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Suarez = Another one bites the dust. A disgrace
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Japan has fucking Pikachu as a mascot. JUST GIVE THEM THE TROPHY ITS OVER
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The first goal for the 2014 world cup is an own goal. Brilliant.
@CuntsWatching: Last time I checked... Chicken was a meat love.” Nope, poultry..
Yes I am the black “@SakinaCherrie: @PhillLewis ARE YOU THE BLACK FROM THE SUITE LIFE OF ZACK AND CODY? ???????????? #MYIDOL
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Game of thrones spoilers <<<<<<
@TedOfficialPage: this is what life does to you” Tall people are assholes
Women are too classy to watch porn, but they'll read the hell out of it... #50ShadesOfGrey
So many anime, but such less time 😭
He sounds like that screaming egg thing in Harry potter 😭�
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Extreme Feminism is dumb. Bite me.
Fly me to the moon and let me play among the stars 😊❤️
Just read through my 2009 Facebook status's and positively feeling sick
The frustration of 'not being able to do anything about it' is crazyy
Justin Bieber Legally Changes 'Race' to African American... -…. IS THAT EVEN A THING
Everlastingly disowning your brother bc he bought a Shisha pen
@zainabxoxo Because this is the internet and it is here to fuck your life up.
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What. Why has my account been dm'ing people gifs I didn't make
What kind of dickbrain would hack into my myspace account. I wasn't even aware that it still existed
Something's fucky.
Surrounding yourself in positivity is the epitome of success.
My cat likes water and vegetables. How does that even add up.
Why didn't the pages in the Deathnote eventually run out?
Plastic surgery is actually disgusting, how shallow are people?
What do you do when you're shitty on the inside and the outside 🌚
How in the hell can some people be tweeting 24/7. How do you even find the time?
Oh that struggle must've been terrible. How has she managed to survive.
'The bible is the truth, except for the parts I dont like, those are metaphors'
Extreme pout legitly makes you look like flappy bird. Stahp.
What's going on in that beautiful mind
Have I opened the door to the past again. Ffs
I always laugh at funny pics after the humour in them has been lost :(
Wtf. Flappy bird is the game that doesn't love you back :(
Even the people I follow on here are funnier than some of the shit on 'comedy' central.
There are no numbers for what people have in school toilets 😫
Did somebody rlly just go on my twitter and fav all of my own tweets. This will take some time to amend
Gonna cry if I see another Justin meme
I cant be the only one that gets pumped up when there's lightening and thunder
Trutherbot follows me, yay I'm a revolutionist.
Justin Bieber will drop the soap on purpose' 😶
Ariana Grande's face has so much perfection; wtf