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Zak Bagans
@Zak_Bagans I love The Cure too. I even got a tat of one of their songs on my neck!
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my GF “@VisitMeNowBro: @Zak_Bagans so who called you cookie bear then?”
No “@RyderShelly: @Zak_Bagans yes or no Zak. Do u have a girlfriend?”
Lmao NO eww WTF “@Julie_Elwood: @Zak_Bagans Your mom? Lol”
She called me 🍪🐻 Im smitten
I dont think ive eaten a graham cracker in 20 years
My favorite food. Soup dumplings.
Sounds terrifying “@alexnowak4: got me so scared, I was doing laundry and as a shirt fell out of the dryer I screamed”
She's getting a big kick reading all your Happy Birthdays. She says thank you all.
Happy Birthday to a very special mom
Please @redrockcasino for the love of god please put a ban of old dudes smoking 3ft long cigars inside your casino
You'll find out in October “@tracers_: Can you confirm #IslandOfTheDolls is HAUNTED? @Zak_Bagans
so many religions, so much violence from it…. what are these gods thinking about this?
"To Wish Impossible Things" -The Cure
To me higher ratings means more people are witnessing evidence we work so hard to collect & also tell important stories. Our reward is that!
@Zak_Bagans You guys have done a great job. It's not just about the show anymore, it's about the experience of the show via social media.
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Yes “@NeeCee75: @Zak_Bagans Will both you and @AaronGoodwin be at ParaCon this year?”
Cool report of Ghost Adventures ratings via Broadcasting Cable:…
ALL-NEW "Ghost Adventures: Aftershocks" RETURNS this month Sept 20th on Travel Channel!!! Then Season 10 of GA kicks off October 4th!
Big-time! Halloween night a 2-hour Special "Ireland: Celtic Demons" “@subtlysugoi: @Zak_Bagans any specials for Halloweeeeen????”
Man you really beat him up 👊💪@THEJeffBelangerer: This only hurts when I look at”
....her secrets for living that long: eating chocolate, sleeping for days, and NEVER GETTING MARRIED (who needs that stress)
I think im gonna go to the drug store and do some "As Seen on TV" shopping for the hell of it
I make doctors insane “@MsLena2U: are you actually considered sane? Have you seen a doctor? #GhostAdventures #loveu
You buy it “@MelanieFabian: @GACTrippin1970 so Suppostly this is a portal to hell? How the hell do you get a hell house Zak?”
No sorry I cant cause thats not my show “@TheGame4748: Can you do an episode of @ghosthunters in Canada if you find a haunted house”
I had to “@Courtney_Kay1: What made you buy the haunted house in Gary, Indiana???”
Yes twice. Once in real-life then again in my nightmare “@menayr: @Zak_Bagans have u ever been to "island of the dolls"?”
@Zak_Bagans I like that you have your very own section on the @reallytvchannel website 😈
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Hell yes. “@SeleneCorvin_: @Zak_Bagans Was it worth it?”
When u still have nightmares from last lockdown you know it was one hell of a scary place. #Marked
It's OFFICIAL! PRE-ORDER my new book "I am Haunted" on Amazon…
"Fort Horsted" in England , Ghost Adventures episode begins NOW ON Travel Channel!
@Zak_Bagans I just pre ordered: 'I am Haunted: Living Life Through the Dead' by Zak Bagans…
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@Zak_Bagans Since you are a difficult man to get to know I look forward to reading this book. I am intrigued by how you live
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@Zak_Bagans love the cover pic for your new "Best Seller" book
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@Zak_Bagans Omg I cannot believe it, a second book! I've been waiting so damn long for this 😊 Love the cover too x
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Loved @Zak_Bagans first book so I have already preordered his second !!! Can not wait!'
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@Zak_Bagans Congratulations again to you and @kellycrigger . Great description on Amazon. Love the cover photo too!
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@Zak_Bagans The cover totally explain the fight between the" GOOD" & "THE EVIL".. & this fight is inside you..always..
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@Zak_Bagans This is sooooo long prayers got answered 🙏
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w/ the fun I had writing my NY Times-bestseller "Dark World"...I'm THRILLED to announce my 2nd book "I am Haunted"…
Time for a cool announcement.....
Thank you “@MinnieMinnion: @Zak_Bagans #1 paranormal show and it keeps getting better. #CultShow of the Century”