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Charly Charles
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I was at Muncheez yesterday & I saw that man's girlfriend whispering her phone number to another man ... but that's none of my business.
I think that it doesn't Matter what she did, it's never Okay to hit a woman, ever !!!
Les Haïtiens dans les deux Guerres mondiales:…
This Math Question From A Hong Kong Elementary School Test Has Adults Stumped… via @BI_University
Nigerian Military Says It Knows Where Missing Girls Are via @NBCNews
Heat get their 2nd road win in 9 tries over the last 2 seasons against the Pacers
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Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn. #in
You've been connected to a vast network of international criminals. Clear your name! #TheBlacklist
Kevin Durant's Emotional MVP Speech Dedicated To His Mom Will Bring You To Tears (Video)… via @EliteDaily
''Your weaknesses will never develop,while your strengths will develop infinitely'' -Jim Clifton, CEO of Gallup
Hey baby wanna come over to myspace so I could twitter your yahoo till you google all over my facebook #TGIF #NoStress #YesWeekEnd #Fratelli
Think about this: If you could be or do anything - if money wasn't a concern - what would you do?
Sacbee - The book that changed Pharrell Williams
In my opinion, if you constantly find yourself trying to prove your worth to someone then you have already forgotten your value.#justsaying
24 days to '24:' Jack Bauer by the numbers… via @TODAYEnt
In my opinion, family isn't always blood. It's the people in your life who want you in theirs, the ones who accept you for who you are.
They say: "You can't turn a bad girl good, But once a good girl's gone bad, She's gone forever", #JayZ #3DoorsDown #HereWithoutyou
Bill Clinton: 'I Wouldn't Be Surprised' by Alien Visit via @NBCNews
The Difference Between Successful and Very Successful People | LinkedIn…
I got Medieval King/Queen! Who Were You In A Past Life?… via @amdhit
Check out my professional profile and connect with me on LinkedIn. #in
A Startlingly Simple Theory About the Missing Malaysia Airlines Jet | Autopia |…
Is now watching : " MANDELA, Long Walk To Freedom"
When someone asks a dumb question, I feel that's it's my duty to give a sarcastic answer.
Why do you think 1% of the population in ancient Babylon earns around 96% of all the money that's being earned? #TheRichestManInBabylon
I will never doubt that God has gotten me though every hard moment in my life. #TGIF #Fratelli
Hey, let's switch to Telegram. Pou whatsapp pa fè stil sou nou ankò.
God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.
"I'm sorry" and "my bad" mean the same thing, unless you're at a funeral. #JustSayin'
N'avez vous jamais perçu quelque chose que vous ne pouviez pas voir mais qui était là malgré tout? #NowYouSeeMe #LionelShrike
Jesus didn't die so we could have religion. He died so we could have a deep, intimate, personal relationship with God.
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Is it me or Facebook is the new Hollywood? Some of them will get a star in "walk of shame" for sure. Lol
Un sage obtient plus de ses ennemis qu'un idiot obtient de ses amis. #rush #NikiLauta
Feds to seek death penalty against accused Boston bomber Tsarnaev…
There's always a wild side to an innocent face. #AboutThatGirl
In the resurrection [humans become] like angels in heaven. -Matthew 22:30 (please retweet).
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#Intelligence Not because you know everything without questioning, but rather because you question everything you think you know.
Remember, I appreciate your efforts but I ain't begging for it. #towhomitmayconcern
25° C, partly cloudy in Port-au-Prince From 1Weather for Android.