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king ♆
dang i wish you loved me enough to stay and fuck with me and only me
if you ever read these know that i love you so fucking much , and i will never give up on you , goodbye
but she doesnt want me and i must respect that because if you really love someone you would let them be happy with or without me/
the way she laughs, our lovely conversations at night, the way she told me she loved me, and everything we imagined together ,her smile omg/
there is this one special girl that i love, ive never given up on her because she is worth going through hell, i fell in love with her eyes/
im losing it tonight
i just want some head in a comfortable bed
does anyone else listen to a really good song and be like "damn i'd like to have sex to this song"
welp i guess i cant even send cute ily messages without fucking up (-:🔫
why would you even .. nevermind
oh guess what i just found out😒💔
tumblr makes me horny😳
never do anything right🔫💊🔪
this young vampire girl wont turn me into a vampire 💔�
mannn im such a fuck up ill just go to bed😭
when someone flirts with my girl😒
i notice everything
if bae dont tweet about you , bae isn't bae
All we do is fucking argue! Yeah that's right, fuck and argue 😏
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In relationships, you have to be willing to make sacrifices.
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when your outfit on point and yo momma say "wtf are you wearing"
so much on my mind but i can't explain any of it
what the fuck did j just read 😐😱
i should kms because i cant do anything right
How to catch someone slipping on twitter 😂
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broken promises 😒
just be real with me
last chance
just you and me forever baby?❤️ nobody else
goodmorning nude$
i miss my niggas Koby and Kameron
but tonight , i can make you my queen and make love to you endless
please keep your promises ❤️😢
i love singing but i suck
wear a fucking bra or wear a muslim suit😂
well obviously im a worthless fuck up
oh my god what did i do i should kms right now
i always fuck things up im tired of my life
im fucking tired of myself i cant do anything right
it'll always be you
brazil needs Ochoa tho