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Zak Mindas
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Okay ill give to him @fruitofthe_loom has some pretty funny tweets!
the parking lot makes me so frustrated
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Live out your beliefs and you can turn the world around.
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JTs beginning part in holy grail is exactly how I feel right now lol.
Hate the way I'm feeling right now need something to get my mind off things
If shes breathing, she wants the D.
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When you make a mistake in life, what matters is how you fix them
Can't feel any part of my body #nosleep
Mom I could really use your advice right now 😔
My head is running like crazy don't know what to do or what is right 😔
The #YPR will never die, because there is more to the picture than meets the eye #DepthOfVision
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I swear you believe every word that isn't mine
No physics or pre calc Friday 👌#TGIFF
Get me out of this hell whole.