no more.
Rehearsing with @MansionsMoon. I'll be singin 'Heart Of The Moment' with them tomorrow night at The Satellite. Come through and say hi. =)
Bonjour, mon cher.
I just got somethin' on my mind.
Well this was random. Walked past this cafe and the first note of 'Bitter Heart' hit. #yippeekayay
Forgive yourself.
Holla back young'n. Hoo hoo. Another #tb circa 2006. #London
Good morning, darlings.
Saturn returning to memory lane. Found this one of vintage Zee, London, circa 2006. Photo by: Shaifali Gautam.
Robin Williams... 💔
US actor Robin Williams found dead, aged 63, in apparent suicide, California police say
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Quiet down those thoughts/You can go now...
Way late studio hangs with these gentlemen I'm proud to call homies. I can not WAIT for their debut album to drop soon. Mansions On The Moon. Remember that. ✨ @mansionsmoon
And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche
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And that's how I feel about that. #next
Diggin on my bootleg loreal lip shade.
I got to work with my friends today. Stay tune for a really empowering video. @millerjai @xulaima
This is so cool and keren. Shout to @faizjaya's friend. Tag her, Faiz!
Today's studio outfit. A one take Timmy by @elijahckim. Pouchette by ILANO design. I'll be doing a special on them soon on @Tropikure! In the meantime, check them out on @ilanodesign!
The singing chin lip synchin it to a Tamia classic.
Basically, a gentleman goes and gets you, a boy plays hard to get with you.
It really does run deep in the family. My late grandpa, Nek Mawi, 3rd from the left (guitar) with his…
"Why wake up stressing, when waking up is a blessing."
Your heart will tell you what's good for you. @melissacheok