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Zachary Stieber
The real reason Jackie Chan's son got arrested
China Secretly Conducts Second Test of Ultrasonic Missile
Global Post, one of outlets James Foley was freelancing for, received an email from ISIS a week ago but did nothing
GlobalPost received email from Foley's captors on August 13, stating their intention to execute him - WCVB
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Brave, committed, humble, fun and a great reporter -- Jim Foley remembered by colleagues at this shocking moment
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White House [@mpoppel] "We have seen the [James Foley] video. If genuine, we are appalled by the brutal murder."
Journalist Steven Joel Sotloff also seen in ISIS video; threatened by fighter
UPDATED: James Foley, American Journalist Kidnapped in 2012, Beheaded in New ISIS Video
James Wright Foley, American Journalist, Beheaded in New ISIS Video
Getty photographer Scott Olson is arrested while covering unrest in Ferguson after police killed an unarmed teenager
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It Costs A Quarter Million Dollars to Raise A Child in the United States
It’s moments like these that show the stark differences between Twitter and Facebook. Twitter : real-time news and streams. FB : Ice buckets
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10 minutes to go until curfew in #Ferguson. Live video streams - | Live coverage -
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Autopsy shows Michael Brown was shot six times, including twice in the head — all fired from the front:… #Ferguson
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Michael Brown family autopsy contradicts reports he was shot in the back
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#WWE SummerSlam: Results and Highlights, Including Brock Lesnar, John Cena, AJ Lee, Stephanie McMahon
RealGM Story: Free agent Leandro Barbosa receiving interest from NBA teams, hoping World Cup further proves health.
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ESPN, Watch ESPN Delay Coverage of USA-Brazil Pre-World Cup Game Because of Little League World Series
Ferguson liquor store where Michael Brown allegedly stole cigars is now being looted according to @Timcast video
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Three terms related to the "real-life purges" in the U.S. right now. #LouisvillePoliceScanner #detroitpurge
War Machine, MMA fighter accused of viciously beating girlfriend, captured in California
Darren Wilson, cop who shot Michael Brown in #Ferguson, left town with family days ago
Police chief repeats multiple times: Officer who shot Michael Brown was not aware of robbery when he made initial contact
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Interesting Thrasher magazine interview with skater Jay Adams back in 1982
On 2016 Olympic interest, Paul George: "Absolutely. It's in Brazil."
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MT @Pacers: "Freak accidents happen. @usabasketball doesn't deserve any criticism from this." - Paul George #Pacers
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The Chinese regime has been trying for years to shut down Epoch Times, other independent media outlets
Rising concern about Ebola outbreak in West Africa forces USA Basketball to cancel upcoming Senegal trip. ESPN link:…
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There's two Darren Wilsons in Ferguson Police Department. One who shot Mike Brown being confused with the other
The presence and leadership of Captain Johnson from the MO Highway Patrol and Major Ron Robinson from #STL City has made a major impact.
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"It's the 1st night I've felt safe"- Eddie, who protested every night in #Ferguson, brought his family tonight.
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Rudy Gay on Kings & USA teammate D. Cousins: "I talked to him on the way out. I think he'll be OK. I hope he's just being a drama queen."
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DeMarcus Cousins Injured: Kings Center Leaves Team USA Scrimmage With Knee Injury
#Ferguson MT @moneyries "If the media wants to take pictures of things ... they ought to do it, we live in a free country." - @GovJayNixon
Bryan Willman: Allegedly the #Ferguson Police Officer Who Shot Mike Brown
There is a man rolling a cart around cleaning the streets of trash #Ferguson #MikeBrown
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People outside #Ferguson PD earlier demanding release of Antonio French [via @TefPoe]
St. Louis Alderman Antonio French charged with unlawful assembly, wife says
Missouri @GovJayNixon has issued a statement about the arrests of reporters and protests in #Ferguson…
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Antonio French, Alderman in St Louis, Arrested in #Ferguson (+Videos, Photos)
Big deal here -->> | Hong Kong’s Simmering Revolt Against Fake Democracy
Five Christmas NBA games: Wizards at Knicks; OKC at Spurs. Cavs at Miami; Lakers at Bulls; G-State at Clippers.
UPDATE: Eduardo Campos, Brazilian Presidential Candidate, Dies in Plane Crash #Brazil