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Czarina Targaryen
dozing off, early class -___- goodnight peeps! see you adhoc tom night 💋
Clingy ni mom gusto sumama sa adhoc :)) may ticket pa baaaaaa
Congrats CHD Men's BBall team! ❤ keep winning streak alive!
jgh sakto sa curfew ❤❤❤
maybe that's why we couldn't understand her, for she was an ocean, as she'd always makes us feel like we were all lost at sea
aww <//3 I saw my former phone and scanned its inbox, can't believe I am that sweet :( txtng ilys to mom & dad whenever, wherever :((
Jgh pagod naman -_- goodnight ❤
para akong nasa telephone hotline kakasagot ng tawag for bro :)) thanks for all the prayers, much appreciated :* :))
shower and off to USTH again
homed! to do errands :)
so much feels for this week that I am really looking forward to adhoc, i really need a distraction - a complete resurgence!
ang lamig naman dito sa ospital wala pa naman akong dalang jacket :((
life is for deep kisses, strange adventures, midnight swims and rambling conversations! goodnight ❤
putting everything aside, focus
punong puno na academic calendar ko for the month of August, puñeta :)))))
we're like ellie & graham ❤
report ko bukas tapos ngongo, baka maintindihan -_-
sinusitis x red day alert fffffuuuuu :|
you must allow yourself to grow in all the places people thought you never would ❤
dozing off, goodnight! ❤